Well well. I uploaded this the same night. er, morning. whatever. this is for that luffable idiot.

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Dear Journal,

How ya doin? I'm good, I'm good. Well, turns out that I kinda lost you. But now I have ya back from the evil clutches of that artichoke head...wonder what he was planning anyway. Well, I guess I better clue you in on what's been going on. Well, this week's been very interesting, to say da least. I think the Yamis got a little too bored. On Sunday, Bakura sat on the horse statue in the park all day, throwing mini fireworks at anyone who came by, unfortunately, I came by alot. Me and Yug' were there just hanging out when Bakura saw me on the bench and tossed a lit firework. I yelped and moved outta the way as he laughed, comparing me to a dog like a certain sexy jerk. Fuck, I didn't just call him sexy. You were imagining things...

Anyway, he soon stopped after Yugi hit him dead on with a frisbee he borrowed from some black girl in the park, who kept talking about ghetto passes and her annoying sister and something about a scarring picture number 42... Well, Bakura stopped throwing fireworks and leapt off the statue as Yugi pulled him somewhere. I secretly watched, snickering as Yugi chewed him out. But then, Yugi did something that made me almost faint. He KISSED Bakura! Whoo boy, Yami is gonna be so pissed when he finally finds out.

I doubt all of us guys INCLUDING Duke, Malik and Artichoke head could hold him back. I can't believe Yugi's with him tho. Don't get me wrong, I ain't got nothing on him being gay or bi or whatever, it's just...why BAKURA? Apparantly I yelled that part out just now cause he's is staring at me with a startled look on his face. What? No this isn't a diary! Grr... stupid hot as hell but cold as ice bastard. Ugh, I keep complimenting him. Why? I mean, sure I'm bi, and sure he's handsome, and smart, and his eyes are like two pools of clear water that shimmer in th- WHAT THE HELL! Oh great, looks like Ryou and Yugi aren't the only ones with phsycos on their minds and in their hearts.

Wait...yeah, I just admitted that I love him. Shit. Well, looks like the snob is going to pick a fight with me. Feh, I'm going to save my energy. I just hope I don't leave you at school again. How mortifying it'd be. I just imagine Kaiba opening you and reading mah deepest, darkest secret, which happens to be my love for him. Crap! The bell! I need to jam all the books into my backpack! I'll just carry you, It's not like anything'll happen!

Your friend, Joey Wheeler

Well, once again, my only excuse is sleep deprivation and sugar. Oh well, tata! Next chapter sometime this week.