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Is It Worth It?

Chapter One

Danny walked through the front door. All the lights were off and his parents had obviously gone to bed. Danny dragged his leg into the kitchen and turned on the light. He saw Jazz walk into the kitchen just as he turned the light on. He tried to hide his leg from her but failed.

"Danny what happened to your leg?" asked Jazz.

"it's… its nothing Jazz, just another ghost." muttered Danny.

"do they normally hurt you this badly?" asked Jazz.

"no, they seem to be getting stronger." Replied Danny.

Jazz grabbed a cloth and wet it in the sink. She walked over to Danny's leg and wiped off all the blood. She saw a deep cut and a bruise. Danny winced in pain as she wiped off the blood. He was glad it wasn't broken; if it was he wouldn't be walking on it. Jazz grabbed the first aid kit and rapped a bandage around his leg. Danny rolled down his pant leg and took a seat at the table.

"thanks Jazz." Danny thanked her.

"don't worry; it hurts me to see you in pain. You need to be more careful, mom and dad are worried and starting to get suspicious. Just, next time try not to let them hurt you as much." Jazz told him.

"I try, it's just all this ghost fighting, homework and school is tiring me out. I hardly get any sleep any more and I haven't had a night in months where I am not in pain. I need a break." Danny complained.

"maybe you should stay off school tomorrow, have a rest. You deserve it." Jazz suggested.

"but what about all the ghosts? And I can't come up with a good enough excuse to stay home!" Danny moaned.

"I will take care of everything, you just get to bed. Can you walk?" Jazz asked.

"yeah, it just hurts a bit… goodnight Jazz and thanks." Danny smiled and walked slowly upstairs.

Jazz got a glass of water and drank it up. She had school tomorrow so she went straight to bed. She couldn't get to sleep for a while though. She couldn't stop thinking about Danny. She was worried about him, he was always depressed and he would come home with heaps of injuries. It was like he was just giving up on life.


Danny woke up and noticed that it was quite cold in his room. He saw that it was snowing outside so he realised that it wasn't his ghost sense. Danny sighed in relief as he lifted the covers and looked at his alarm clock. It was ten in the morning. Jazz must've convinced mom and dad to let me stay home otherwise there is no school today. Danny walked into his bathroom and turned the shower on. He had a nice, warm shower and hopped out after ten minutes. He ran a comb through his wet, knotty hair and walked downstairs in his usual clothes. His leg was feeling a bit better and he had put on a new bandage.

When he got downstairs he saw his mom, his dad and his sister eating pancakes for breakfast. He noticed another plate on the table, obviously put there for him. He took his seat and just sat there for a few seconds before he piled some pancakes on his plate. He squeezed some syrup on his pancakes and started to cut them up.

"hey Danny, how are you feeling?" Maddie asked.

"I'm alright, I guess." Danny mumbled.

"they cancelled school because of all the snow outside." Jazz told him.

"cool." Danny replied.

The talk stopped after this and they just continued to eat their pancakes. Maddie and Jazz got up and collected everyone's plate and did the washing up. Danny pushed in all the chairs and went up into his bedroom to find his phone. He dialled Sam's phone number into the phone.

"hey Sam, do you want to come over?" Danny spoke into the phone.

Sam's happy voice could be heard downstairs because she was soo happy that she could get out of her parents sight.

"alright Sam, see you in a few minutes." Danny said before hanging up.

He removed his bandage and looked at his leg. It was completely healed. Danny had acquired a power of healing the other week and he had only just discovered how to use it. He didn't want to tell anyone just yet, in case they got him healing sick people. He wanted the world to be a happy place but then it would mean that the doctors and nurses all lost their jobs.

Jazz ran to get the door when she heard the loud knock. She opened it to see a pretty happy Sam. It was unusual to see Sam happy but she was really happy that Danny had saved her life. He freed her from her parents. They were completely opposite. Sam was a night person who liked dark colour while her parents were morning people who like bright, shiny colours.

"hey Sam, Danny will be right down with you." Jazz told her.

"thanks Jazz." Sam said as she went and sat on the couch.

Danny walked downstairs and greeted Sam. He was about to walk her upstairs when they heard a scream coming from the basement. Danny, Sam and Jazz rushed down there to see Danny's dad with a pool of blood surrounding him and Maddie tied up to a bench. A ghost quickly grabbed Danny and put his hand around Danny's throat.