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Sunlight filtered into the compartment, illuminating the tousled hair of a brooding Draco Malfoy. He stood leaning against the doorframe to the carriage that carried him and his faithful Slytherin companions. Not that they were really companions, considering two of them were as thick in the head as they were body-wise, one was unbearably irritating, and the other two were about as interesting as a pair of slugs. He watched at Crabbe and Goyle attempted to play wizard chess, but ended up seeing who could crush the most pieces with their own heads; whilst Pansy whined on and on to the blank-faced Blaise, who was intently watching Millicent - busy picking at her nails. Draco rolled his eyes and folded his arms, looking out at the blur of sky and trees that flew past the window. He had grown a considerable amount over the summer, and was now more built instead of weedy thanks to hours of quidditch practice. His hair was not slicked back into a slimy style, but fell just above his icy-grey eyes that showed little emotion.

He was mind-numbingly bored, and couldn't stand another minute listening to the high-pitched babble of Pansy and the grunts that came from Crabbe and Goyle. He casually glanced down the hallway, seeing two Ravenclaw girls laughing hysterically and running from one compartment to another. He rolled his eyes again. Immature pricks, can't they control them selves and restrain from ruining my oh-so entertaining- his train of thought was broken as someone shoved him as they were walking past. Instantly he recognized the weasel, with his ridiculously red hair and hideous knitted jumper, who was sharing a compressed laugh with his famous best friend. He unfolded his arms and step into the hallway. Perfect.

"Ah, look who it is, Hogwarts very own celebrity…otherwise known as Dumbledore's favourite pet!" Malfoy spat at the raven-haired boy next to the red-head, "along with his pathetic weasel sidekick and, of course, the know-it-all mud blood." He stated coolly.

Ron's face turned a deep beetroot colour as he clenched his fists and span around to face the platinum-haired boy.

"How…how…how- " Ron started to say.

"Oh, look poor weasel can't even string a sentence together! As should be expected, coming from those incompetent muggle-loving parents of his" Malfoy replied smugly, smirking at the outraged red-head. Harry pushed Ron aside and whipped his wand out, pressing it into Malfoy's chest. Hit a nerve, have I?

"Shut-your-mouth- ferret boy" Harry hissed, glaring at him with his piercing green eyes. Malfoy looked at him skeptically. Potty's getting a bit cocky now aren't we?

"Harry, don't…for god sake he's not worth using your wand on" Hermione scoffed, pulling Harry's arm down, "take it from me, it feels so much better using your fist."

Malfoy shot a glare at Hermione, who he hadn't been expecting such a quick response from. She glowered at him, her dark eyes dancing with a heated rage. The same rage he had seen when he had humiliatingly experienced her punching him square in the face in their third year. Brushing the memory aside, he composed himself, his steel-grey eyes boring into hers.

"Well, being a mudblood you would resort to a more barbaric way of defense, wouldn't you Granger?" he sneered, stepping towards her. They stood face to face in the hallway, and out of the corner of his eye Draco could his moronic cronies cramming into the doorframe to see what was going on. Idiots.

"I'd watch it Malfoy, wouldn't want to break your perfect nose now and go crying home to Daddy, who would be so upset to see his little baby death-eater all smashed up by a muggle" she hissed, her rich brown curls tumbling around her shoulders, framing her face.

Draco felt a surge of anger rising in him, that stupid…how dare she say…he couldn't even find the words to describe his hate for her. He got out his wand in an act of fury pressing it against her smooth neck and grabbing her arm. He felt a fire burning in him as he grabbed hold of her, how dare she insult me like that…but before he had a chance to curse the living daylight out of her, Ron immediately jumped on to him, tackling him to the ground while Harry pulled Hermione back. Ron and Draco writhed on the floor, as a crowd grew and a small chant of "Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!" started up amongst the students.

"Arrrrgh! You animal!" Draco roared, as Ron bit his arm.

"Don't you touch her! You're the animal you ferret!" Ron growled, struggling to wrap his hands around Draco's neck.

"Gerroffame!" Draco managed to mumble, kneeing Ron in the shin, which gained a loud yelp from him.

"What in Merlin's name is going on?" screeched Professor McGonagall charging through the sea of students, "Weasley! Malfoy! Up NOW!" she commanded. Harry and Hermione pulled Ron away and Pansy rushed to Draco's side.

"Drakie sweetheart are you ok?" she cooed, stroking his hair and cradling him in her arms.

"Get the bloody hell offamepansy!" he grunted, shoving her aside and scrambling to his feet.

"The rest of you get back to you compartments, or you'll all be spending the first lunch of the school year cleaning the Transfiguration room!" McGonagall beckoned. Harry ushered Hermione along the hallway to their compartment, giving Ron a weak smile. Draco had to practically beat Pansy off him while the rest of his cronies blundered back in. So much for them being 'bodyguards'!

"As for you too! 50 points from Slytherin and Gryffindor!" Ron's mouth fell open and he was about to protest but didn't get the chance.

"I will not accept this animal-like behaviour on our school train! How could you be so immature? Sixth years are supposed to set an example to the lower years, not perform like brawling brute baboons! I'm in the right mind to give you both detentions for a month!" she rambled at the two boys. Draco straightened his robes and flicked his blonde hair out of his eyes, ignoring the hateful stares that the weasel was firing at him.

"However…" she started, Ron's eyes lighted up in hope, "it is the beginning of a new year, and I personally don't want to spend my free-time supervising you two on my first day back," Ron sighed with relief, but Draco just rolled his eyes, "though I wont think twice about handing out a month of detention to both of you if I see this barbaric behaviour again!" she stated sharply.

"Great, thanks a lot ferret" Ron dared to whisper to Draco under his breath.

"Mr.Weasley! I needn't remind you that these detentions will be spent with Mr. Filch as well." She warned, making both boys flinch. With that she stormed off towards the teachers carriage leaving the two appalled boys.

"Filch?" Ron gaped after her.

"Yes weasel that is what she said, or are you incapable of understanding English as well as not being able to speak it?" Draco snapped. Ron's ears started to turn the colour of his hair, but before he could even start firing insults back at Draco, a delicate, but firm hand gripped his shoulder. Draco looked up into a familiar pair of brown eyes that were glaring back at him.

"Ron, just leave it. You don't want a month's worth of detention with the ferret do you?" she stated, scowling at Draco.

"Granger, glad to see you, for the first time in my life. I haven't finished our conversation." Malfoy growled, leaning towards her threateningly. Ron blocked him from Hermione though, eager for another fight.

"Ron, go back…now." She said, eyes still firmly fixed on Draco.


"Ron, go. I'm pretty sure I can handle this myself," she ordered, pushing him along. He unwillingly shuffled down the hallway, occasionally turning back to check that nothing had happened to her, and only when he had finally slammed the door to his compartment shut, did Draco break the icy silence between them.

"Granger, granger, granger. Do you really feel safe alone with me? Without your idiotic weasel and pothead protecting you?" he sneered, eyes still locked with hers.

"Perfectly. I think you of all people would know that I can take a pretty good hit."

"Don't you start again Granger!" he said, raising his voice and pointing his wand at her. Suddenly he heard the all-to familiar voice of his least favourite Professor.

"Mr. Malfoy! Did you not listen to a word I was said?" McGonagall shouted down the hallway, "come with me this instance! You as well Miss. Granger!"

"But Professor I didn't even-"

" Now Miss. Granger!".

Draco was still gazing into her eyes, which were on the opposite side of the compartment. The only sound was the jolting of the train, and the whirr of speeding past the trees. They were stuck with each other, for a whole twenty minutes, in a locked compartment. McGonagall said that she would not have them disrupting the carriages with their childish behaviour, and they couldn't do anything about it. Draco tore his eyes away from her glare and gave a deep sigh.

"Now I have to spend a whole twenty minutes staring at your mudblood face" he said in a pain-voice. He loved the rush he felt every time he talked to her, provoked her, "I wont be surprised if I'm blind by the time we get to Hogwarts."

"I wont be surprised if you're dead or worse," She shot back.

"As if a filthy little mudblood like you could hurt me" he spat.

"Please Malfoy, you don't have to use the 'mudblood' insult to cover up for how weak you really are, ferret-boy. I already know just how useless you really are in a fight!" she sneered, "but then again I suppose that is the only way you can think of to insult me, being the stupid arrogant son of a death-eater that you are."

He felt a burn of anger beginning to surface again inside him, taking over him. She managed to make him feel more strongly than he'd ever felt before, he'd never felt such a strong, passionate hate for someone. He rose threateningly, and she did simultaneously, both stepping towards the other. He fixed his grey eyes on her blazing brown ones menacingly.

"Stop. Insulting me. Mudblood." he hissed, leaning in closer to her.

"Then stop. Insulting. Me." She said under her breath. He could feel her breath on his cheek, and his blood was boiling with rage. He clenched his fists, and she dug her nails into her palms.

"I hate you." He said quietly, his breathing becoming heavier. They were only centimeters apart. The tension was unbearable.

"And god how I hate you." She replied, her brown eyes delving into his. Suddenly he felt a pang of desire overtaking him. He wanted to punch her, but before he could think anymore he grabbed her by the shoulders before colliding his lips with hers.

She responded instantly, driving her hands through his hair, forcing him closer to her. He rammed her up against the wall, his hands frantically roaming round her back and waist. She pressed his mouth deeper into hers, bruising his lips with her kiss. Their tongues clashed, relieving the built up frustration in them both. He bit on her bottom lip hungrily, and continued rapidly kissing down her jaw and neck. Her arms were wrapped around him pressing into his toned back as he put his arms over her head resting against the wall so that they were on either side of her, before attacking her mouth with his again. She tore away and sucked on his collarbone driving him crazy to feel the hot, wet of her lips against his skin.

It felt so good to feel something wrong, it was like tasting forbidden fruit, and it always tasted so much sweeter.