No strings attached.

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Hermione was sitting on her favourite crimson couch in the Gryffindor common room gazing out onto the vast green grounds of Hogwarts. Her head was swimming with hundreds of thoughts, a mixture of jumbled up feelings that she couldn't seem to sort out. Her chocolate eyes fell upon the large oak tree at the edge of the lake, and she felt her stomach flip.

"Hey Mione," Harry surprised her, making her jump.

"Oh, hi." She smiled at him weakly as he sat down on the couch next to her, suspiciously putting his arm round her.

"So…you going to Hogsmeade this afternoon?" he asked shyly, not looking at her. She looked back questioningly.

"Oh, well to be honest I sort of forgot about it…" she mumbled, staring back out at the lake.

"Oh right, well I was wandering…if, well if maybe you wanted, to you know, come with me?" he managed to mumbled.

"Yeah, sure…" she muttered, not really paying attention, "is Ron going to bring Lavender along again?"

"Oh…well, Ron wasn't planning on coming with us," He was looking at her a bit too intently.

"He's not going?" She said in a bored tone.

"Oh, no…well, he is." She looked at him confused.

"I just thought…that you and I could go, together…sort of, if you know what I mean?" he looked at her nervously. Hermione looked back at him puzzled, and it took at good few seconds for what he said to sink in. Her eyes widened at the thought of her and Harry and she couldn't help but let out a small giggle.

"What?" he asked irritated. She compressed her laughter and looked back at his sincere face, and the reality of it began to get to her. Her face fell and she glanced out at the spot near the lake where her and Draco had had yet another mind-blowing steamy kiss. She could feel a strong pulse of desire forming between her legs. She winced at the idea.

"Hermione are you alright? You look at bit…flustered." Harry shook her out of her pleasurable thought.

"Um…yeah sorry, I'm just a bit…tired…I, I need to go upstairs now," she said hurriedly, her face turning a light red. She stood up quickly and stalked off up to the girl's staircase.

"Wait! Mione! So, you'll go with me?" he called at her. She made no reply.

"I'll meet you at the entrance at four thirty!"

She rolled her eyes as she slammed the door to the dormitories and ran towards her bed, where she couldn't help but satisfy her unbearable yearning for a certain blonde-haired Slytherin.

"Mione, you made it," Harry greeted her happily, smiling warmly at her as she walked solemnly towards him. She gave him a small uncomfortable smile, and they headed towards the carriages.

Meanwhile, Draco brushed his platinum hair out of his eyes and shoved his hands in his pockets as he headed out towards the Hogsmeade carriages. Before he had the chance to run far, far away, Pansy sprinted up to him and clung onto his right arm, squeaking at him in her high-pitched, whining voice. Draco stood and closed his eyes, praying to Merlin that this pug-faced bitch would get the hell away from him.

"…and Millicent said that she heard that Blaise was seen by Lavender last month making out with this queer-mudblood boy! In Hufflepuff as well, but apparently it turns out that it could've been-"

"Pansy. Shut. Up." He snapped, unhooking his arm from hers and continuing to walk towards a carriage.

"But Drakie! It's important! It's Blaise! Oh, and you know what Priscilla said, well she said that Blaise isn't even into guys anyway since she'd made out with him loads when they were dating, and that he has a crush on, oh you'll never believe who…"

Draco's world suddenly went very quiet, and the buzz of Pansy's voice faded to the back of his mind, as he saw the auburn curls and deep brown eyes of-

"Hermione Granger!" Pansy squeaked. Draco shook his head and looked briefly at Pansy when she mentioned her name, and then focused his gaze back on the impeccable face of Hermione. He could still feel the sweet taste of her lips on his, and the warmth of her smooth, flawless skin. He wanted her again, he was tired of trying to deny it. She was too good to be left untouched…and then he saw Potty. What is he doing with her? Why is his weedy arm around her waist? And where, Merlin forbid, is the weasel?

"Oh Drakie! There she is! Ugh, how could a loyal Slytherin like our Blaise possible want to touch that filthy, mudblood skank?" Pansy spat. Draco turned suddenly towards her and grabbed the collar of her jacket.

"Shut your fat mouth Parkinson, or I may just have to let it slip to Pricilla that you and Blaise have been fucking in the Astronomy Tower every Saturday night since she started dating him!" he growled. She look at him startled, and scurried away towards Millicent when he released her. Draco watched as Hermione got into a carriage, with Potter helping her in. He felt his blood boiling at the sight of him touching his girl, not that she was 'his girl' or anything…he just…well he just knew he didn't like him touching her.

He ran towards their carriage and got in quickly before it started moving. He sat down swiftly next to Hermione who was on the opposite side of the carriage to Harry. Harry instantly shot Draco a filthy look.

"You don't mind do you Potty? All the other carriages were taken." Draco sneered at him. He glanced at Hermione and saw her face change from shocked to pleased. She's glad I'm here.

"Actually we do Malfoy, so get the bloody hell out!" Harry said, trying to be threatening. The carriage started moving faster and they bumped along as it went over rocks.

"Ah well, can't get out now." Draco said smugly at Harry, who was scowling at him. Draco turned to look at Hermione, who was looking down into her lap, a small, smile playing across her lips.

"So Granger, what would you be doing here alone with Pothead and without the weasel?" he asked, casually putting his arm along the top of the seat, so that he could feel her soft curls brush the top of his hand. She looked very embarrassed and shot Draco a 'stop it' look. Harry looked ready to burst with frustration.

"It's none of your business Malfoy!" he managed to spurt out, his hands were gripping the edge of his seat trying to restrain himself from jumping up and killing Draco.

"I don't think I was talking to you Potty." Draco replied coolly, turning to face Hermione. She looked up into his mischievous blue eyes and couldn't help but think how cute he was.

"Actually Harry was right Mr. Malfoy, it is none of your business. Besides, why would you care?" she asked. She could see Harry squirming in his seat, and she shared a cheeky smile with Draco.

"Well I just think that a fine young witch like yourself shouldn't be seen with such a pathetic excuse for a wizard," Draco answered playfully, shifting his hand so that it rested on her shoulder. She smiled and they both turned to see Harry who had turned a deep shade of red.

"Gerr-offa-her!" he spluttered. Draco laughed at the aggravation he was causing him and turned to look at Hermione.

"Nah…I don't think I will." He said quietly, smiling at her and tucking a strand of her hair behind her ear.

"STOP IT!" Harry screamed.

"Harry it's alright, calm down!" Hermione laughed.


"…just being nice?" Hermione added. Harry's nostrils began to flare. Draco smiled.

"Well what did you have planned for this little rendezvous Potter?" Draco asked spitefully. Hermione could see Harry trying to calm himself down, before he looked at Draco haughtily.

"Actually I was going to take her to Madame Padifoots, not that you'd know where that is" he sneered, though he looked more childish than proud. Draco could feel Hermione physically recoil at the thought and he saw her grimace. Harry shot a look at her and she gave him a weak smile. The carriage jolted to a stop.

"Well we're going to go, Malfoy, so just stay away!" Harry said in an immature tone. Draco looked at Hermione who rolled her eyes behind Harry's back.

"Can't say I've particularly enjoyed your company Pots, but you've definitely confirmed that I need a strong drink." Draco replied as he stepped out of the carriage. Hermione looked at him pleadingly.

"Uh…well where are you going?" she asked timidly. Draco smirked at her, while Harry glared.

"Never mind where he's going Mione, probably to…to…scare people!" Harry tried to comeback with, but failed miserably. Hermione giggled.

"Just a little pub down the road a bit, not many people go there…" He said, adding the second part suggestively.

"No one cares Malfoy, come on Mione lets go!" Harry snorted, grabbing Hermione's shoulder. She looked at him in disgust, and he let go of her.

"Actually…I…er, need to go get something from…um, Madame Malkins." She mumbled.

"What?" Harry asked exasperated.

"Just…things…" she muttered, smiling at Draco.

"Well I'll come with you then!"

"No, no it's ok…I'll, um, see you at Madame Padifoot's in…a few minutes" she said quickly, pushing him along in the direction of the café before running after Draco who had started walking in the opposite direction, leaving a dumbfounded Harry gaping after her.

"Granger I believe you're going the wrong way." Draco leered.

"Just get me that drink you were talking about." She retorted.

She followed him all the way down the cobbled street until they came to what looked like an abandoned bookstore. There was a 'closed' sign hanging up and the dust-covered windows showed little activity inside. Hermione looked at Draco questioningly, but he carried on and turned the rusty door handle. Inside wasn't much improvement to the outside; it was dark and musty with the abandoned counter and a couple of surviving bookshelves that hadn't been knocked down. The faded cherry-coloured carpet lead up a spiraling staircase. Hermione turned to Draco looking un-impressed.

"This isn't a pub, Malfoy." She said dejectedly, frowning. He ignored her and slipped round the counter.

"What are you doing?" she asked, he ducked down, "Draco?"

He came up to reveal a bottle filled with an amber-coloured liquid and two glasses.

"Happy now Granger?" he smirked, his enticing blue eyes gleaming. She cocked her head to the side and grinned.

"Come on," he motioned her up the staircase. Hermione didn't expect much, but she was pleasantly surprised to find a small, cosy room. It contained only a few pieces of furniture; an old, scarlet velvety sofa, a large emerald-coloured armchair and a small, worn mahogany coffee table, all lit up by a couple of glowing tea-light candles that had been enchanted to float freely around the room.

"You did this?" she asked surprised, walking over to the sofa and sitting down on it casually. This is a bit…intimate. I didn't realize we'd be having a little 'one-on-one' time. She thought as she looked around the comfortable, tiny room. She looked up at him and he grinned.

"Just somewhere to get away" he added as he poured the swirling amber liquid into two glasses.

"Aren't you just the social bunny?" she quipped, before taking a glass from the small coffee table. She peered down at the liquid and sniffed it. She grimaced, before taking a small sip of it. Her eyes widened as the liquid burned down her throat.

"At least I know it's definitely is strong!" she spluttered, "are you trying to get me drunk Malfoy?"

"Why? Would you like me to get you drunk?" he replied evocatively.

"Course not, I wouldn't want you taking advantage of me." She said seductively, placing the glass on the table and leaning back on the sofa.

"Why would I ever do that?" he murmured in her ear. Hermione felt the effects of the liquid as a trickle of heat fled down her body, from the top of her head to her toes. She smiled dreamily at Draco before gently stroking the side of his cheek. He gave her his infamous smirk before pulling her closer and drawing her lips to his. His lips were hot and soft and seemed to make Hermione melt inside. They kissed slowly, savouring the sinful sensation of each others tongues gliding over one another. Hermione gently removed Draco's coat, slipping her hand underneath his shirt to feel the warmth of his smooth skin. She ran her fingers over his spine and lay down as Draco maneuvered himself on top of her. His hands rested around her hips, and he slid his thumbs underneath her jumper. He tenderly kissed her neck and collarbone before removing her jumper in one swift motion. His hands traced patterns along her stomach and she ran hers through his hair as their lips connected again. Hermione felt so relaxed…his touch seemed to draw her into a daze; the silky feel of his skin, his lips searing into hers, the smell of his neck…

"Wait." He said quietly, breaking the soothing contact. She look into his engulfing sapphire eyes and couldn't help but kiss him again. She felt him smile into her mouth, before breaking the contact

"We're doing this 'cause it feels good right?" he asked, tucking a strand of her honey-coloured wavy hair behind her ear.

"Yeah…" she smiled, kissing him again. She noticed how he couldn't keep a smile off his face, though she could see he was trying.

"No strings attached right?"

An awkward silence fell between them. She didn't know what to say, and she could feel him slowly widening the distance between his body and hers.

"Course not," she said quickly, before pulling him back to her for a hungry kiss.