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Warning: Some of Scarlet's Famous Fluff.

'He kisses... like he shares...' Shuichi thought as Yuki's hands and lips roamed over his skin. 'Selfishly. Taking all that he wants, enough to satisfy him, and then allowing me my taste, my pleasure.'

Shuichi shifted beside Yuki, his need for air grew, but he ignored it, not wanting to break the kiss.

'He tastes like... the orange dream bar we just shared...' Shuichi thought, smiling as Yuki's movements sped up.

Yuki shifted, moving closer to Shuichi, wanting to completely devour the boy. His hands roamed more sporadically now, seeking any skin contact they could find, but were deterred by the boy's still intact school uniforms.

Giving up, and realizing that he might pass out from lack of oxygen, Yuki broke the kiss.

"Wow..." Shuichi murmured "That was...wow..."

Yuki grinned proudly, scooting closer to Shuichi, and beginning to tug on his shirt.

"Hey, take this off." Yuki said

Shuichi shook his head, and Yuki looked away to avoid those piercing violet eyes. Knowing that once he looked into them, he would he almost hypnotized, and would do everything that Shuichi asked.

Yuki looked away. Too late. Shuichi's eyes met his.

"We should finish studying."

Yuki sighed, relenting.

"K." He replied "But, let me kiss you one more time?"

Shuichi nodded, closing his eyes as he felt Yuki's hands on his cheeks, and his nose brushing gently against his, as his lips fitted perfectly against Shuichi's.

'We fit so well together...' Shuichi thought

"Shu? Yuki?" A voice asked "Do you boys want some–."

Shuichi's eyes snapped open, but not in time to break the kiss before his mom entered the room.


Shuichi's eyes went wide, as did Yuki's as they hastily parted.

"M-mom..." Shuichi said nervously

But his mom just smiled.

"I didn't get a chance to speak with you, Yuki. How old are you?"


"Good." She said warmly "Well? Would you boys like some lemonade?"


"And I made cookies."

"YES!" Both shouted excitedly, knowing that Mrs. Shindo made the best cookies.

"Okay then. I'll bring it up in a little while." She said, winking to them before exiting the rom.

There was silence for a moment, before both began to laugh.

"I love your mom. You know that?" Yuki asked laughter "What mother just walks in on her son making out with another boy and just asks about cookies and lemonade?"

Shuichi laughed too, poking Yuki so hard that he fell over.

"Well if you love her so much, then why don't you marry her?"

"Well, that spot is already taken." Yuki said

"Bye who?"


Shuichi blushed.

"Don't say–." He began, but was silenced by Yuki's lips on his, and after a moment, the door opening again.

"Shuichi? I wanted to talk to you about..." His dad began, opening the door

"JEEZ Dad!" Shuichi shouted, moving away from Yuki "Don't you knock!"

"I did."

"No you didn't!"

"Oh, well, sorry. But if you two aren't to... tongue tied... come and talk to me a bit later?"

Shuichi nodded.


After a beat, Yuki began laughing again, causing Shuichi to wack him across the head with a pillow.

"Now, if only my parents were that cool." Yuki said, reaching up and pulling Shuichi into his arms, Shuichi almost habitually nestling into his chest.

"Your parents aren't that bad."

"Right." Yuki said sarcastically "This being said about my mom, who was so against me seeing you that she took the last letter you wrote me and burned it in the fireplace as part of some ritualistic voodoo spell, thus cursing you and all your kin for a thousand years to come?"

"Oh yeah... her." Shuichi began

"Causing us to loose touch for years?" Yuki began "And..."

But before he could say things that would make Shuichi even sadder, Shuichi leaned up and kissed Yuki, silencing him.

He knew that Yuki was right though, though his dad was apathetic on the situation, Yuki's mom hated Shuichi, and all things associated with him, thus causing Shuichi's house to be their only refuge together.

"I should probably get home." Yuki said "She gets mad if I'm over here for too long."

"Oh... okay." Shuichi said, moving away from Yuki's strong embrace and kissing him gently "You know... pretty soon, we'll graduate highschool... and then we can move out together."

Yuki nodded, a smile coming to his amber eyes.

"Yep. And I will never have to see that crazy bitch again." Yuki said, giving him a thumbs up and heading towards the door

"Hey Yuki?" Shuichi asked, "We'll always be together...right?"

For a moment, Yuki stood still, his back to Shuichi, before turning around, a huge smile on his face.

"Duh. Do you think I'd let you get away again?"

"No way." Shuichi said, smiling, watching Yuki go

'He loves me like this...' Shuichi thought 'Just like he kisses... just like he shares. Selfishly. Pleasing himself first and always, and then me. Taking what he wants of me, and never returning it. Which is fine by me...'

Before he knew what he was doing, Shuichi was down the stairs, and outside, throwing his arms around Yuki and kissing him passionately.

'I love the way he loves me. The way he kisses me. The way we fight, the way we hug and hold and touch. The way his heat lingers on my skin. The way he takes everything from me, but not realizing that he gives me so much more than what he takes. That his love makes up for everything that is lacking in me.'

Yuki was surprised by the kiss, and was slightly afraid that his mother would see, but giving into his own need, he took Shuichi into his arms and returned the kiss.

'Everything he wants, he can have it. So long as I get his promises, and his kisses, and his love. His sweet and gentle words, saying that he'll never leave me, and that we'll always be together. '

The sun was setting, giving the sky a rosy glow as the two kissed, oblivious to the world around

each trying to lick the remnants of ice cream of the other's lips.

'He kisses me like this. On this midsummers day. Holding me in his arms, his body pressed against mine. He kisses me like this. His kisses tasting sweeter than sugar, like candy. No, like the orange dream bar we always share. Sitting on the curb until it melts down our fingers, forgotten as our sticky lips find each other.'

"Yuki?" Shuichi said, pulling away for a moment, before crashing their lips back together "You'll never understand just how much I love you."

Yuki grinned, holding Shuichi tighter.

'He gives to me like this...' Yuki thought 'He willingly gives into all of my selfish needs and desires, giving me strength in ways he'll never know. His arms wrapped around me his lips pressed to mine. His kisses tasting like the orange dream bars we always share on summer days.'


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