Ultimate Smash Adventure

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Aftermath and Credits

Mario slowly opened his eyes and looked around. He was in some room with wooden walls all around. Mario slowly got up and noticed he was in a bed, and there was a small corner table at the foot of the bed. "Hm? Where's-a this?" Mario asked. Suddenly the door on the other side of the room opened up and Peach walked in.

"Oh! You're awake." Peach said pleasantly as always.

"Peach!" Mario said a tad loudly. "So… where-a is this?" Mario asked.

"Oh, Master Hand, Crazy Hand, and Meta-Knight went to Arcadia and installed a device to allow these air pirates to fly between dimensions and help out. They said they'd be more than willing to help." Peach said.

"Air-a pirates?" Mario asked.

"Yep, that'd be us." Vyse said while walking in. "I'm Vyse, captain of this ship." Vyse said.

"Captain? At-a your age? Impressive." Mario complimented getting out of the bed.

"Thanks, and you're strong too. I saw your fight with that clown guy. The others explained everything that went on." Vyse said.

"So… where is-a this ship-a going?" Mario asked.

"To the smash dimension." Vyse said frowning.



Fox, Marth, Link, Ness, Aika, Fina, Bowser, Pikachu, and Samus were on the bridge. The other smashers could be seen on the deck of the ship.

"I'm glad that this is finally all over, but…" Fox started to say leaning on the mapping table in the bridge.

"Yeah I know… Kefka completely destroyed the Smash dimension." Link sighed.

"Man… that bites." Ness said.

"Oh well, this just means we have to fix it now." Marth said.

"And I'm sure Vyse would be more than willing to help." Aika said while giving a smile and a wink.

"Ha! I won't need help!" Bowser shouted. That's when a clock from the wall fell off the wall and conked Bowser in the head. "Ooooohhhh…" Bowser moaned.

"Pika Pika!" He laughed.

"Somehow… I think you will." Samus said. At that time Mario, Peach, and Vyse climbed up through the porthole and on to the bridge.

"Oh! Vyse! Mario, you're awake." Fina said.

"Good to see you awake Mario." Samus said smiling. Luigi also came on to the bridge at that time, although he seemed a little groggy.

"Oh hey-a Mario! Good to-a see you up-a." Luigi said weakly.

"You okay Luigi?" Mario asked.

"Just a little-a air-a sick." Luigi said.

"You weren't-a like this on-a the Halberd." Mario said.

"This-a ship rocks more." Luigi said.

"Hey Mario! You rocked in that last fight!" Link said.

"Don't-a say rock…" Luigi moaned.

"You really threw Kefka for a loop." Fox said.

"Oooohhh…" Luigi moaned.


"Oooohhhh…" Luigi moaned.

"You really rolled with it!" Ness shouted.

"urp…" Luigi held his hand over his mouth and made off for the deck.

A few moments later…

Everyone was staring at the crater of the smash dimension town, still smoking from when Kefka destroyed this place. "Wow… it really is bad." C. Falcon commented grimly.

"Man… this is going to take a while." Falco said.

"How… sad." Zelda sighed.

"Well, we're not getting anywhere just standing around you wimps." Wario said.

"Still, this is going to take a while." Snake said.

"Not quite Snaky boy!" Came a familiar voice. Snake gasped for air and looked quite irked now.

"Ugh… don't tell me…" Snake turned around slowly and saw none other then… "Mr. 2!!!" Indeed, Mr. 2 was standing there in the same old outfit with that same weird toothy grin.

"It's not Mr. 2 anymore, it's Bon Chan!" He said.

"What are you doing here?" Y. Link asked getting in a defensive position.

"Hold on hold on! I'm just here to help. See?" Bon Chan pointed behind him, and his swan shaped car was dragging in a whole lot of timber. And I do mean a whole lot. "Well?"

"Oooo oo oo."

"Well… what-a are we-a waiting for-a?" Mario asked.

"Smashers, let's get to work." Master Hand said.

"Yeah!" All the smashers shouted.

"Woohoooo!!! I want the screwdriver!" Crazy Hand shouted.

The days passed and the smashers had a lot of work ahead of them, including digging out the crater so that it could hold the whole town in it again.

"Hey! Are you pushing or am I doing all the work?" Ganondorf asked while trying to move a gigantic piece of rock with Wario.

"I was about to ask the same thing." Wario growled back.

"Oh for crying out loud." Mewtwo used his telekinesis to help lift the boulder.

Then they had to start putting together the buildings.

"Sheesh, can any of you weld at all?" Snake asked.

"And you can?" Falco snapped back.

"Give me that!" Snake jerked the welding torch away from Falco and welded together some iron bars. "Not that hard."

"That's my Snaky boy!" Mr. 2 shouted.

"Ugh…" Snake groaned.

Then there was the actual building.

"How'd I do?" Nana asked as she finished hammering in some wooden posts that were leaning very precariously.

"Uh… good?" Popo said.

"Are you kidding? That stinks." Bowser said as the wooden posts fell on top of his head.



"Boy… the author must have reeeeeeeeeally missed doing that." Roy said.

"Pichu…" He nodded in agreement.

But thankfully the smashers had some help.

"Alright! We have the next load of supplies." Vyse said as he lowered his air ship.

"Thank you very much." Luigi said.

"Say how much is this going to cost anyways?" C. Falcon asked.

"The supplier sent the bill with me. Here." Vyse handed the bill to C. Falcon, who looked at it before his eyes nearly popped out of his visor. "Uh… Wario! Here you go!" C. Falcon quickly handed the bill to Wario before he ran off with Luigi.

"What's thi… ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! WHAT MAKES YOU THINK I'LL PAY THIS!!!" Wario shouted.

And others provided help in other ways.

"You're pretty good with your hands um… Lloyd wasn't it?" Pit said to Lloyd, who was beside him putting together a door for some building, and it was a very nicely designed door too.

"You pick up this kind of stuff when you've lived with a dwarf." Lloyd said. "Say how are the others doing?"

"Um…" Pit turned around to see DK, Ganondorf, and Bowser trying to pick up a HUMONGOUS pile of timber. It must have been big since they were having difficulties lifting it.

"Sheesh, is timber all that's in this thing?" Ganondorf asked.

"Don't ask me." Bowser said.

"Oooooooooo…" DK moaned.

"Oh! Let us help you with that!" Colette said as she and Presea walked up. They both got under it as the three picked it up. The two girls then picked up and carried it off by themselves.

"I have lost all pride as a man…" Ganondorf said.

"Unbelieva- GAH!" Bowser started to say when a hammer came flying from behind and hitting him in the head.

"Oo?" DK turned around to see a Waddle Dee rubbing his head apologetically.

Meta-Knight also had the Halberd rebuilt to make getting materials easier.

"It took some time, but we managed to get the Halberd IV built." Meta-Knight said.



"Say where's the StarFox team?" Meta-Knight asked. "They said they'd be back with even more supplies didn't they?"


The Great Fox accidentally came straight out of the wormhole and hit the side of the Halberd, nose first. "GAH!!!" Meta-Knight yelled as he went tumbling around the bridge with Yoshi and Kirby.

"Oops… sorry, I was flying it." Slippy said over the radio transmission.

"Great, now I have to fix that hole…" Meta-Knight moaned.

All and all, it took some time, but progress was very quick considering they were rebuilding a whole town. Finally, Smash Town and Smash Mansion were rebuilt and looking better than ever within a month and a half.

"Look at how much got done, in such a short time too." Sheena said. "Well, thanks for returning my pact rings, but I've got to go now." Sheena said.

"Bye bye." Mario said.

"Isn't it beautiful Mario?" Peach asked.

"Mm-hm… it-a certainly is." He answered.

"I still don't see why I had to pay so much of the money for it." Wario grumbled.

"Because you're probably the wealthiest among us." C. Falcon said.


"Oh break it up…" Mewtwo sighed as he used his telekinesis to break up the fight.


"Smashers, I couldn't be more proud of you." Master Hand said.

"Ah shucks." Falco said. "You don't have to thank me." He said in his usual cocky tone of voice. Roy and Ganondorf smacking him from behind quickly followed this.

"Well anyways…"

"What is it?" Zelda asked.

"YES!!! HE'S GONNA-" Ness started to say.

"Don't spoil it." Master Hand said. "I'm going to postpone tournaments for a whole week. I'm giving you smashers a week off from fighting to try and relax." Master Hand said.

"Yes! A break at long last." Samus sighed in relief.

"That would be quite relaxing." Pit said.


"Yeah! A break!" Nana and Popo shouted.

"Well, get a good night's sleep smashers, tomorrow is the start of your week long break." Master Hand said as the sun was setting.

"You don't think the new residents will be troublesome do you?" Mewtwo asked Snake.

"Yes actually." Snake said looking through his binoculars and looking at the pink house with swans decorated around it. "Ugh…"

"And not to mention the other mansion in the neighborhood." Mewtwo said.

"Oh-no! I forgot that Pokey decided to move here too!" Ness shouted. "This is going to be a pain."

The Mario bros. were walking down the mansion walkway toward the front door talking to each other. "You know what-a Mario?" Luigi asked.

"What-a Luigi?" Mario asked back.

"Everything may have-a been tough-a, several bad-a things happening and all of-a that, but in-a the end-a… it all-a turned out alright." Luigi said.

"That's-a right Luigi. As long as-a we're around, we'll-a never let anything happen to the-a dimensions. We'll-a protect-a everything with all of our-a strength." Mario said.

"You've-a got it Mario. I feel-a braver when you-a encourage me like-a that." Luigi said. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!! SPIDER!!!" Luigi shouted before running off.

"…Good old-a Luigi." Mario sighed.

Later that night…

Master Hand and Crazy Hand were in their newly rebuilt room. It was mostly finely polished blue stone floor, but it had a long red carpet extending to two separate cushions for the two hands to sleep on. The room also had fine onyx pillars that complimented the floor perfectly, and a beautiful crystal chandelier above the room. "Well Crazy Hand, this has probably been an adventure for the record books." Master Hand said.

"Yep! It certainly was." Crazy Hand said loudly. "And I did such a good job!" Crazy Hand said.

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Well the smashers definitely did their best, and everything turned out just fine. Everything… is as it should be." Master Hand said.

"Aaaaaahhh… yeah…" Crazy Hand said surprisingly calmly. Snoring could shortly be heard later.

"Good job everyone. Good job." Master Hand said.



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Thanks to Shonen Jump for the mangas used in this fanfic.

Thanks to Marvel comics for the New York segment.

Thanks to Sega for the Sonic series.

Thanks to Square Enix for Final Fantasy VI, the best one of them I've played. (Although I still have some I wish to play.)

Thanks to every other game company that I can't remember the names of right off the top of my head for the creation of other games used in this fanfic.

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From the creator of such works as "Darkling" and "Armageddon: The Corruption" Comes a multi-crossover story like none you've ever seen before.

A criminal organization called the Negatives has been formed, and its mysterious leader known only as King N. He plans to fill the world with evil and negative thoughts, making the world a terrible place to live in.

And only the smashers can stop him…

"Rise of the Negatives."

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