Obviously I don't own batman or anything to do with it. (Unless you count toys I dressed up to look like characters in it. Why am I so immature sometimes?)

Batman doesn't come across very nice in this. If you don't like that don't flame me. It's just a fic.

The idea for this just came into my head (while playing with above mentioned toys.) I wrote it in less than an hour and it's short.

Warnings for darkness and mentions of child abuse, violence and rape.

He looked up when Bruce entered the cave. His blue eyes were like two startling orbs of colour in the dark place. There was a coldness to them as they stared out from the bruised face, sorrow floating just beneath the surface. "The fact that you feel guilty," he whispered, "doesn't make it alright"
Bruce stared down at him for a moment before moving to sit. "I know." Standing again after a momenthe picked up a slightly dusty glass of water and helped Crane to drink some. The chains clanked as he moved.
"Why don't you just kill me?" the man who was also the scarecrow asked when the glass was removed. "It would be the kindest thing anyone has done for me"
"I'm not going to murder you"
"No, you're far to noble for that." He laughed, a broken sound. "It's fine for you to keep me tied up down here, to beat me, to... rape me. But putting me out of my misery, that would be immoral"
Bruce rested his head in his large hands. "This is so screwed up." He leaned back and closed his eyes, listening to the constant chirping of the bats. "I'm supposed to be a hero. And your supposed to be a villan, not another victim"
He stood up and started to remove the numerous chains wrapped around Johnathan's skinny body, leaving the one circling his neck for last.
"Are you going to let me do it myself then"
"No. The straightjacket stays on"
Crane smiled a somewhat twisted smile. "Even if you were to take it off, I doubth my arms would be much use after this long." Then abruptly he changed the subject. "Can we sit by the water"
"Alright." Bruce helped him into a standing position.
Immediately his legs gave way. Strong arms grabbed him before he could hit the ground.
"I can't stand anymore, not after the last time"
Green eyes flashed with shame. Carefully he lifted the other man and brought him to the edge of the pool. He had to keep an arm around the former phsychiatrist so he could sit up.
They wew silent for a long while before Crane stated almost casualy, "when I was a child my great-gradmother used to hold me under the water." His gaze was fixed on the ripples. "I shouldn't have told you that. Now the next time the 'Bat-man' shows up I'll be drowning"
Another long stretch of quiet.
"I never know what to say when you're lucid like this. It's harder somehow"
"You mean when I'm not a terrorized child or the always entertaining if psychotic Scarecrow"
"Yea." He paused. The waterfall pounded the rocks. "I really am sorry you know"
"I know. But you'll still do it again."