Chapter 9: Michael Shepard.

At 10:00 the next morning Kim and Ron were sitting in the courtroom holding Isabel. Judge Billie Campbell was sitting at her place, and the bailiffs was being in Isabel's biological father, Michael Shepard.

Michael had light brown hair and green eyes. He was unshaven and looked high. The bailiffs sat him down and Judge Campbell began.

"Mr. Shepard, Isabel's adoptive parents have agreed to let you see the baby, but that all, no holding or touching her. Is this understood?" she asked.

"Yes," Michael said.

Kim and Ron stood up and walked over to Michael. He stood up and looked at Isabel in Kim's arms.

"She's looks like her mother," he said blankly, "Her mother died before naming her. I just knew she died and I had a daughter, and I left her on your doorstep. What's her name?"

Kim and Ron looked at each other then back at Michael. Kim decided to tell him. He was on death row, he couldn't hurt them.

"Isabel," she said.

Michael looked at them, "Isabel what? What's her middle name?"

"Claire," Ron answered.

"Isabel Claire, that's pretty he said."

"All right Mr. Shepard time to go," Judge Campbell said.

The bailiffs came to take him away, he looked at Kim and said, "Take care of her."

Kim just stared at him, shaken. Ron put his arm around her and said, "Let's go home."

She nodded at looked at Isabel, "I now know why Isabel was sent to us," she said lightly.

Kim and Ron walked out to their car and strapped Isabel in the back seat, and headed home. They decided to stop for lunch.

Later that evening, news of Michael Shepard's execution was all over the news. Also word of Kim and Ron and Isabel was there to. Kim finally turned it off and went to check on their dinner. She set the table, and set the food out. Ron had just fed Isabel and Shane who were sleeping peacefully now. He walked into the kitchen carrying Lily Ann, with Emma and Adrian walking at his side. They strapped their children into their high chairs and sat down to dinner.


"Yes Kim?"

"As hard as this morning was, I realized just how blessed we are."

Ron smiled, kissed his wife, and looked at the family picture taken at the hospital.

"Yes we are Kim, yes we are."


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