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2. A New Kind of Elliot

Her eyes were huge and dark and full of confusion. She searched this man, Morris's eyes for traces of Elliot, and could barely find him in there. He was mean and rough and arrogant- characteristics that people who barely knew Elliot might attribute to him, but she knew him so much better, and this wasn't him. Not the real him.


Sam Cowen paced back and forth in front of the hotel, keeping an eye on Jankowski and waiting for his partner to realize there was no perp on the 2nd floor.

"What is she doing- checking every room in the hotel?" He mumbled to himself.

"Cowen, let's get this guy back to the station house," Captain Cragen radioed.

"Benson's still in the building. Her radio's in the car, and she's not answering her cell."

"That's because it's been ringing on her desk for the last 15 minutes," Cragen responded, "I'll get a uniform over to pickup Jankowski, then you can grab Benson and finish up this case."


The tan man, called Jim scoffed and wiped the dripping blood off of his nose again.

"You couldn'ta got her without me either, so you better fuckin do your part when I find a good one."

"Ya, maybe we'll find you one worth half as much," Morris mocked, as he pushed Olivia down into a chair and grabbed her handcuffs and badge off the floor. He fastened the cuffs around one of her wrists and latched the other to the arm of the chair.

"Detective Olivia Benson, Special Victims Unit… Well isn't that just perfect." Morris quipped, reading her badge out loud and tossing it to Jim. "How bout giving me some time alone with my girl," he said, resting his palms against the arms of the chair and leaning toward Olivia's face. She unintentionally cowered away from his eyes, unsure of what to believe. She just wanted to wake up from this terrible nightmare. She actually preferred the nightmares of holding Elliot's bleeding body as he died and hearing him say goodbye the day he left to go undercover. Every day, she heard that last conversation in her head, over and over and over again.


"You think you can take care of yourself without me?" she teased him as he unloaded his wallet and badge into his desk.

"Take care of myself? I'll be fine as long as I don't have to watch your back every second."

"Oooh… burn," Fin called from his desk. Olivia shot fin a death glare and whipped a pen at Elliot's head. He dodged it, grabbed his alias wallet, and circled the desk until he was behind her. He squeezed her shoulder with his right hand.

"I'll be careful," he promised and walked out the door.


"Morris, we should just get the hell outta here before little miss detective's partner shows up," said Jim, buttoning a black shirt around himself.

Morris stood up from leaning on Olivia's chair and peered through the peephole of the door. "Partner doesn't seem that concerned to me," he said, noticing there was no one in the hallway and moving across the room to check the windows. "Nope, just her car outside. Seems to be on her own." Morris smiled at her from the window. "C'mon, go watch the hallway for me. I wanna get to know her a little."

"You know Sheldon isn't gonna like that, Morris. Let's go. We can pickup some bitch on the way tonight that you can 'get to know a little'." Jim continued. He seemed uneasy and nervous, but Morris was relaxed and calculating.

"I'm testing the product before I waste anymore time on it, Jim! Get the fuck outta here!" Morris grabbed Jim by the collar and gave him a shove toward the door. Jim obeyed and slammed the door behind him. They were alone. Olivia could understand the charade when Jim was in the room, but Morris/Elliot didn't seem to change when the door closed. He kept his eyes nailed to Olivia's, not saying a word as he crossed the room toward her. Elliot leaned down slowly and pulled the tape off of Olivia's mouth. She hissed in pain, but kept her jaw clenched shut. He unlocked the handcuff attached to the chair and began unwrapping the duct tape from her wrists. The second her right hand was free, Olivia planted a firm slap across Elliot's face, sending him stumbling backwards.

"You son of a bitch!" She yelled at him, tearing the remainder of tape off her wrists and reaching down to rip off the tape around her ankles. Elliot jumped up, took one quick step toward her and grabbed her shoulders. Just as he opened his mouth to shout something back at her, a loud knocking on the door interrupted him.

"Morris! Open the fuckin door!" Jim shouted. "Couple police cars pulled up. They're on their way in here. Grab her; let's go!" Jim was still yelling by the time Elliot opened the door. He threw a couple bags over his shoulder while Elliot grabbed Olivia's wrist and pulled her out the door.

"Say a word, and I'll cut your throat," Jim growled in Olivia's ear as she and Elliot passed him. Elliot pulled her up in front of him.

"Keep quiet," he warned as he led her through the hallway toward the back stairway exit.

"We'll take your van; no one will notice an SUV sitting here for awhile," Elliot directed. Jim jumped into the driver's seat, and Elliot shoved an angry Olivia into the back of the seatless van and onto the floor. The two lay silently on their stomachs as Jim drove away from the hotel.


Sam Cowen went back and forth through the second floor, searching even the unoccupied rooms. By the time the uniform officers had scoured the other floors with no sign of his partner, he radioed his Captain. "Cap, we have a problem. We can't find Olivia anywhere. A male tenant is missing too… Sir, there's pieces of duct tape and blood on the floor in one of the rooms." Sam's voice was full of shame and worry.

"Oh god, what did she do?" Cragen asked himself aloud. "Get the guy's information, find out what car he's driving. I'm sending Munch and Fin to the hotel. Uniforms will be waiting for a car description…."


Elliot sat up and grabbed Olivia's arm to pull her to a sitting position when the van was a few miles from the hotel.

"Sit up," he ordered her. Olivia sat up and crossed her arms rebelliously, shooting him a death glare before intently focusing on nothing in particular in the back of the van.

"Let's just head to the Den early," Elliot told his partner in crime… Two hours later, Olivia and Elliot were still sitting across from each other in the back of the moving van as it pulled into a gas station. They hadn't made eye contact since they left the hotel until Elliot dangled her handcuffs in front of her.

"I'd cooperate if I were you," he told her, pulling her toward him so that her back was facing his chest. Olivia rolled her eyes and let him pull her hands behind her back to cuff them. Then he reached into the front seat, and a second later there was duct tape on her mouth again.

"uuugghh," she grunted with her lips sealed shut. Elliot chuckled and crawled toward the back door until a strong kick to his hip knocked him onto his back. He gritted his teeth and glared at her as he opened the van door and stepped out, seeing a smirk in her eyes as he slammed the door shut…


"Mmmmm!" Olivia screamed in frustration and slammed the back of her head on the van floor while kicking the back door as hard as possible for the tenth time. She groaned when the blow to her head hurt worse than she expected. Just then, Elliot swung the door open from the outside and saw her lying on her back. He grabbed on of her legs and pulled her toward him.

"You're lucky nobody heard that," he warned, pulling her by her arms into a sitting position in front of him. "Child lock," he mocked, yanking the duct tape off her mouth for the second time that day. Her lips were raw and burning already and she pursed them in pain, glaring at him, yet again. "Maybe I should keep the cuffs on this time?" he teased, rubbing his sore left cheek, where she'd smacked him earlier.

"Maybe you should," she threatened. "Where's your-" Olivia was cut off as Jim swung the door open and hopped into the driver's seat. Elliot pushed Olivia back, away from the back door, and climbed in behind her.

"Hungry?" He asked, taking a bag of gas station sandwiches and water bottles from Jim and holding it toward her. Olivia scowled and looked away, pulling at the handcuffs that were now cutting off her circulation. Elliot pulled the key out of his pocket and tossed it next to her hands on the van floor before pulling a sandwich out of the bag for himself.

"Uggh," she complained and grabbed the key with her cuffed hands, pursing her lips as she fiddled with the key to get it in the lock correctly. Releasing her left arm, she pulled her hands in front of her and unlocked the other side. Elliot snatched the cuffs out of her hands when she went to slide them into her back pocket.

"Like that's gonna happen," he quipped and slid the sandwich bag next to her. She ignored it and leaned her head against the van wall.


"Uniforms checked every single Tan Ford Explorer and Blue Toyota Camry that left Manhattan since 10am," Cragen informed the squad, "No sign of Olivia or Jim Taylor. They must be staying in the city. We've gotta get as many uniforms out as we can, follow every possible lead." Cragen divided assignments to the squad, sending Cowen to Jim Taylor's apartment and Munch and Fin to his work at a construction company.


Olivia looked up through the windows, searching for something familiar when the van finally stopped. She couldn't see anything but dusty sky from where she sat on the van floor. Jim walked around the van and opened the doors from the outside. They were surrounded by indistinguishable buildings.

"Watch her for a few minutes," Elliot told Jim, "I'm gonna check it out, make sure we don't have company… and Jim, hands off," he smirked at him, before stepping out of the van and heading toward a nearby warehouse. Olivia shifted uncomfortably, pulling her knees to her chest as Elliot disappeared into the building.

"Oh, I'll watch her," Jim smiled, staring into Olivia's eyes and quickly jumping into the van, shutting the door behind him. "Let's just keep this to ourselves… I mean, that is if you want to live," he whispering, pulling a knife out of his pocket and taking a step toward her.