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All Amy ever wanted was for Sonic to love her. For to be his one and only. Then when she sees it's a dying dream she contacts an evil cousin to get some payback. (SonAmyShad & Some KnuxRouge)

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A Rose's Revenge

Amy Rose sighed and rubbed the pad of her thumb over a picture of her and Sonic. The picture was taken right after the Black Arms incident, in the far corner you could spot Shadow, Amy loved this picture because it was lucky enough to capture one of Shadow's rare smiles. She cast her gaze over to the basket of freshly baked cookies she had made for Sonic. It was a mere few minutes before he stopped his run at Tails' workshop. She silently places the picture on her pine coffee table and picked up her keys, coat and the basket and made her way out of her apartment.

Tails' Workshop

Tails screwed a bolt in the X Tornado. And turned up his stereo listening closely to the news.

"On other report there is still no sign on Shadow The Hedgehog our new hero has simply disappeared. His whereabouts still unknown. Government agent Rouge The Bat has also gone missing. We will let you in on any news we do find, now to Lucy for the weather." The news reporter concluded.

Tails sighed, Shadow and Rouge has just been wiped off the scene, and he was actually looking forward to finding more about the black and crimson hedgehog. Tails thoughts were stopped by the door bell he grabbed a near-by rag and rubbed the oil from his hands quickly then made his way to the door. He opened it to a blue hedgehog leaning coolly against the small porch.

"Hey buddy what's up?" Sonic asked before walking in and straight to the T.V.

"Just finished repairing the Tornado and I'm working on a project on speed. I'm making shoes that increase your speed. And not for you, You're so fast you'd burn them out." Tails said joining Sonic. Sonic grinned.

"Yeah, I know." His grinned still stayed placed on his face. Then the doorbell rang again Tails got up but Sonic stopped him. "No problem buddy I got it." Tails smiled and sat down on the plush sofa. When out of sight Sonic frowned, he knew who this was and now wasn't the time. Sonic, even though he didn't look it was extremely stressed. Shadow had taken a chaos emerald with him when he vanished. Out on his runs Sonic had been searching for him, but nothing. No sign of him anywhere when he opened the door Amy Rose smiled brightly before giving Sonic another death hug and giving him the cookies.

"Hi Sonic, I made these for you." Amy smiled sweetly.

"Amy I don't want them but thanks." Sonic said before turning around and again joining Tails plastering on a fake grin. Amy stood there surprised; Sonic had used a very hurtful tone. But Amy just smiled before shutting the door behind her and opened the basket and placed it on the table ready for any of Tails' hungry visitors before making her way to a chair near Sonic. After a few moments she got up again.

"Does anyone want Coffee?" She asked politely.

"Yeah, thanks Amy." Tails said gratefully.

"Nope." Sonic stated rudely earning a bit of a surprised stare from Tails.

"Ok," Amy Said before simply walking out to the kitchen. She started pulling out the ingredients and mugs in deep thought. Sonic seemed a bit stressed today…not himself. Smash! Amy looked down and frowned she dropped a mug; she bent down to clear it up.

"Everything alright in there Amy?" Tails asked from the living room.

"Yeah, I'm ok Tails! Just dropped a mug - ow!" Amy looked at her finger; she cut herself on a sharp piece of the mug, Sonic walked in a helped clear up the mess while Amy got a plaster. We're alone. Thought Amy, maybe now would be a god time to say something. When Sonic tipped the broken mug into the bin Amy looked at him.

"Sonic, why won't you go out with me?" She asked simply.

"Oh, Amy now is not the time!" Sonic said in the same rude tone as before.

"No Sonic, why!" Amy said she wanted answers.

"LOOK AMY NOT NOW!" Sonic shouted. Amy looked at him surprised.

"Sonic I – " Amy was cut off.

"No, you know what Amy? Maybe it's because you're an annoying pest who won't go away! You're like a common cold. You always come back and there's no known way to get rid of you! Amy, I don't love you! I never will! So why don't you just leave me ALONE!" Amy starred at Sonic in disbelief as the words sunk in her like sharp pins. Tears welled up In her emerald green eyes. Sonic was breathing heavily not realising the damage he just caused. Amy burst into tears grabbed her stuff and dashed out the workshop, spilling over her cookies as she ran. The kettle popped, showing the water was boiled. Not that it was needed now.

With Amy

Amy ran down the streets tears flowing; she couldn't believe what he just said. All she ever wanted was for him to love her. "Amy, I don't love you! I never will! So why don't you just leave me ALONE!" The words echoed in her head, each word a painful stab to her heart. Finally she reached her apartment unlocking the door with trembling hands she flinged her coat on the floor and banged the door shut. She threw her self on the sofa grabbed a plush pillow and let the tears flow freely.

With Sonic and Tails

Tails stood behind Sonic, he'd seen the whole thing and was shocked. He never imagined Sonic could be so hurtful.

"Sonic, why?" Tails asked in almost a whisper.

"She deserved it Tails she's been on my case ever since I saved her! She got what was coming to her! Hopefully now she'll leave me alone!" Sonic said letting all his stress that was bottled up on Amy.

"But-" Tails started.

"No Tails, It's true and you know it! Now I'm going for a run." And with that he sped out of the kitchen and the house. Tails stood there thinking over what just happened. Tails always thought Sonic did care for the pink hedgehog. Maybe he had been wrong. Tails sighed and grabbed a blue print, nothing like a little inventing to forget what wants to be forgotten.

With Amy

Amy was still sobbing thinking about what she could have done wrong. She realized, she was a bit clingy but all she's ever done has been nice to Sonic, she didn't deserve that, at all. Amy stopped crying and looked at the picture on the coffee table. No she didn't deserve this. Amy's sadness soon turned to rage. She craved revenge, for everything he's ever done to her. For always seeing his back, for always been left behind, she wanted payback for everything. Everything. She thought. That's a lot of things to payback for. But, she knew someone who would help.

Amy got up and grabbed a phone book. It was shocking pink. Amy scowled. Pink, pink! Everything is pink! The colour…it's so innocent! IM NOT INNOCENT! Amy thought angered she ripped out the needed page and threw the book across the room at a wall. She grabbed her phone (Which luckily wasn't pink.) and dialled the number tapping her fingers impatiently.

"Hello?" A feminine voice answered.

"Is this Diamond Rose?" Amy asked coldly, the voice she was talking to sounded oddly familiar.

"Well damn me she was right, so the Amy Rose phones." The voice said giggling. Amy wasn't surprised the person she was looking for was a psychic and properly knew exactly what was going on.

"Can you please put her on," Amy said annoyed.

"Sure thing, DIAMOND! YOU WERE RIGHT! AMY'S PHONED!" the girl shouted, in the background Amy heard someone approaching.

"Hello?" another voice said but it wasn't oozing with femininity, it sounded rather cruel as well as feminine.

Amy took the picture in her hands, "Diamond…its Amy, as you already know. And you properly know what happened too…I-..Diamond I want revenge. I almost want him dead. No scratch it; I want him dead!" Amy threw the picture on the floor harshly, she moved the broken glass with her foot, and then she tore the picture in half, leaving Sonic on his own. She flipped it around and grabbed a pen.

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