Good Night Son

By: Trivette Lover Heather

It had been a hard past few years, watching his Father fade away right before his eyes. They had considered putting him in a Hospice, but Nash wouldn't allow it. The nights had gotten longer and longer for Nash and it seems that his Fathers passing was a relief for not only him but for Nick as well.

The morning he passed was cold and muggy. Nash awoke and hollered the usual "Good Morning Dad," only to get no response.

"Nick?...Nick?" He tapped his shoulder, and then realized he had left him. "Just gonna leave without saying goodbye?" He grabbed his Fathers hand and knelt down to the ground softly, his head lying on his Fathers now cold hand. It had been warm when he had said good night only hours before.


His partner was waiting to get picked up at home that morning for work.

"You sure he is picking you up?" Inger asked pouring him another cup of coffee.

Joe shrugged and intuitively he knew. "Something isn't right sweet heart." He grabbed his phone.


Nash was startled by his phone, saw who it was and answered.


"Hey Nash, everything alright? I got this feeling like you're in trouble…call it partners intuition."

Nash smiled slightly. "Nick…He's gone Joe."

"Gone? Where is he…did he get up during the night...We'll find him, he couldn't have gone far, he's too weak."

"No Joe, he's gone." Nash cleared his throat, and wiped a tear that was drying on his cheek.

Joe sighed. "Aw, Nash, I'll be right over man…"

"Okay." Was all Nash could utter before closing his phone.

He looked at his watch to see how much time had passed since he'd been up. He stood up and looked down at his Father before putting a sheet over his face, then started to make the necessary calls.

He called Stacey and Cassidy. Suddenly becoming sad that all the years his Father had been here, only two phone calls "needed" to be made at his passing.

Joe came soon and sat down in the kitchen next to his friend. He slowly passed by Nick, seeing him covered up. He put a soft hand on Nash's shoulder.

"Were you there?" Joe asked quietly as Nash sipped his coffee looking straight ahead. Joe could tell in his eyes he'd been crying.

"No…I tucked him in like I usually do…kissed him on the fore head good night…and with a see ya in the morning I went to bed…I never thought…"

"You couldn't have known…at least he went quietly and got to see you before he went…" Joe offered his hand still on his friends shoulder.

"Yeah, what was weird was that every night for the last week, every time I said Good night he didn't remember who I was…kept saying for me to let him out of here…but last night…he said "Good night son."

Joe began to tear up. "He knew it was you…He knew it was his son who was taking care of him all these years Nash man, he knew…and he loved you for it."


The next couple days Nash couldn't fall asleep. He wanted to get up and check on his dad and with every time he got his urge, his heart ached. The funeral was the next morning and he needed rest but he could barely keep his eyes closed.

He got up and wandered over to Nick's bed, first sitting down, then lying down.

With an eary feel, he began to weep. The energy to cry took everything out of him and he finally closed his eyes to sleep.

"Good night Nick."

And Nash could swear he heard a familiar voice…

"Night Son…Thank you…"



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