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"So this is snow Tony" said Ziva.
"Yeah, you've never seen it before?" said Tony.
"Well not this much." she replied.
"All the traveling you did and you've never seen snow before." he said. Gibbs came walking in covered in snow.
"I HATE SNOW!" Gibbs shouted.
"Morning boss" said Tony.
"Where's McGee?"
"Down in autopsy with Abby."
"What are they doing down there."
"I think Abby wanted to see what it's like in a body bag." All of a sudden the lights started to buzz and then went out.
"Tony go check the fuse box." said Gibbs.
"Got it boss… um, where would that be?"
"In the basement."
"We have a basement?" said Ziva.
"Yeah." said Gibbs.

Minutes later McGee and Abby came in.
"Powers out Boss." said McGee.
"I think I see that McGee." said Gibbs.
"Sorry boss."
Tony came in swatting at the spider crawling over his shoulder, "It's not the fuse box. I called the electric company and they said it's going to be out for a few hours."
"Now what do we do?" said Ziva.
"We could play monopoly." said Tony.
"What's a monopoly?" said Ziva.
"It's a board game." said Tony.
"We're not playing monopoly." said Gibbs.
Tony went in his desk and pulled out a bunch of candles.
"Scented candles, Tony?" said Ziva.
"In case of a power outage, Ziva." said Tony.

BAM! BAM! BAM! McGee jumped.
"What was that." said Gibbs.
"That was me falling down the stairs." said the director.
Abby stifled a laugh and Tony ducked behind his desk so Director Shepard couldn't see him cracking up.
"I'm bored." said McGee.
"I know what we can do." said Tony.
He screamed as he ran down the stairs.
BAM! BAM! As he fell down the stairs. "I'm all right" he said

"McGee get down!" shouted Tony.
Gibbs was by the front door, Ziva was behind the van, Tony was behind two trees, Abby was in one of the trees, McGee was behind a barricade and the director was with Ziva. As Tony and Ziva threw snowballs at each other, Shepard threw at Gibbs. BAM! Ziva got hit square in the chest, and went down.