I've Made My Choice

Summary: Kai thinks about which team he should go on.

I've Made My Choice

I'm so confused. Where do I go? Who do I blade for?

It's not a question of who knows me better, because Tala wins that hands down. It's a matter of not letting the team down. I've never felt this way before.

I was a hot shot when I joined the Bladebreakers, hot tempered and hot headed. And I never saw it coming, that we would win the first tournament we ever bladed in. That was one of the happiest days of my life, even though Tyson would never believe that. I'm just a kid.

I was good when I joined. But I've gone downhill. Ever since I joined, I've been slipping and sliding. But now… I am bad. I'm only there because of the sympathy vote.

But with the Blitzkrieg Boys… I am better with them. I don't know why, but I have more confidence and I blade so much better.

Tala's known me all my life. There's nothing more I can say.

I feel like I've failed, by leaving the Bladebreakers. I feel like I've betrayed them. I stuck it out for two years, why does it become suddenly so unbearable now? Tyson and Kenny and Hilary didn't react the way I needed, when I was so cold, when I was so heartless. They mocked me, or ignored me. Tala and Bryan saw through my façade straight away. I was begging for help, but they didn't hear what I wasn't saying.

Bitterness and ignorance couldn't make me cry, but kindness could. The day I walked out of The Bladebreakers, and walked into The Blitzkrieg Boys' room, everything changed. Bryan and Spencer were blading, and Tala was coaching them. Nothing but words of praise crossed his lips.

A word of praise does more than a thousand words of criticism.

I walked in, and waited until the battle finished. Tala didn't seem to blink an eyelid, just told me to battle Bryan, so he could see how much I had improved. As I readied my blade, I also readied myself for the harsh words I expected to fall from his mouth. But I was in for a surprise. Every turn, every time I held back, Tala complimented me, saying that I chose that move rightly, or that my attack had got better. When I knocked Falborg out of the dish, I just stared at it, and then burst into tears. Tala and Bryan were so shocked, and they managed to stop my tears.

I'm sorry Tyson.

I've made my choice.


Hey guys, a bit more sombre than most of my works, but it suits how I'm feeling. I almost cried whilst writing this, please give me hugs!

I know precisely how Kai is feeling, and I promise I will write the next chapter of DOTD soon and I will update Bryan's diary with the next two entries. Review please.