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Chapter Two: Nonsense!

"Yuffie, I'm so glad your back!" Tifa exclaimed as Yuffie came trotting through the door of Tifa's home. After the battle with Sephiroth, Tifa and Cloud both decided to move back into there old homes to protect and help the people who live there today since monsters were still running around the general area. 'A noble thought as well as slightly morbid' Yuffie thought to herself. "Look there has been a change of plans and I need your help moving all of the decorations."

"What happened?" Yuffie asked as she helped herself to Tifa's fresh baked pastries that sat on her kitchen table. "You're not canceling are you? I can't make a journey back home so soon. My stomach wouldn't be able to take it!"

"No no, of course not! It's just that I realized that having it at my or Cloud's house wouldn't work because it's too small. I mean everyone from Avalanche plus the crew from Cid's ship and the Turks? There is no way that would work."

"I know how to fix it, just kick the Turks out when they get here!"

"Are you still mad at Reno for pinching you on the bum that one time?"

"Okay there is a BIG difference in a simple pinch and what HE did!"

"Oh Yuffie it wasn't that bad!" Tifa said giggling.

"He latched on to my butt with both hands and screamed, 'WELL AT LEAST THE TWIG GIRL MAKES UP FOR HE NO CHEST WITH HER DECENT ASS!' in front of every one! How was that 'not that bad'!?"


"Ahem so then what are we going to do, Boobs?"

"Well," Tifa said in a hushed voice as she sat down on the other side of the table. "At first I didn't know what to do. I thought about Red's home but I didn't think that it had a 'festive' feel. Also we couldn't have it on Cid's ship because you and Cloud both suffer from motion sickness. I started to think that I would have to cancel!" Then Tifa giggled to herself and gave yuffie a sly look, "Until you went to visit Vincent that is!"

Yuffie gave Tifa a puzzled look as Tifa continued, not noticing Yuffie's change in attitude, "Well when he called me yesterday I was so surprised?" Before Yuffie had a chance to even respond Tifa said "I told him my problem and he said he would help! I mean I never thought I would see the day that Vincent Valentine invites everyone to have the party at his mansion!"

For the first time ever Yuffie was speechless. And her eye twitched a little bit… That was also a first.

"I know!" Tifa exclaimed, "Here I was making the finishing touches on the banner for the party and suddenly my PHS rings! Well, I thought it was Cid saying he was done making arrangements for picking everyone else up. Imagine my surprise when Its Vincent saying he was coming to that party! Couldn't you just die Yuffie!"

And Yuffie did die a little inside.

"Wait," Yuffie said, "You're telling me that the vampire is letting people into his haunted house for a party."


"And this all happened because I visited him earlier today to invite him in the first place."



"Uh Yuffs are you alright?"

"Well… It was nice visiting you Tifa!" Yuffie said getting up and making a hasty retreat. It was at this moment Tifa had noticed something amiss. "I'll drop you a line when I get home. Sorry I couldn't stay or anything, bye!"

"Yuffie." Tifa stated in a deathly calm voice. "Did something happen while you were at Vincent's that you aren't telling me." Yuffie froze in her tracks a cold shiver running down her spine. She knew that tone, the tone Tifa got when she sensed good gossip. She also knew that there was no escape when she was like this. However that didn't stop Yuffie from trying!

She ran as if it was Sethiroth himself chasing her. Jumping over furniture and diving through the front door with Tifa at her heels. "Yuffie!" She yelled, "You can not escape me! Give up now and I won't revert to tickle torture!" Yuffie squealed in fright and ran to Cloud's house hoping he could protect her from the wrath that was Evil Tickling Tifa.

Yuffie burst through her leader's front door and froze in shock as she found Cloud fresh out of the shower with nothing but a towel hanging loosely around his narrow hips, his platinum blond hair still dripping wet and all around his face. He looked just as shocked as Yuffie felt, his glowing blue eyes going wide staring back at her and a slow blush gracing his cheeks and spreading through out the rest of his face. Like a chocobo in front of headlights… A sexy chocobo that's all wet and in a towel that if moved just a little…

"Caught you, Yuffie!" Tifa said grabbing her shoulders. "Hey, what are you looki…" She trailed off as she too stared very openly at Cloud. The blush that was on his face spread to his shoulders and chest and was gaining territory very quickly. "Yuffie! Tifa!" Cloud shouted trying to find something to hide behind. "Could you guys knock next time?" He made his way to his room quickly and the girls' eyes followed.

"Tifa…" Yuffie said in a whisper.

"Yeah Yuffs?"

"We need to get that towel."

"I concur."

Cloud made a very unmanly shriek as he ran the rest of the way to his room. Putting his full weight against his door and locking it as the girls pounded with their fist and kicked trying to get in.

"Come on Cloudy!"

"We only want a peek!"

"Well I think Tifa wants more then a peek!"

"Shut up and help me with the stupid door!"

When they did manage to break down the door Cloud was already in a pair of black pajama pants. Both girls groaned in defeat as he slipped on a white shirt and glared at them.

"What are you two doing here?"

Before Yuffie could start begging Cloud to save her Tifa said, "Cloud, we just wanted to tell you that the party has been moved to Vincent's house. So get a hold of everyone and let them know." As Cloud listened he also dried his hair with a towel. Now Yuffie had always thought that his hair was help up with gel. As she watched him, however, she noticed chunks of hair springing from his scalp. 'So that does that naturally?' she thought. Sure enough as he dropped the towel into his hamper his hair as it had always been if not a little messy, spikey and going everywhere.

With that Tifa grabbed Yuffie and guided her out of his home. "Now," Tifa said as she led Yuffie back to her home. "You're going to tell me everything that happened and why you don't want to talk about Vincent."

"And if I refuse?"

"Oh Yuffs," Tifa said with a sweet smile on her face. "You'll talk, in the end they always do."


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