( )- Means Spanish
/- english

Takeya looked around drifting from nowhere as he got to his apartment. He was dazed and rather sleepy after his job and didn't know if he wanted to eat then sleep, or sleep then eat. He clibed up the stone stairway and started to search his pockets for the keys.He was about to stick the key intop the door, but to his avail, someone opened it for him. "Takeya!" To giant breasts smashed into Takeya's face and he shoved his attcker off

"Ren! You gotta stop doing that when I get home!" Takeya's face is red and he was trying not to let anything perverted happen. He walked to a jar at the end of the room. The jar read When Takeya is A Pervert. He sighed and dropped in 10 yen into the jar and looked around the room, it was clean, and Ren was inside her room munching on a piece of melon bread.

"Ren forgot to tell Takeya that Miu will come to visit today." She said without giing a glance to him.

"So you cleaned up?" Takeya was suprised, especially since he was the one that usually did ll the cleaning.

"Of course, Ren must make it so that her master can live rather... comfy." She was still trying to get use to speaking Japanese and still had problems finding the right word to say. But the tone of her voice kinda scared him, almost as if it were more robotic than human, but he told himself that she wasn't human, she was what the Dears association called, a 0 number, a defective unit...

"So when is she coming over Ren?"

"Tomorrow..." She bit back into the bread and started to fold her school uniform.

"Thats kinda early." Takeya took a seat on his futon and watched outside the window.

"Ren thought that even though we are not having visitors,I should still at least maintain the cleanliness of our stronghold." Stronghold? Ha, she ure can't use the correct words just yet.

"Lets start on translating what Nita-Sensie assigned us." Takeya was horribly relunctant on the homework that she had assigned because he was still having trouble with it. Ren however could learn the words instantly if she had the correct books around her. I wish that I could do that.

"Takeya, I will take the reader #2,"she sat across from him, her hair tied around her back, she looked different.

"Alright lets just get this practice over with." Normally, I would never do this, but Nita- Sesnsie was gona have us speak in front of the class the next day, only during tests and oral stand-ups was where most ofours grades were based on.

"(Takeya, where were you last night?)" Her voice changed, andmixed with emotions, hitting the proper vibe for the situation.

"(I...I...I was out with Pedro and Mark.)"

"(Don't you love me though? I thought that I could suffice you alone.)" Takeya started to get worried, it was almost a good turn on, but he fought the sensation.

"(Sometimes I need to be alone with... The other goys? Guys.)" Takeya was starting to get rather frustrated and couldn't focus, he was busy looking a Ren and less and less at the book.

"(The guys doon't need you anymore... Only me.)" Ren started to unbutton the shirt that she was wearing and Takeya was wondering if he had fallen asleep.

"What the hell do you think you're doing!" Takeya backed away and was leaning to the wall.

"But thats what it says in the book." She crawled over to Takeya, and showed him the pamphlet. There in red words, added by sensei were, slowly unbutton shirt but if its has no buttons take off shirt slowly. That sex crazed teacher is gona get me in so much trouble!

"Don't listen to that!" He was looking back at the jar, he told himself that it wasn't his fault, and that someone had placed these fascinations upon his shoulder.

"Ren sense mix emotionas coming from Takeya." Ren wrapped her hands around his neck and he felt to soft bumps push his back and then he was shoved onto the ground.

"Ren I said never to do that!"


"Yfafa wreya ogahnda." Miu stood blankly at the door way and she shut it immediantly.


"I see, she told you that I was coming tomorrow." She stared heavily at ren Takeya felt nervous.

"Ren will leave for a moment, Ren will gather some melon bread at the bakery." Before Takeya could answer she was out of the room.

Things went silent. "Takeya..." That was one of the first times Miu hadn't called me by my last name.

"I would like to ask under your earth customs, if you'd escort me to the shcool festival."