ROCKY,ROCKY,ROCKY, the crowds cheer for an old man who is the champion of the B.O.P (Boxing for old people). Rocky Balboa champion boxer good when he was young good now. Clubber Lang (Mr. T) wants revenge on Rocky for beating him years ago he wants to take the title of being champion.

Rocky accepts the challenge and begins to train because he lost the eye of the tiger. Rocky get bored of training just a week before the match and becomes a couch a potato and gains an extra 70 pounds in a week.

The day has come for the fight and Rocky is chubby and out of shape when Clubber Lang is in the best shape an old person could be. Rocky begins to fight and punches Clubber in the face doing nothing to him. Rocky then get tired and falls asleep and falls on Clubber knocking him out because of his massive wait. Rocky was the champion of the fight.

The whistle screeched!

"Rocky is the champion" the referee yelled.

Rocky then went back to the couch to become a couch potato again. He kept gaining more and more weight because of the many fattening Italian desserts he ate. Soon he became really chubby. But all of his fans loved him still.

Rocky now officially retired from boxing and followed his life dream he made a Deli Shop.

He named his Deli the Italian Stallion. He sold liverwurst sandwiches and all his boxing fans still loved him and bought his sandwiches. Rocky now had more fans than ever! He had people who liked his boxing, he had people who liked his cooking, and he had people who liked his boxing and his cooking.

Soon later Apollo Creed opened a deli right next to Rocky. Rocky was angered he thought Apollo Creed was his friend now they were enemies. Rocky called Apollo Creed to tell him that he was mad that Apollo made a deli next to his.

" I thought we were friends you betrayed you are stealing my customers!"

" But it was my dream to open a deli and this was the only spot open I could use"

"Apollo you aren't my friend anymore you are now my sworn enemy"

Apollo and Rocky where now enemies...again...but now a new food joint will open and will destroy all the Delis.