"Clubber I challenge you to duel!" Rocky asked

'I love Yu Gi Oh let me get my deck!" Clubber lang said

"No a boxing match!" rocky exclaimed

"If you win you keep your McDonald's and if I win you have to move your location"

"Well you know I don't like boxing you humiliated me last time'

"Well I guess I'll close down your Micky d's"

"Fine I'll fight"

Rocky bought new gloves and beat up on the liverwurst thinking of his past days of glory.

Feeling strong now Rocky was in shape and ready to fight. Rocky was happy that he was back into boxing now both of his dreams came true. Rocky was ready for the fight Clubber Lang was madder than ever Clubber was pumped and wanted to pulverize Rocky so he could keep his McDonald's.

Rocky! The crowds cheered for Rocky as he stepped into the ring. Clubber throwing a few practice punch.

"In this corner is the Mighty Rocky Balboa!"

The crowd cheered at the sight of Rocky back on his feet the made Clubber furious.

"In this corner is the mighty Clubber Lang!'

The crowd booed at the sight of Clubber which made Clubber even more furious now Clubber was in a fit of rage.

Ding Ding!

The match started Clubber ran in and socked Rocky in the face. Rocky angered ferociously punched back. Clubber punched him across the face again Rocky unfortunately fell backwards and not forward.

"1, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10" the referee called out

Ding Ding!

"The fight is over The fight is over" The referee called out called out

"Clubber Lang is the Champion!"

Rocky heard this and broke his heart.