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Lark looked into the window, amber eyes wide, her entire face squashed up against the glass. "Raven, how about one of these? They don't look too expensive." Raven turned around, his black hair swinging.

"Lark, those are all used... you don't want a used persocom. They could have come from anywhere, even a... well, you know." Lark wrinkled her nose and shook her long, blue hair out of her face; a habit of hers.

"Well, they come with a user history, and I want one of them; the new style looks way too human."

"Fine. I hope they have good programs too. My little Lute-baby needs one for musical composition." The two opened the door to the small used parts store and walked in. They were on the hunt for a persocom for Lark, who was starting at Collegium in the fall, and would need a good one. Raven was Lark's best friend in the entire world, and he had agreed to buy her one because Lute his mini-com had insisted. In the store, Lark was searching through a pile of records, trying to find one that she liked.

"Hey Raven, what do you think; hair: white eyes: silver programs: cooking, cleaning, accounts pet care- oh wait. Says here it doesn't respond well to music; its last owner sustained several injuries after playing something it didn't like... why hasn't it been deactivated I wonder..." she trialed off and went back to her search. Raven cast worried eyes over the pile.

"I hope the manger doesn't mind his records like this. I don't think even a 'com could file it all anytime soon." A flurry of green braids popped out of his shirt pocket as Lute stuck her head out.

"I could! I'll put all of it back, master!" she cried, dancing around the pile, braids flying. She grabbed a file and staggered over to the filing cabinet. "Where does this one go? Wow, it goes all the way up there!" big silver eyes stared up the face of the four-foot high filing cabinet. "Master! Could you please lift poor little Lute up to the top?" she turned a sad, puppy-dog face over to Raven.

"Aw, Lute-baby, you know I could never resist that face. Why did I program it in to you?" grinning good naturedly, he lifted the mini-com up.

"Hey wait! I haven't seen that one yet!" cried Lark, snatching back the file.

Lute looked dejectedly up at Raven."Master, I have failed... please forgive me..."

"Aww... here. Put this one up there instead." Lark said, giving Lute a file she had already looked through, before opening the one she had saved. "Hey Raven, this one looks promising. Hair: white eyes: blue programs: instruments, music literature/ composition, cooking, cleaning... I love it! The only problem it seems to have is that its last owner died in a fire right in front of it and that seems to have upset its circuitry a bit... nothing that can't be programmed out of it or fixed." She looked up and grinned. Wrinkling her nose and shaking her hair out if her face, she said, "Lets go see what it looks like!" She rushed up to the front of the store, sending files flying. Raven chuckled.

"Seems like a dream come true for bards like us... Lute, why can't you have come like that?" Dancing black eyes grinned down at the mini-com struggling with a file.

"I came pre-stocked with lots of energy! Who needs anything else! Let's go see the other 'com!" Lute dropped the file she had and hugged onto Raven's hand, grinning up at her master.