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Chapter 3

Lark walked home into her small flat followed closely by the newly dubbed Lyr. The room was cluttered with music sheets and various bowls and cups. Down a small pathway lay an empty space occupied by a chair, stand, and violin.

"Sorry about the mess, it's always like this, but then you'll be keeping it right, so…"

Lyr grinned at Lark and surveyed the room. "As you wish."

Lark opened a door to reveal a small bedroom filled with more sheet music and a small flute. The only empty space was the bed. "This is my room… You don't have one so… would you mind the couch in the front room?" Without waiting for a reply, she whirled around and made her way to another door. "This is the dining area, kitchen, and door to the bathroom." She pointed to a small table covered in even more music, a stove, sink, and fridge, and an open door leading into an untidy bathroom. Lyr's eyes took in everything, although as Lark's direction pointed to the stove, his eyes flashed red for a few seconds before returning to normal.

"Sempai, what shall I do for you?" queried Lyr, as Lark maneuvered over to the fridge. Lark turned and looked at Lyr.

"Oh, um, well, do you want to settle in first, or do you want to just jump straight into working?" she cross-queried, looking at him strangely. As she was currently standing in front if the stove, and Lyr's eyes kept flashing red.

"Whatever you wish, Doctor, I am yours to command." Replied Lyr, before crashing down onto the floor. Forgetting the 'doctor' for a moment Lark rushed over.

"Oh my god, Lyr!" she quickly flicked the restart switch located in one of his molars. Lyr's eyes slowly reopened, now a very deep blue-violet. "Thank god! Do you know why you just crashed?" a worried Lark asked.

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