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Teachers Pet Chapter 2

"What a boring morning" complained Sakura as she sat down on their usual lunch table. "History and English and i already got told off".

Rika sat down beside her with a tray containing to cans of coke and two plates od salads "At least you didn't get detention!. My mothers going to have a right go at me tonight". She handed Sakura another plate of salad and sat the tray on the floor. "Fucking shit isn't it".

Sakura took a bit of her salad and loked around "It's school its suppose to be shit". She pulled out what looked like a bottle of water and was about to take a swig when she felt it leave her hand.

"Is this water?" said a voice. Both girls looked to see Chiharu smiling down at them. She smelt the water and frowned "Sakura this isn't water".

Sakura glared at Chiharu and snatched it back of the brown haired girl "Don't even think about saying anything" she warned "I need a drink ok?". Chiharu nodded and sat down as she watched Sakura down half the bottle of vodka. "Taste good".

"Sakura its only twelve you shouldn't be drinking" said Rika who also liked a drink every now and then but not as often as Sakura. She ignored the glare her friend sent her "Is it you're father again?".

"Don't fucking mention that man" She spat. Fujitaka Kinomoto was her least favourite person. Even though he was her father he was never their for her. He was always away on busy,only spending a few days a month in the house. It had been like that for the past two years ever since her mother and her older brother Touya had died in a plane accident. She spared a few moments to think about them.

Rika and Chiharu looked at each other and then at there foods. "Yo bitches" came Meilin Li's voice. Sakura smiled at the crazy bitch before them. Meilin was the toughest girl in Tomeoda. She had long raven locks and fiery ruby red eyes that could melt ice. She hated everyone except for her friends. She sat down opposite Sakura and pulled out a bottle of coca cola. "How was you're morning?".

"Lame, Got a detention already" complained Rika as she took a bit of her food. "Ms Adams is a fucking cow".

"Mine was ok. Wheres Naoko and Tomoyo?" asked Chiharu. Unlike Rika and Sakura who always ate salads, Chiharu had a plate of chips. "Chips taste nice today".

"Naoko's probably in the library drooling over that loser Thomas and Tomoyo's on her way now" Meilin answered as she waved a group of freshmans who coward under the glare she was giving them. "They fucking knocked into me before" she explained to the others.

Tomoyo walked over to the table carrying a plate of chips in one hand and was holding her mobile phone to her ear in the other. "No Eriol i would love you to" she was saying down the phone as she smiled at everyone before sitting down next to Meilin.

"She's so in love" said Sakura as she handed the bottle of 'water' to Meilin who smirked and finished it off.

"Taste good" murmered Meilin "Who's she in love with?".

Tomoyo had hunged up and turned to Meilin "His names Eriol Hiragizawa and he's a college student in England who i met two years ago".

Rika leaned forward "She fucked him as well".

"You go girl" exclaimed Meilin as she and Tomoyo high fived. "Its only Naoko left to lose it".Chiharu cleared her throat "Oh and Chi".

Sakura rolled her eyes and looked away when she saw Jessika, Rika's sister walk by. "Hey Jessika how's high school so far?" she asked the girl who was a younger version of Rika except she was smaller in a lot of places.

Jessika's friends were amazed that the popular girls were addressing them. Well there friend anyway. "Okay the new P.E teacher is so fine shame we didn't have him.
He's teaching senior maths as well".

All eyes were now upon Jessika and she could feel her cheeks heating up. "What's he like?" demanded Rika "Fucking fit?". Jessika nodded.

"Yeah baby we've got P.E next then maths!" said Rika to Sakura. "Fucking yeah!".

Meilin rolled her eyes "Lets go to the roof and have a cig or something" she said getting up and stalking off.

"Whats eating her?" asked Chi. Nobody knew.

After dinner Sakura and Rika got changed into a pair of tight black shorts and tight white t-shirts. It was the PE uniform which both hated and wore them a little tighter. They walked out, ignoring some of the looks other girls were giving them. When they reached Cho Yulan the school's slapper. She had perfect brown hair and ice blue eyes.

"Well well well" she said eyeing the two girls up "If it isn't Kinomoto and Tanaka" she sneered.

"Fuck off Yulan i'm not in the mood for you" Sakura said pushing past the girl "And don't start ok?". Cho frowned and turned to talk to her friends.

Mrs Tange walked over to the class off girls and put them into two teams to have a game of net ball. This was one of Sakura's favourite games but drinking that vodka at dinner had knocked her focus of a little.

"Sakura will you pay attention" yelled Mrs Tonge as Sakura missed another chance to score "Whats up with you?".

Rika looked at Sakura and then to Mrs Tonge "She isn't feeling well miss".

Mrs Tonge frowned "Go and sit on the benches then Sakura".

"Yes miss" as she walked over sat down.

She saw the guys playing football and wished she could join in. SHe was about to look away when something caught her eye. It was the boy from this morning. Syaoran palying football. She moved over so that she was a little closer and smiled. He was so gorgeous. She had to have him. She was so deep in thought that she didn't see the football rolling towards her until she heard Jake yell.

"Sakura pass us the ball".

She snapped out of her thoughts and smiled as she saw Syaoran strolling towards her. She stopped the ball with her foot and kicked it towards him.

Syaoran stopped the ball and smiled "Good kick" he complimented "Thanks" and he walked back to the lads.

After P.E the girls met up at break except for Meilin as she was in detention. Sakura was telling them all about Syoaran.

"He must be good looking to get you're attention Sakura" said Naoko "I mean you only go for the nice ones".

"Ni she doesn't. What about Jake?" said Chiharu only to get a glare of Sakura "Sorry Saku, he's not my type".

Sakura laughed "He isn't mine either but he'll do".

Tomoyo looked at her best friend "Are you going to ask him out?".

"Tomoyo" Sakura said suprized "I don't know him yet". She stood up "I'm going to the ladies" she mocked "See you guys after school".

When she came out of the toilet she bumped into someone knocking the books out of that persons hands.

"Geez" she groaned and gasped when she saw it was Syoaran "I'm so sorry" she said quickly as she knelt down to pick up what looked like maths books. "Oh do you have maths next as well?" she asked as she picked up the last one and handed it to him. "Only i hate it. I hope we don't have a wanker teacher".

"Yes i have maths next" he replied somewhat coldly only she didnt notice.

She looked at him with her green eyes "How is you're first say going?. Mine sucks i hate school i can't wait to leave it".

"It was ok i suppose" he answered wanting to get away "if you excuse me".

"i could help you carry them to where you're taking them?" she blurted out. She prayed she didn't sound desparate.

He looked at her with a questionling look "It's ok thanks. I will see you then" as he walked passed her not giving her a second glance.

She cursed under her breath "Sakura you idiot!".

She met up with Rika, Chiharu and Meilin for maths. Tomoyo and Naoko were in advanced maths. Meilin was dreading maths but wouldn't let the others see it. Sakura was whispering to Rika about her and what happened with Syaoran.

"He's so fit Rika i don't know what to do. He was kinda funny with me before".

"Well you did knock into him. Have you told Meilin?".

Sakura looked at Meilin in the corner of her eye "She's been a bit funny today. I mean its only thre first day back and she's had two detentions!".

They walked into the classroom and Sakura looked around for Syaoran but no sign of him yet. She sat down at the back of the classroom when the door opened.

"Good afternoon class i'm you're new teacher Mr Li".

Sakura who hadn't looked up looked at Meilin who was frowning. "Meilin whats wrong?".

Meilin looked at Sakura then looked at the front of the classroom "My brother" she whispered. Sakura faced the front and gasped.

Syaoran was the new maths teacher!