Chapter One

"You don't understand. It's impossible to live like this. I'm going mad."

"Oh no, I do understand. I have a horrible life as well, if you'll remember."

"No Myrtle, you don't have a life. You're dead."

"Humph. So I am. You're just like the other boys who come here and bother me, you know. They make fun of me and promise to visit but never do."

"Oh, just go swim in your drains Myrtle. Leave me alone for a bit."

"That's fine. I can tell when I'm not wanted."

"You're not wanted."

The ghost disappeared through the toilet with a wail and Draco Malfoy was alone. He was alone and the tears slid down his cheek unremittingly. Facing the mirror, he sneered at his reflection.

You see, Draco wasn't an unattractive boy. He wasn't too short or too tall. He didn't have yellowed teeth or strange, uninviting eyebrows. He was thin, blonde, and had sharp features that evoked resemblance of his father. He was smart, popular, and wanted by nearly all of the Slytherin girls (and boys) of his year. He was handy with a wand, quick witted, and graceful on a broomstick. All of this accomplishment and yet his reflection still made him cringe with dislike. Because despite all of his good qualities that made him commonly irresistible, there was still one person who wasn't impressed with him. The one person who Draco just couldn't stop thinking about.

The bathroom door swung open as Draco was in mid-wallow.


"Quite the operative word, Malfoy," came the voice attached to the most unwelcome of intruders. Catching the ginger-haired figure in the mirror, Draco whipped around, unsheathing his wand from his robes in one swift, practiced motion. The red head was already on him. Too fast.

"Expelliarmus!" he yelled, and Draco's wand, quite impressively, flew into the air. A few seconds later he heard the distinct sound of it splashing into one of the toilets.

"Why did you do that Weasley? Ah well. I suppose I can afford to buy a new, untainted one," Draco said, giving Ron his fiercest smirk of disgust. He fought back a grin when he noticed the tips of Ron's ears already growing pink with anger and/or embarrassment. "Accio toilet-drenched wand." The wand came floating back to him, careful to fly directly over Ron's head as an especially large drop of water fell from it. The smile became harder to fight as Ron's ears grew an even brighter shade of red. Draco clutched the wand in his hand, raising it eye level with Ron, who held his up as well. Then backed up.

"I won't jinx you if you won't jinx me, Malfoy."

"Who do you think I am, trying to make deals with me?"

"Well," Ron stammered. "I don't want a fight or anything. I just had to use the bathroom, you see."

"No one just uses this bathroom, Weasley. Why would anyone want to go with Moaning Myrtle around?"

One of Ron's eyebrows shot up involuntarily and Draco sneered at him. "Then," Ron ventured, "why are you in here?"

Draco had to do some quick thinking. Gratefully, he was an expert at such things. "Because, you filthy weasel, I'm on prefect duty and had something to attend to in here. Not that it's any of your business." He hoped this was good enough, but even as he said it, he knew that it wasn't. Ron lowered his wand and stuck it back into the folds of his robe. Then he softly tapped the shiny badge pinned onto his chest.

"I'm a prefect too, you know, and I never get caught up with Myrtle business. In fact, I try to steer clear of this hallway all together. Especially after second year when-

"Have you forgotten to whom it is you're talking, Weasley? I don't care about what happened to you in second year, though I could probably guess."

Apparently, Ron had forgotten he was talking to the person he supposedly hated the most at Hogwarts, and he immediately stopped and looked to the floor. "Just offering some advice. I'm gonna go now. Leave you to your, erm…Prefect Business." He turned to leave but then stopped, wheeling around to face Draco again.


Ron shook his head so his long, ginger hair fell out of his eyes and he shrugged. "You aren't going to jinx me when I'm walking out the door are you?"

Draco rolled his eyes and lowered his wand. "No." Draco reached in his mind for something clever to say to follow but he couldn't think of anything, regrettably.

"Right. Thanks then,"said Ronand in a rush of red and gold, he was out the door.

Draco turned back to the mirror, horrified to find a tear still clinging to the side of his cheek. He wiped it away with a finger and shut his eyes. He opened them when he heard an unpleasant moaning coming from one of the stalls. He followed the grotesque noise until he was face to face with Myrtle. She looked up at him, eyeing him curiously between her fingers.

"Is that the one you like, Draco?"

Draco leaned against the stall door and sighed. "Yeah. That's the one."