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Part 6

The conversation that evening at the dinner table was seamless, no thanks to Clark. He chewed each forkful of his meal thoughtfully as his mother and Lois conversed, giving him the opportunity to fret over his coming confession. Lois kept Lana's appearance at the Talon to herself and besides being slightly irritated when she arrived at the house, the confrontation did not seem to have left much of an impression on her. Clark's musing ended with dinner; forcing him to emerge from his internal dialog in order to do what he intended.

Once the dishes were cleared from the table he retreated outside, Lois quickly following after him. She found him standing at the fence near the driveway, staring out over the land he worked each day; something had changed in him between his visit to the Talon and now, resulting in a slow trickle of foreboding into her veins.

"What's wrong?" Her question cut through the fear and guilt that surrounded him

Clark stared at her for several long seconds, seeming to be contemplating her very existence. "Come with me." It was a simple phrase that carried more weight than any others she had heard. Taking her hand, he led her to his truck and took off for parts unknown.

Not five minutes later he shut the engine off, meeting her at the front of the vehicle and once more taking her hand. Lois hadn't spoken since her question at the farm, trusting that Clark would reveal his motives when he felt it was appropriate.

"Mind telling me what we're doing here Smallville?" Lois frowned at the still surface of water stretched out before them.

"I need to tell you something and I didn't want to be interrupted when I do." He sat down on a fallen log by the water's edge, pulling Lois down beside him.

"And we couldn't have gone to your loft?" Lois' anxiety began to build as she watched a sense of serenity settle over her companion.

"I used the loft to insulate myself; I don't need to do that when I'm with you." He kept his eyes angled toward the water, a smile playing at corners of his lips.

"Well now that we're here what's 'the something' you have to tell me?" She shifted her weight on the log, trying to find a position of comfort.

"For a long time I wondered if I was ever meant to find happiness. Even when I thought I was in love with Lana I was never truly happy with her." He confessed. "But then you came along and most of the time I just wanted to strangle you" he chuckled at Lois' sly smile "but the rest of the time….the rest of the time I was happier than I had ever been. I don't want you to think I'm pressuring you for promises of happily ever after because I'm not. I don't know where we're going to be next year or even next month but I know that I love you today and I'll love you tomorrow." He lifted his hand, tracing the outline of her lush lips, catching the single tear that escaped through a wall of lashes before it could mare her smooth skin.

Lois took a shuddering breath. "Okay, I wasn't expecting that." She attempted to laugh at herself but succeeded only in grimacing.

"Like I said, I don't want you to-" Clark was cut off as Lois swallowed his words with her mouth in a heart stopping kiss.

"You've been surprising me since the day I met you and you have no idea how happy I am that you're not pledging your life to me" she chuckled "because quite frankly I'm not sure I'm ready to hear that but I do love you." She captured his hand in her own, drawing it from her face and twining their fingers together. "More than I thought possible." She whispered, sharing another kiss.

They were lost but found; free falling but safe in the arms of the one they loved; hungry but sated; weak but made strong. They were in love.

"I have to tell you something else; something important." Clark pulled back, feeling every inch of space between them.

"You have Gonorrhea." She stated.

"What!" Clark pulled back to look at her.

"No?" she tilted her head "Chlamydia?"

"Where would you get the idea that I had Gonorrhea?" Clark furrowed his brow trying to read her expression.

"When we're together you're always careful of how far we go. The second we get a little too passionate you're cooling things off."

"You noticed that?" Clark blushed.

"It's kinda hard to miss." She ran a hand through his hair in the hopes of reassuring him. "I figured you might be scared about having sex because of some disease you were diagnosed wtih.

He sighed. "I don't have Gonorrhea but I'm starting to wish I did."

"Who wishes for Gonorrhea?" Both her eyebrows rose in confusion.

"What I'm going to tell you is kinda a deal breaker." His knee bounced up and down showing the first signs of nervousness. "I was born with abilities no human could possess." He continued when Lois' expression didn't change. "Because I'm not human; I'm Kryptonian." He waited a beat. "Say something."

"I'm waiting for the punch line." Lois answered expectantly.

"There isn't one. I know this is hard to believe but I'm from a planet called Krypton --- it doesn't exist anymore but before it was destroyed my parents sent me here, to Earth, so I could survive." Fear radiated off of him in waves, slamming into her still form.

"You're not making this up." Lois whispered. She pulled away from him, standing and taking a backward step toward the water. "This is what you wouldn't tell Lana." Everything was beginning to fall into place; lucky breaks, mysterious disappearances and the secrets Lana had warned her about. "Why me? Why now?" She dropped her eyes, unable to face the rejection rippling across his face.

"I'm not sure I can give you an answer that makes a whole lot of sense. It was just a feeling I got; the truth doesn't seem so scary when I'm with you." He wanted to retreat but knew he would stick it out. "I'll understand if-"

"Shh." She admonished. "I'm thinking."

Tree frogs chirped and water lapped at the jetting dock as Lois contemplated Clark's revelation. As each silent minute drifted by Clark felt dread tightening the noose around his neck. His relationship with Lois was at its end but he knew his secret would be safe with her; Lois was loyal to her very core.

"This is big. Really big. Wow. Okay….your parents? No wait, you're adopted so they're human, this is just….big." Her fingers sifted through her hair.

"I can take-" he tried again.

"What part of 'I'm thinking' didn't you get Smallville?" She glared. A few long seconds later she raised her eyes to his again. "So what exactly does it mean to be Krypt-whatever." At his blank look she huffed. "You said you're different. How? Cause from where I'm standing ya look pretty much like most people."

"I haven't encountered anything I can't lift. I can move faster than a bullet and catch them while I'm at it. I can see through most anything and heat things with my eyes. Here." He nodded to the sand next to her feet. Concentrating on one area the sand soon began to glow and when the smoke cleared there was a chunk of glass nestled amongst the tiny granules. "It means we could never be intimate." He blushed.

"I guess we'll have to figure it out as go." She shrugged.

"That's what I thought you'd – wait." He shook his head, sure he had misheard her.

"Don't look so surprised Smallville. I don't make declarations of love lightly; so the fact that you've got a few different chromosomal combinations isn't about it make me walk away." She kissed him to confirm what she was saying. "Like you said, we don't know where we'll be in a year or month from now but today and tomorrow I love you and being Krypt…"

"Kryptonian." He supplied.

"Right, doesn't change that."

Clark's smile lit the lake enchanting her with its sincerity. "Come on, let's go home; you've got to work tomorrow." He stopped her suddenly, his hand getting lost in locks of her hair as he dragged her lips to his, searing her soul with an imprint of his love.


It had been another long week for Lois; with Mrs. Kent in Washington again set to vote on the level of privatization of domestic healthcare, her phone had been ringing off the hook. The car ride back to Smallville had served as time to get into a heated argument with a member of the PR staff for intimating to the press what direction the Senator would vote on the issue. By the time she reached the Kent farm she was so keyed up that the day's fatigue melted away in favour of energized frustration.

"Hey, how was work?" Clark had left the barn when he heard her car approaching.

"You know those days when nothing can go right? This was the third one of those in a row." She sighed in dismay.

Wrapping his arms around her, Clark trapped her in a smoldering kiss. "Come on inside; you're probably hungry."

He pulled her along into the house, missing the dark flash of desire in her hazel orbs. She was most definitely hungry, but her pallet was not craving food. As soon as they stepped foot in the kitchen she made her move, claiming his lips with her own.

"Lois, what's going on?" Clark managed to get the question out around their kiss.

"I want you." She answered.

"You have me."

Pulling back Clark saw the desire pooling in her eyes. "No Clark, I want you." Her meaning was clear and very dangerous.

Putting some distance between them he shook his head, matching the shaking in his hands. "You know we can't. It isn't safe for you." Lois wasn't letting him get away that easily. "Do you trust me?"

"What? Of course." Clark was confused and trying to maintain the distance between them that Lois seemed intent upon closing.

"And I trust you." She moved faster than he anticipated and cut off his escape by cornering him by the stove. "Which is why I know you would never hurt me." She forestalled his argument by raising her hands. "But because I know you don't trust yourself I came up with a solution." She turned one of her raised hands to show him a gaudy looking ring on her finger. "If your…passions get a little out of control all I have to do is flip open the top on this ring and…well let's just say that Kryptonite is going to give us a sex life." She smiled.

"You had a Kryptonite ring made?" His eyebrows jumped with surprise.

"I'm very resourceful when I need to be." She shrugged.

"But Lois what if something happens before you can open that ring?"

"That's a risk I'm willing to take."

"But it's not one I am. Having you die during…" he made a few gestures, not able to get the actual word out "is not a risk worth taking."

"But what a way to go." She joked.

"That isn't funny." He pointed accusingly.

"Sorry" she appeared sufficiently rebuked "but that doesn't change the fact that you and I are going to have sex." She unbuttoned her suit jacket, letting it fall to the floor and in the next second she had pulled her shirt over her head. "I thought we'd be doing this in your bedroom but if the kitchen table's more your style, we can do that." She kicked off her heels.

"Lois? What's going on?" He swallowed the lump in his throat at seeing Lois clad only in her low rise dress pants and sky blue lace bra.

"Have you looked at yourself lately Smallville? You're one very sexy farmboy and I intend to have my way with you. Now strip." Her hands went to the zipper at the side of her pants but Clark's large hands stopped her from divesting herself of that item of clothing.

"You're serious." Clark concluded.

"What tipped you off?" She rolled her eyes.

"Lois I-"

"Hey." Her hands framed his face; he could feel the cool band around her finger. "We'll go slow. We can't live in fear of what might happen Clark. Sometimes you just have to take a chance.

She planted a series of kisses on his neck. He was struggling with the decision; she could see the war manifest itself on his face. Her tongue joined the battle, laving at his pulse, determined to win. His hands caressed her bare sides, drawing abstract patterns; his resolve was crumbling and Lois wasn't above taking advantage of his weakened state. She moved her hands under his t-shirt allowing her nails to rake over his smooth skin gently.

"So what's the verdict Smallville?" She whispered huskily against his jaw. "Kitchen or bedroom?"

Without uttering a word Clark led her up the stairs and into his bedroom, the summer sun kept the room bright despite the evening hour. He got rid of his own white shirt pausing to savor the taste of Lois' lips against his own. Seeing Lois preoccupied with touching the newly revealed skin of his upper body, Clark unzipped her pants and dropped to his knees while taking them from her body.

He took the time to lavish attention on her abdomen, his fingers traveling up her curves, cupping her breasts in his hands; his lips still distracted by the tanned flesh on her stomach. His arms wrapped around her middle, holding her to him.

"Tell me this is going to be okay." He pleaded; gaze alight with both concern and passion.

"This is going to be okay." She stated resolutely and pulled him up by his shoulders to seal the promise through a kiss. With amazing precision Lois had Clark's jeans at his ankles, waiting for him to shed his boots and socks to free them from his legs.

They fell on the bed together, Lois landing atop of him and straddling his hips. The light cotton of his boxers did nothing to hide his hard length from her notice; she ground against him experimentally and smiled when he groaned. She leaned over tasting the salty flavor of the skin of his chest, alternating between nipping at his toughened skin and kissing her way down his flat stomach.

Clark sat still no longer, nimble fingers sliding across the plains of Lois' back, unhooking her bra to free her breasts for further attention. She sat up, letting the scrap of material slid down her arms as Clark's eyes drank in sight of her form. He sat up with her on his lap, his right hand going to one naked breast while his mouth found the other. Lois tipped her head back at the sensation, giving him a better position at her chest. Taking a cue from her, he bit lightly at her nipple, soothing it with a lazy sucking motion. He pulled away only long enough to turn to the other breast and give it the same attention.

Without realizing how it happened, they were free of their underwear. The feeling of skin on skin was overwhelming and Lois had to sit back to once more get her bearings. Clark laid back on the bed at her silent insistence and Lois moved down his body until she was at eye level with his hard length. Deliberate fingers traced him from head to hilt, sending his hips flying off the bed, enjoying the feel of him beneath her fingers.

"Condom." She said.

It took a moment for the words to sink in and make sense. "I don't have any. I didn't think this was a possibility." She could see the devastation written on his face.

"Bedside table under the blank CDs." She told him, her attention once more focused on the rather large matter at hand.

Clark opened the drawer blindly and withdrew a package of condoms. "Where did these come from?"

"I put them there last week." She informed him with a cheek grin, reaching up to take a foil packet from his hand. She took out the condom but paused before placing it on him, grinning wickedly, she bent to place a kiss on the head of his penis; she took extra time to run her tongue along the underside.

"Oh my God." Clark's breathing grew heavier as she slid the latex over him. He needed to regain some control over the situation before Lois sent him soaring beyond the point of return.

Anchoring his hands on her hips, he flipped them around, settling Lois on her back in the middle of the bed and him between her thighs. Placing his weight on arms at either side of her, Clark looked down at the gorgeous woman lying before him. Despite both being at their most vulnerable neither had ever felt safer.

"You're the most beautiful woman I've ever laid eyes on."

He smiled at his lover, his lips journeying down the contours of her inviting body until they reached the apex of her thighs. His long fingers found her throbbing heat, ensuring she was ready for him; feeling great pride when he realized she was.

Clark slid back up Lois' body, the friction serving to excite both of them further. Their eyes met in understand; Lois witnessed Clark's shaking at the surreal experience and brought his head down to hers, lips and tongues dueling in a battle that was determined a draw before had begun. It was then she felt him move, sliding with one careful stroke inside her.

Neither moved. Both needing the time to catch their breath.

"I won't break. I promise." She whispered. "I love you."

Clark rested his forehead on hers. "I love you too."

Their kiss resumed and Lois wrapped her legs around his hips, changing their angle and urging Clark to move. They established a rhythm as Lois countered with every thrust of Clark's; time was suspended around them, pressure building to unimaginable heights. Lois could feel her climax beginning in the pit of her stomach, letting loose a flood of warmth from head to toe. She was adrift, lost in the sensation of Clark moving within her. He tensed above her, his own end near; just as she began to regain some sense she felt Clark spiral into his own pleasure filled abyss, taking her along for the ride once again.


It was the only thought that entered his mind.

This was better than flying.

"Clark?" Lois spoke softly to the incredible man laying on her.

"Hmmm." Was all he could come up with, his head resting against the side of hers.

"That wasn't me screaming was it?"

No response was forthcoming but she could feel Clark shaking up and down, sending pleasure once more coursing through her where they were still joined. When she shifted her head to look at him she could hear him chuckling.

"I knew you were loud but I never would've expected you to be so vocal." He said around his laughter. "We're just lucky our closest neighbours are a couple miles away."

"Oh God, I can't believe I did that." She covered her face with her hand while Clark shifted off of her and moved to lay by her side.

"It was definitely one of the sexiest things I've ever heard." He revealed, moving her hand from her face so he could kiss her. "You didn't have to use the ring." He noted with relief.

Lois bit her lip and pried off the top of the ring where a small dark green stone sat. "It's a good thing cause a piece of plastic wasn't going to do much to stop you."

"What?" Clark had recoiled at first when the ring was exposed but felt nothing emanating from the rock.

"Clark, I trusted you not to hurt me but I knew you didn't trust yourself so I rigged up this little prop to make you feel more secure. There was never a time when I thought I would actually need to protect myself so there was no need for Kryptonite." Her chest rose up and down as she tried to slow her heart. "I figured if you actually wanted to see it, it would be from across the room so you wouldn't notice the difference."

Clark stared at her incredulously. "I should be furious that you lied."

"But…" Lois smiled.

"But I love you too much for going to all this trouble for me."

"Well, I did get something out of it." She quirked an eyebrow at him.

"You're incredible." He ran a hand through her mused hair.

"I know." She winked.


A loud cheer went up in the stadium as the soccer ball changed possession on the field. The purple team began moving down the grass, heading for the net. A shot was taken but was wide; the goalie took the ball from the corner and kicked it back into play.

"You want to tell me how a youth soccer organization got use of the professional stadium here in Metropolis for a game?" Chloe climbed down to claim the seat Lois and Clark had reserved for her.

"Hey Chlo, glad you could make it." Clark smiled.

"Hey coz" Lois hugged her "and it's not just a game; it's the championship."

"I don't know how she did it but Lois pulled it off." Clark beamed at his girlfriend.

"I made a few phone calls; you'd be surprised how many people are willing to jump when I say I'm calling from the Senator's office." She smirked.

"Which one's Maddie?" Chloe looked out over the field as the young players ran from one end to the other.

"Number twelve." Clark pointed to the little girl standing in the middle of the field, waiting for the ball to be kicked to her by a teammate. "She's by far the best player on the team." He bragged.

"And I'm sure you're not biased." Chloe teased.

"Hey, I'm going to go buy a drink. You want anything?" He asked Lois, his lips pressed to her cheek.

"No, I'm good." She turned her head to kiss him, their tongues joining in the fun. They pulled away moments before their escapades became too steamy for public. Clark leaned in and whispered something in Lois' ear, causing her the laugh.

"Later." Was all Chloe could hear Lois say.

"You want anything Chlo?" Clark asked on his way out of the stands.

"No thanks." She breathed, feeling warm after simply watching the exchange between her cousin and friend.

"You guys look about two steps away from jumping each other right here." Chloe fanned herself in jest. "What happened?"

"Clark got over that pesky little fear of his." Lois' eyes twinkled in satisfaction.

"Which fear?" Chloe leaned forward, her eyebrows leaping to her hairline at the knowing look Lois fixed her with. "Oh that fear!...Really?" Her smile threatened to overtake her face. "So…."

"Coz, don't ask unless you really want to know." Lois warned with a sly upturn of her lips.

"Just answer me this – good or bad?"

Lois moved closer in order to whisper. "The only reason we're not hold up in bed this weekend is because of Maddie's game. But I'll give you three tries to guess where I'll be about an hour after the game and the first two don't count."

"That good!"

"Better." Lois' eyes glazed over causing a shiver to pass through Chloe's body.

"What's better?" And soft voice asked from beside Chloe.

"Lana hey, I didn't know you were coming?" Chloe shot a surprised glance at Lois, subtly telling her she hadn't invited her roommate.

"I know but when you mentioned you were coming here to meet Clark I thought I'd check it out." She avoided meeting Lois' stare. "So where is Clark?"

"Did you bring your boyfriend with you?" Lois asked with disinterest, her focus was on the field as Maddie had the ball at her feet and was about to pass it. "Yeah! Good work Maddie!" She cried a whistle escaping through her lips.

"Lex isn't my boyfriend." Lana stated vehemently. "We're seeing each other but it's not exclusive."

Chloe's eyes bounced back and forth between the two women as though she were watching a tennis match, although it was gearing up to look a lot more like a cage fight.

"Anything happen while I was gone?" Clark asked as he approached the seats

"Maddie made an awesome pass." Lois turned her eyes up at his voice.

"Clark, hi." Lana dropped her voice an octave, her eyes narrowing seductively.

"Hi Lana." He nodded to her, slipping past to reclaim his spot beside Lois. Since overhearing Lana's warning to steer clear of a relationship with him he had distanced himself from her. He hoped they could become friends in the future but the wound was still fresh so he stayed away. "I know you said you didn't want anything but you're going to end up taking mine so I got you one too." He handed her a drink.

"I thought you liked sharing with me Smallville." Lois grinned devilishly.

"I do. But I prefer to do our sharing in private." His eyes flash with dangerous intent.

"Smallville, where did this dirty mind come from?"

Lana stood at Chloe's side, mouth left hanging open. She was witnessing a side to Clark she had never seen before. Carefree and as close to deliriously happy as she thought a person could get. The only problem was that he was both those things with Lois; because of Lois. It seemed the book really had been closed on their relationship but perhaps there was still an epilogue to be written. She smiled at the thought and sat down to watch the rest of the game play out.

Maddie charged toward them after the medal ceremony, the gold shining brightly in the sunshine. Lois was the first to receive a hug, followed closely by Clark who scooped her up and swung her around.

"We won!" Maddie cried.

"Of course you did. You played great." Clark set her back down.

"I don't know how you made some of those passes kiddo, they were awesome." Lois encouraged.

"Some of the girls on my team are going to play indoors in the winter and Grandma said I could play too."

Chloe and Lana stood to the side watching their friends interact with the little girl. Despite having spent over an hour on the field she was still full of energy.

"Soccer's the best." She bared her teeth in a wide grin. "When I get older I'm going to teach your kids how to play." She told the couple.

"Our kids? You have something to tell me Lo?" Clark quirked an eyebrow.

"God no." Lois laughed, smoothing back Maddie's disheveled hair. "Years will pass before that happens Smallville; Maddie's just exercising her imagination." She made a grab to tickle the young girl.

And as she watched them, Lana realized despondently that no epilogue would be forthcoming. Clark was already writing his next works with Lois and it seemed that this one was fit for canon.

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