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Chap 1 Nobodies Could Feel Passion Too

Roxas stood transparent as he stepped out of Sora's sleeping form within his messy room. He stood up to be presented as a ghostly figure, his supernatural body becoming a whole solid body a few seconds later.

He kneeled down a bit to make sure Sora didn't wake up from the sudden separation. Seeing know signs of movement, but only steady sleeping breathes being taken, Roxas sighed in relief. In a few minutes he was to meet Namine at Destiny Island, as she will be separating herself from Kairi's body.

Roxas skipped over the scattered cloths and broken materials that were on the floor. He sighed to himself, "Sora's room is a total mess. It's like a tornado just came and turned everything inside out; at least my room back at Twilight Town was clean. How could Kairi fall for a guy like this?" Roxas went into Sora's closet and pulled out a thin sheet blanket.

He shut the closet door quietly, making a soft click sound. Roxas then skipped hastily to the door, opening it softly as it made a squeaky sound. He cringed, looking back to Sora's sleeping form to find him still asleep. He sighed again, "Man, what a heavy sleeper." Sora made a snort sound before Roxas stepped out into the night to meet with the girl who was a Nobody.


Namine had fully escaped Kairi's sleeping, peaceful form. She then waited a bit before moving to see if Kairi made any sign of any discomfort from her separation. She smiled, seeing that Kairi was still in deep slumber. She picked up a few small pillows in Kairi's closet soon after. Namine then looked out the window to see Destiny Island. Soon she was to meet up with Roxas there. She smiled, finally being able to see him again in person, and not through Kairi's eyes. Although she promised that as long as Sora and Kairi were together they would be together, they still didn't possess the physical comfort like their original selves had.

Namine slumped a little, knowing that after their night together was over, they still would end up needing to enter Sora and Kairi's body again. That thought made wet crystal tears to form in the corner of Namine's eyes. She wiped them away with the back of her hands quickly, trying to be positive. At least they can finally talk about everything tonight, just the two of them. No Sora or Kairi staying between from ever reaching to each other, or touching each other.

Namine stood awhile longer before she had the strength to go on and see Roxas. She didn't want to face Roxas with tears still visible on her face. Feeling fatigue, but determine, Namine finally stepped out of Kairi's colorful room.

She quirked a brow, "So many colors in one room. Why can't Kairi be simple with one color?" After hearing a loud yawn come from the mentioning princess, Namine stepped out of the room peacefully and quietly.

She walked down the smooth brown, dirt road of the island they lived on, carrying the soft small pillows close to her. There was large tropical flowers and leafs that surrounded her, blocking any detection of an intruder lurking in them. She made her way to the beach shore of the small, but quiet village.

She made it to the shore, but didn't see any signs of a spiky headed blonde with deep azure eyes anywhere. Namine pulled her dress down to sit herself down on the lush soft sand. She took off her light blue sandals putting them on the edge of the shore's waves when they pulled up. She shivered from the moist contact on her dry pale feet. After a few more minutes, she got use to the temperature and settled her hands on her knees waiting for Roxas.

She stared off obliviously into the distant where the small island was. She was in a trance, the comforting smell of salt water caressing her. Namine's eyes started to mist over, her eyes becoming darker than their usual light color. She was fascinated of the feeling she was retrieving from just sitting there.

Namine then remembered that she had brought her sketchpad, which Kairi happily kept herself for her. She shook her head, holding a hopeless smile, "He's late, typical boy." Namine for some reason could see in the dark, training herself to see through both elements of light and darkness. She didn't want anything to stop her from drawing down her thoughts, especially when most of her thoughts dealt with her and Roxas.

She started outlining the details of Roxas's face; she was being explicit as she could. She blushed though when she felt a very warm, yet soothing breath came across her soft delicate neck. She shuddered, feeling the person put his hands on her shoulders, slowly gliding them down her naked, but slender arms. He made her shiver in delight, earning him to grin in satisfaction. Namine whispered his name, trying not to moan, "Roxas…"

Roxas stopped at the end to her hands that were holding the sketchpad. He took the book out gently, observing the drawing of himself closely; her talent seized to amaze him.

He then turned the picture side to side, speculating it. Namine was confused, "What's wrong?" He smirked, "That's just it, there's nothing wrong with it. It looks exactly like me." He put the sketchpad down, giving Namine one of Sora's trademark grins, "But if I do this; I bet I look more like Sora, huh?" Namine almost cried from the sight. It wasn't even a joke, because after that, Roxas returned to his stoic expression.

Namine lifted herself up from the sand, not caring about the brown marks that were on her pure white dress. She embraced Roxas tightly, making their bodies merge perfectly together. Roxas felt aroused from the closeness of his body against Namine's, feeling the traces of her body curves upon his.

Namine held tighter, but didn't want to choke him so she lightened her grip on him a bit, not wanting to let go. She wanted to feel him like this for a long time, but couldn't because of the barrier that was between them.

Namine smiled, tears starting to sprinkle down her flushed pale cheeks, "Roxas, remember how I told you you'll be whole if you return to Sora." He placed his chin on her head, nodding lightly. Namine continued, "I know what I meant then, but I'm sorry if it hurts now!" She muffled a cry from what she said into his chest, not wanting him to see her tears.

Roxas was a bit taken back from Namine's outburst. He gazed down at the small girl he deeply cared for, praying to God that it was HIS feelings for her that was penetrating out of him, and no one else's. Roxas subconsciously kissed Namine's forehead, without giving it a thought of how vulnerable she was being right now.

Namine was surprised and heart-warmed from such action. She placed her hands on Roxas's chest, getting a good look at him while he did the same to her. She was a bit dazed from that one simple touch of his lips on her skin, even it was just on her forehead; it just seemed so unreal to feel such comfort and warmth.

She closed her eyes as she smiled brightly, opening up her eyes again with a sparkling twilight glow, "Roxas, right now, you're nothing like Sora. Actually, you never were Sora to me." Roxas placed his arms around Namine's waist, "And you Namine, will never be Kairi in my eyes." She blushed as she stepped away from the embrace, causing Roxas to be disappointed.

Namine picked up her scandals and held them in her left hand while the pillows under her right arm. She turned her gaze back to Roxas with a smile, "Come on. We did plan on going to Destiny Island tonight, remember?" She made her way towards Kairi's boat, leaving him behind. Roxas stood dumbfounded for a few seconds, before wondering what the heck just happened; but he shook it off and followed Namine into Sora's boat.

It took them a good ten minutes to reach their destination, stepping out of the small boats to tie them around the small dock. Namine ran towards the secret place Sora, Riku, and Kairi always played at and scribbled on the wall. Roxas close behind her, carrying the blankets while Namine had the pillows. They made it passed the crystal clean waterfall that shined with outmost beauty of the night.

They made it to the cave's entrance, checking in the dark path inside it. Roxas stepped himself in front of Namine, making sure there was nothing dangerous inside. Seeing that everything was clear, Roxas moved inside, motioning Namine with his hand to enter. Namine nodded in a wry gesture, following inside after him.

When they made it to the core of the cave, both Namine and Roxas were stunned to see the many drawings upon the walls. The drawings were mostly signs of their adventures. It was like Namine's drawings, but less detailed and chalked on.

Roxas spread the sheet open upon the soft ground, making a floating effect. Namine then placed the pillows to the sides of the blanket. Both them sat themselves down, taking the silence around them; besides the echo of the crashing waves from outside and trickling water from above. Roxas glanced his eyes around the crater, keeping his prying eyes away from Namine's ravishing form. Not that he mind looking at her sweet and slender body; her pearl white dress showing her loving curves that he craved to touch.

Roxas scolded himself, 'Stop it! I shouldn't be thinking about 'that' right now!' He had a frustrated look on his face until he heard Namine give out a light giggle. Roxas turned her way to see the drawing that Sora and Kairi drew of each other with the papou fruit on the wall.

Namine turned to Roxas, "It's really sweet. I kind of have the memory in my mind, but only pictures of you and me as kids writing on the wall." Roxas asked curiously, "You imagine it to be us?" Namine only nodded as her answer.

They could hear the sound of the waterfall echoing through the night from the small cave. Namine felt the trickling water drops from the ceiling come down through the cracks above. She shivered, feeling goose bumps appear on her skin. Oddly to her, she didn't notice it was making some of her more sensitive spots to appear on her chest. Roxas, though, caught notice of them and blushed furiously from the sight.

He looked at her bosom to her peaceful face, catching notice that her eyes were closed in an erotic manner. Roxas coughed, breaking Namine's daydream from the soft atmosphere.

She smiled, acting like there was nothing wrong; not knowing that she was making Roxas feel hot and uncomfortable right now. He tried to settle down his hormones, feeling a turn on coming from down below.

Roxas stared at Namine, a blush still visible on his face, "You know when you said that you thought all nobodies were doomed to fall into darkness. Why did you think that?" Namine looked at Roxas with a look of depression, "I thought that because we weren't complete beings with no emotion of the light, all the other nobodies were doomed to fall into darkness. The others reached their goal with such rage, anger, hatred, and envy…I could just go on." Roxas placed a hand on Namine's creamy shoulder, "Namine, but…" Namine cut him off with a smile forming her lips, "But you and I turned out different in the end, just like you said."

Roxas nodded and before he knew it, Namine started placing her back to Roxas's chest, sitting between his legs. He cursed within his mind, 'Dammit, doesn't she know what she's doing to me?' He cried out in aggravation.

Namine sighed uncomfortably, feeling something throbbing behind her. She whispered, ignoring the hard feeling, "Roxas, I wish Axel could have made it and found his original self like us. He helped us so many times." Roxas stood silent as he tried to settle himself down, trying to focus his conversation with Namine.

Axel wanted to be free and have his own heart and be with his original self, just like Roxas and Namine; but in the end, he couldn't. All he could do was be the best friend he could be for Roxas and Namine, helping them to be reunited with each other and their original selves. Roxas put his arms around Namine, as he felt her body begin to shiver, "Namine, at least he died with a heart; although, it wasn't physically there."

She calmed herself down, "I know, but still, he deserves another chance too." Roxas held her tighter, closing his eyes shut and taking in her sweet coconut sea scent. Namine closed her eyes, feeling Roxas's lips caress over her soft neck. She trembled from the light kiss, feeling herself become aroused with desire.

She spoke, feeling intoxicated from his touches and kisses, "Roxas, I want to..." Roxas knew what she was getting at. He lifted his head, "Sorry." Namine shook her head, "No, it's alright. You can't deny your feelings because of Sora's heart for Kairi." Roxas was shock from her words; this was a conversation he wanted to avoid.

Roxas took both of Namine's shoulders and turned her towards him with an annoyed look, "Don't say that! Don't you ever say that! I don't want to believe that are feelings are made of lies because of Sora and Kairi! And don't you dare say that we were never meant to exist!" Namine eyes opened widely, lips quivering from the volume of his voice and the distance between their lips.

She had tears coming at the corner of her eyes, "But Roxas…even with what you say is true…it…it …still hurts." She bowed her head down; tears came freely down her angelic face, "Even if we have this time together, right now. We will have to return to Sora and Kairi's bodies in the end. We won't be able to see, or touch, or talk to each other like real human beings. Even if we are whole solid bodies right now, I'll soon turn transparent again. We can't stay like this forever. We'll disappear like the others if we stay out like this for long. We need to be within Sora and Kairi in order to exist. Look!" Namine pointed to the little proof of her almost transparent hand.

Roxas only gave a dead expression as he placed his right hand on top of her almost cleared one, lifting it up to his lips and kissing it gently. At that instant, Namine's ghostly hand became a whole solid figure again. She was a bit shock and confused, not knowing how to take the phenomenon. She looked up at Roxas as he said, "Namine, as long you and me have these feelings for each other and remember how we remember each other; we won't disappear. I told you that before, didn't I?" Namine nodded, remembering his words back at the World that never was before they entered inside Sora and Kairi.

Roxas inched closer to her face, lifting her tender chin to face him and look into his eyes, "Don't make me think for a second that the reason I love you is because of someone else again." Namine's eyes blurred with tears from his words, sniffing from the confession. Her mind became blank when she felt Roxas's hungry lips claim her trembling ones.

She was vulnerable, he could feel it from her trembling soft lips, but she kissed back without hesitation. Namine moaned deeply, feeling Roxas force her down upon the blanket, lacing their fingers together and pinning her down. His wet tongue grazed over Namine's bottom lips, commanding her to open them and let him explore the sweet inside of her mouth. Namine shook underneath him, the action causing her to open her mouth a bit. She almost choked out a scream as that little opening was all Roxas needed to let his tongue enter her mouth's domain.

The kiss was intense; causing Namine to feel dizzy from the impact it was giving her. She could feel Roxas's erection growing and hitting against her thigh. She moaned in ecstasy. She could feel the wetness of their tongues escaping the side of her lips. Namine clamped her eyes shut when she felt one of Roxas's hands that were laced with one of her own go to the other hand, making his long fingers engulf both. With his free hand, he went under her white dress, snaking its way up to her right breast. Roxas practically had the dress ripped, considering the tightness it had on her body, but he made it there and went under her bra and started to massage her breast. Namine wanted to scream from the pleasure he was giving her.

Roxas finally let go of Namine's bruised lips from their heated dancing tongues. He trailed down butterfly kisses down her chin to her neck and started suckling on her sensitive spot. Namine moaned out Roxas's name, making him smirk from her soft cry.

He then trailed down kisses to her shoulder, to her shoulder blade and then, to collarbone, suckling each precious spot as possible. Roxas fumbled with Namine's left breast giving it a rush yet gentle massage like the other one. Namine squirmed from the touch, wiggling underneath Roxas. It was driving her crazy and to the edge of insanity. Roxas grinned, kissing the end of Namine's neck as he felt her breast perk up more from his touches.

His kisses lead him to the bottom of Namine's neck, pressing a gentle kiss upon the skin. He let go of Namine's hands automatically, making her rope her hands around his neck. But that didn't last long, as she started to undress him, starting from his short-sleeved jacket. Seeing signs of Namine taking off his jacket, Roxas stopped teasing her breasts, leading his hands down to the end of her dress and lifting it up. Namine froze from this, feeling her dress rise up to her face. After awhile, Namine's dress was off, revealing her with nothing more then a baby blue color bra and underwear that matched.

Roxas sat up to have a good luck of his angel's body. Her slender curves were better than he imagined it to be. Namine's face turned crimson from Roxas's intense lustful gaze. She was feeling nervous that he didn't like what he saw, but Roxas mounted on top of her again, making her hands lift in fear a little as he smiled at her, "Don't worry, you're perfect; my perfect, Namine." He once again claimed Namine's lips, lifting her body up a bit to arch her chest into him. Roxas took this opportunity to send his hands to the back of her bra's clip. Namine gasped in their kiss when she felt the bra being unclipped. Roxas took the bra and slid it through Namine's arms, showing her breasts out in the open.

Namine heard her bra being thrown to the side as Roxas pushed her slowly back down. While that, Roxas started unzipping his undershirt, revealing his growing, but slender muscles. Namine couldn't resist as she glided her hands over his torso and chest. Roxas groaned deeply from Namine's soft, smooth nails trialing over his hot skin; bringing forth swirls of delight inside him.

Namine moaned loudly as she felt Roxas's wet tongue slide down her neck, to the center of her rounded breasts. He looked at Namine's perked breasts, grinning as his left hand teased with her right breast. He played with the tip of the nipple with his fingers, his tongue swirling around the other. Namine grasped onto the thin quilt underneath her, making it wrinkle with her grasp as she moaned louder. Roxas licked the perked nipple with his tongue, going back and forth in a soft pattern. His left hand rubbed the left breast with tender swiftness, having more access to them than before.

Roxas finally decided to open his mouth and sucked on her breast with gentle stroke with his tongue. Namine bit her bottom lip, making it bruise a bit from the suckling movement of Roxas's mouth on her breast. He sucked harder and faster, enjoying the taste of it. The tip of his tongue fiddled with the tip within, making it wet with his saliva. Namine began to have sweat drape over her soft-pedaled body. Roxas bit the tip lightly; his teeth grazing it, making Namine cringe and shout. He then switched breasts giving the other one the same treatment, while the other was wet and red from his tongue and bite marks.

After awhile with playing with Namine's breast, he gave both breasts a firm squeeze, enjoying the texture of them under his large hands. The fact that they fitted perfectly in the palm of his hands made him grin even more. Roxas looked up at Namine's flushed face, her eyes showing pure ecstasy. He climbed over her, kissing her gently and slowly to calm her down a bit. Roxas's chest was smashed together with Namine's still aroused breast, feeling each other's heart beating with haste. Roxas kept kissing Namine, trying to keep her preoccupied as his right hand glided over her slim curves, to her underwear. He smiled between their kiss, entering his hand under her panties. Roxas's hand stopped by Namine's erect clit. His kisses led to Namine's neck, her legs wrapping themselves around her waist; her arms and hands in the meantime, laid across his smooth, but strong wielded back. Namine cringed and grasped tightly around Roxas's neck, feeling the sudden sensation of Roxas's fingers entering inside her most sacred area.

Namine screamed loudly, but only caused a muffled scream as it was covered from Roxas's shoulders. She gave out silent cries as Roxas entered his fingers in and out of her. Namine pinned her nails down onto Roxas's back from the pain, feeling pleasure at the same time. Roxas didn't care of the pain he was receiving from his back, he still continued thrusting his fingers in and out of her. At first, he started it out slowly, but when he heard Namine start to scream his name out in pleasure, Roxas's quickened the pace. Namine felt herself climaxing, "Oh God, Roxas I'm…. I'm going to…" But it was too late. Namine's feminine juices exploded on top of Roxas's fingers, making her shiver from the release.

Namine looked at the scratch marks on his back and gave an apologetic expression, "Roxas, I'm sorry." He shook his head, "No, it's alright." He took his fingers out of her wet panties. He licked the juices off his fingers one by one, enjoying the taste of her, "Namine, you taste so good. Why don't I explore more of your taste?" Namine didn't need an explanation from Roxas's hint. She felt Roxas's hands on the edge of her underwear strap, pulling at the strings. Roxas kissed Namine's forehead as he pulled down her last clothing piece.

After he took it off, he threw her soaked panties to the side with the rest of their clothing. Roxas trailed down kisses, starting from between Namine's breasts, to her creamy stomach, to the nest of blonde curls. Roxas took in the sweet scent of her clit from the last climax she just had; planning on giving her another one. Roxas kissed the sacred place, causing Namine to close her eyes shut from the contact. She took one of the pillows letting out a soft scream within it; but Roxas quickly grabbed it and threw it to the side, wanting to hear her sweet cries for him.

Roxas then licked the sensitive spot slowly, very slowly. Namine felt her hair bangs stick to her forehead from pure sweat, biting down her lips to muffle out her screams. Roxas licked deeper within her, picking up the tempo by licking the sides of her crater. He licked away the remaining juices from before, lifting her thighs up with his hands. Namine helped by arching herself into him, her hands finding his head and grasping his wet blonde mane. Roxas continued to lick deeper and faster until he reached the deepest he can go. In a mad rush, Namine felt like she was going to climax again. She screamed, "God! Roxas! I'm…" this one came faster then the other one. Namine's nectar rushed out of her and into Roxas's mouth. He was satisfied with the amount he was given with, taking everything into his mouth. Roxas's licked his lips of Namine's sweet tasting, slurped up the last bit that was dripping.

Namine's chest roused up and down heavily. She was out of breath, but Roxas wasn't done with her yet. Their next step was their final step to nirvana. Namine looked down to see Roxas's erection. She was scared of its size, but she wanted him. She wanted him inside her, and if only she knew he wanted to grant that to her. Roxas bit his bottom lips as if preparing himself. He looked down at Namine for reassurance. Namine lifted herself up claiming Roxas's lips with her own. She had a good taste of her syrup that was still on his lips.

Namine started unbuckling Roxas's pants, feeling that he couldn't coop up his erection any longer. He helped by taking off his shoes, throwing them away carelessly. Namine dragged his pants and boxers down, revealing his well-grown staff, pleading to be inside her at last. Namine touched the tip of his member with her delicate fingers, causing Roxas to moan out her name. Namine threw Roxas's pants and boxers to the side as she led him down on top of her, her arms lacing themselves around his neck. She spread her legs open for him, waiting for him to join with her. Roxas's settled himself between her legs, their bodies glued to one another.

Roxas looked down at Namine, making sure she was all right, "Namine, are you sure? I mean, this is both of our first time and…" Namine shushed him, putting her index finger to her slim lips to signal silence, "Yes, Roxas, I'll be fine. I know it will hurt, but this is something I want to experience with you… I mean…" Roxas kissed Namine to quiet her nerves, "I know what you mean." He continued kissing Namine with light kisses to settle her tense body. She said she was fine with it, but he could feel the tension in her muscles. Soon Roxas prepared to enter himself inside her, placing his tip at her entrance. Namine grabbed onto Roxas, feeling the tip of his member grazing over her in anticipation.

Roxas started entering slowly inside, Namine squinting from the sudden intrusion. She produced loud cry as she felt Roxas pull himself back, slamming his entire member into her, causing her hymen to rip apart. Namine closed her eyes tightly as she started to cry warm tears from the pain. Roxas kissed her shoulders and neck, rubbing his hands against her arms to calm her down. Namine whimpered, her tears drowning her, "Roxas, it hurts…it hurts so much." Namine could feel the blood seeking out from the ripped skin. Roxas tried to slow it down, "I know Namine, I know, just hold on a little longer and then it'll be over." Roxas felt like crying, hearing the girl that he loved more than anything cry from pain he was causing her. She was so fragile and he felt like she could shatter at any moment if he kept going. Roxas inched forward a bit more, until he was finally at the end of the peek.

Roxas kissed the top of Namine's head, feeling her settle down from her cries. They took a moment to let the pain subside. Namine then nodded her head, motioning him to keep going. Roxas nodded against her, slowly starting trust inside her. Namine started to moan, "Roxas, Roxas…." He kept going with his slow pace, not wanting to hurt her anymore, but Namine embraced him, whispering into his ear, "It's okay, Roxas. You can let go." Roxas was unsure for a few minutes, still willing to be slow for her. Namine whispered again, kissing his ear, "I'll be okay, don't worry. I want this with you Roxas. If this is the only time we'll get this moment, I want to feel you." Roxas smiled warmly, complying with Namine's wishes. He started to pick up the pace, thrusting in faster and harder within her. Namine arched her back into him, putting him more inside her. Soon, Namine and Roxas were following each other's rhythm, keeping each other in sync with the other. They kept the motion in a symmetric form, wanting to feel complete. Namine moaned out louder from each thrust, repeating Roxas's name with each higher vocal than the last.

Namine could hear the echoing of their moans and screams throughout the cave. She also felt the blanket under them become damp and wet from their sweat, the sound of their smacking flesh from each thrust echoing in her ears. Roxas yelled out Namine's name in a moan, feeling he was about to release. He was at the edge of his climax, as well with his Namine, feeling her walls engulfing his member in a fierce grip. With one last thrust; Roxas released his sperms within Namine, traveling inside her womb.

Roxas collapsed on top of her, trying to get air back into him. They were both covered in sweat, hair damped to their foreheads and covering their eyes as they heaved together. Roxas kissed Namine preciously as she stroked his wet hair through her slender fingers.

He smiled, "Namine I'm glad, I'm glad that we finally had let our feelings out like actual beings." Namine kept stroking his hair as she looked at him with pure ecstasy of love, "I am too, Roxas. And, I'm sorry for having any doubts of our feelings before." She placed her hand on her rapid beating heart. Roxas laid his head there to hear her heart racing with his own.

He heard Namine whisper with no fear, no doubt, or uncertainty, "Roxas, I love you. And I know now that it isn't because of someone else's feelings for another. I really do love you." Roxas smiled in bliss, "Finally, you realize that." Namine gave a light laugh at his words. He pulled half of the blanket over them to get some sleep after their passion.

Soon the lovers fell into deep slumber in each others arms; the aftermath of their love making sweeping over them in the cave, proving that nobodies could love emotionally and make passionate love physically.

End Chapter

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