New Author's Note: If you haven't noticed by now, I become very productive in the DA world when I'm procrastinating doing things in the real world. Started this awhile ago and decided to complete it last night. Same comment that's going in everything else, nothing special, no major moosh or fluff (both of which I've never gotten an exact definition for btw). This is just a random thought.

Old Author's Note: So it's been discussed numerous times over on DAR and it's one of the best 'what ifs' in DA, also the 'wonder why's' to some others. The wonder why is, at the end of 'The Kidz are Aiight' as Logan falls shouldn't Max have heard something 'off.' I'm not questioning that though. I'm simply doing a 'what if' she'd turned around just a few seconds sooner. Logan when left to his own devices becomes too self-involved, he needs the outside force of Max or some other crisis to take him out of pity mode. After all you can't worry about yourself when you're worrying about others…

Falling In

"Gonna have some Poulet Chez Cale," she said grabbing the wrapped green plate that held the sliced remnants of the chicken she'd seen raw twice the previous day. "Some leafy green stuff," her smile continued as she grabbed the Tupperware container. Her head popped back to see if he was smiling at her comments.

Her face fell as did everything else as she saw just his head. One hand on the wine rack, the other on the island.

" Logan," her voice began calling out was she was running, but hadn't yet finished by the time her arms went around him, underneath his arms pulling him up.

"I'm fine really," that very male 'nothing can be wrong with me' voice informed her.

"You're not fine," her voice raised several desperate octaves that always reminded her of a whiny child afterwards.

She pulled him around the island; his feet dragged do to the differences in their height and deposited him on the stool.

"I'm fine," he once more reassured with attitude and she caught sight of his tense jaw as his eyes betrayed him once and flickered down to the legs that had just suddenly stopped.

She stepped back and harshly, but desperately ordered him, "Move them," as her eyes moved between his and his legs.

"Max," his voice still firm

"You can't can you?" she swallowed hard.

He remained silent and trapped in the seat, unable to walk or even wheel away.

"You know what, no biggie," she shook her head. "Just means you need some more revved up supergirl in you." She walked away, past him, heading towards the bathroom.

"Max," he called out after her, unable to chase as he had earlier. He swallowed hard and stared down willing them to move.

She continued uninterrupted, "Kendra's always saying guys need to get in touch with their feminine side, this just proves her right."

Please dear God, just move, just move, he willed down to his feet. Oh thank you god, thank you god, he closed his eyes and let out a sigh as his head fell back after seeing a black shoe kick out.

"Pop you full of a little Manticore Miracle," she said walking back out with her hands full of tubing.

"I'm fine now Max," his voice held some slight relief, but remained tense.

She dropped everything behind him on the island before moving around to see for herself.

"See," he tapped his foot onto the metal pole, "must have just gone to sleep." He looked up with a smile she could tell wasn't quite real, meant either to reassure her or get her out of his hair. "Guess there are still a few kinks to work out. I probably shouldn't have given up the cane so soon."

She shook her head, "You couldn't walk Logan." His legs hadn't even pushed off the ground as she pulled him.

"So I'll stand slower next time," he pushed himself up with one hand and hoped to god his feet would be there. "See," he said with a another smile and an inward breath of relief, "I'm fine."

She shook her head, her face expressionless, "No you aren't."

"Yes I am," his eyes bore down. His height apparently gave him the equivalent of beer muscles.

"Don't tell me what I saw Logan, what I felt, you are not okay," there started to be a quiver in her voice that she couldn't control and she felt tears start to form, she had to move before he saw them. "You will be though," she said passing him to grab everything necessary.

His hand reached out and instead of the door this time it was her arm he went after. Not tugging, but holding her, stopping her.

She felt the tears grow heavy in her eyes; soon they'd have no recourse but to fall.

"Max," his voice softened.

She looked up and seeing his face caused the blink that sent tears streaming down her cheeks.

"Hey," his arm this time tugged her to him, pulled her in close to his chest unable to stand her crying.

She went willingly and burrowed into his light sweater.

His free hand went to the back of her curls and he found himself dropping a kiss down to the top of her head. "It's okay."

She shook her head and pulled back, turning before she had to look at him again, "No it's not."

"Yea it is," his hand once more returned to her arm, refusing to allow her to escape.

"Yea Logan," she nodded as she turned back to him, hard and unmoving she failed at conveying as tears still threatened to brim, "you lose your legs because of me a second time, but everything will be okay."

"Funny I could have sworn it was Bruno holding the shotgun and I'm not losing my legs, I lost feeling for a few seconds Max, that's not exactly surprising considering of how long it took me to get them back. An unexpected quirk, I thought I had full sensation back, obviously I was wrong."

She shook her arm free, "Which is why we're going to transfuse you."

"We can do that later," Logan said with another step closer as he clamped his hand down over the piping she went to lift.

She looked up annoyed, like that would slow her down.

"I'm fine Max, you however are another story."

"How about we don't focus on me, you lost your legs last time because I was being a selfish brat, I'm a big fan of avoiding that this time around," with a quick move Logan's grasp was removed and everything was once more in her hands.

"Yea," he nodded, "real selfish Max, a stranger comes up to you, holds your past over your head and asks you to put yourself in the line of fire for more strangers, risk bringing attention to yourself after spending your life trying to stay under the radar…"

"Yea well I'm not going to stand idly by this time when I can do something."

"Max," how many times tonight was he going to have to say her name?

She looked up with harder eyes than she'd been able to muster in the past few minutes, "Aren't you the guy who thinks the biggest atrocity in the world is those who can standing back and doing nothing? I'm just trying to live up to the high bar you set, oh great and powerful Eyes Only."

"Did something else happen tonight Max?" he questioned knowing that all of this couldn't be over what was probably a fluke, had to be a fluke.

'I think I'm scared out of my mind,' her eyes held onto his.

'I shaved my legs'

'Forgot how to get to work'

'I'm scared to death something's actually wrong'

'That chair will always be around to remind you that I failed you.'

"I just want to get this over with Logan," she lifted everything to remind him of her purpose. "Don't want to worry about your legs conking out in the shower."

"I'll sit," he said simply and continued to study her.

She glared.

"My legs are fine and are going to stay that way. Even if they don't, it's not your fault."

"Can we just do this?" she continued to look annoyed.

"Not until you tell me what's wrong?"

Was he seriously that dense?

"Max," her name repeated.

"Fine," she cocked her head, "not like I was doing this for me." Her arm pulled out of his grasp and everything was dropped down on the counter.

He shrugged it off, "Why don't I see about finding out what survived the fall?" he ignored the attitude and turned to the fridge.

"Don't bother I'm not hungry."

He stopped and his head took a harsh slow shake before he turned, "See so then I know something's wrong."

"No I'm fine, you're fine, everyone's fine."

He let out a long breath and he started walking towards her again, this was starting to get old. "You're going to have to help me out here Max because I have no idea what's going on with you."

"Well I'm not the one who was doing pushups on my kitchen furniture five minutes ago and acting like everything's fine."

He just looked at her.

"You know what?" she said with a shake of her head, "Forget it, I've had enough drama for the night." Fuckin males. Light haired, light eyed males in particular.

For the second time that night he was chasing after her, hand on the door, but she was looking up this time with tears waiting to fall again.

"I don't know what you need me to do," he admitted looking down at her, hating himself for causing her tears.

"I need you to be okay Logan,"

"I am okay Max," he promised as he once more couldn't help, but pull her in to him. "I'm okay in every way that matters," he whispered into her hair as her arms desperately held on to him as the unconscious realization started to slide over him that he wasn't lying.

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