Kay so some of you should just stop at the last chapter if you liked a nice happy ending. This is the ending I intended for this piece; however, it is missing several chapters in between.

All you need to know is a couple weeks have passed, due to the extra infusion(s) Logan's legs lasted a bit longer, Vertes was dead before Logan sought help. ML's relationship continued smoothly and happily, however they've just returned from a trip to the cabin, which was the final trip for Logan's legs and Logan's well…Being Logan :-P (as in more distance as it progressed).

Pride Before the Fall

She simply looked at him as he pulled up in front of her building. He'd never asked the question of where she wanted to go, but instead drove straight there, ignored Max's look as he made the first turn that signaled their destination.

She kept expecting him to correct it, maybe 'expect' wasn't exactly the proper term, she kept hoping he'd correct it without her having to say anything. She would have thought that the past four days would have proved something to him, but she was wrong. Apparently nothing she said or did would convince him that being paralyzed and them being together weren't mutually exclusive. Tossing the baby out with the bathwater, she thought with a wry and bitter shake inside of her head.

"I've got a lot of work to catch up on," his voice was kept even, casual as if this were nothing out of the ordinary and he wasn't kicking her out of his life.

No actually, she realized, not out of his life, but bed. Out of everything personal, everything that mattered. She knew him. Knew that he wouldn't shove her out of Eyes Only unless he had no other options to make her get a hint. He'd be cold and cool until she moved on, if she didn't give up he'd grow cruel and hard.

Her head shook as she looked at him. The face, the arms, the body of the person she'd fallen asleep with every night, the person she'd awoken with almost every morning for weeks. He was hiding behind a façade of indifference. A short puff of air left her as she realized he was really going to let her go, that he was really telling her to go.

"Think about what you're doing Logan before it's too late," she kept out the hurt as she kept her voice as cool as his.

"I'll see you later Max," was his only response that caused her to not hesitate a second longer as she got out of his car and allowing the door to slam causing him to wince.


The penthouse was dark and still as she slipped into it. She'd lived with doubts and questions her whole life. This wouldn't be one of those. She'd had enough, her quota was filled, hell it had been brimming for the past decade. She wouldn't allow this to slip away because of fear or pride.

She'd read enough of the classics late at night as the world slept to know that every hero's downfall was their pride. She wouldn't allow that to happen to either of them.

She'd stay until it hurt so bad she couldn't breathe and then she'd figure out how to suck it up and stay longer.

He remained asleep as she entered the room. Flat on his back with the shades drawn shut. She'd awoken every morning with him to the sun or at least the stars or lights of the city. They'd never remembered to pull the shades.

He wasn't on his side now awaiting her return as she'd seen every night she'd snuck out of his arms. Simply on his back, nearly lifeless except for the slow rise of his chest with breath, just as he'd been in the hospital.

She stepped further into the darkness as her eyes continued to remain focused on him. Without pausing to think further she started to strip.

Sneakers first…Easily kicked off.

Followed by socks.

The button of her jeans and down went the zipper before she shoved them down.

Sweatshirt over her head.

She paused at the tee-shirt wondering if she should stop there.

No. She wanted him to feel her. Her skin, her warmth everywhere he still could.

So off went the tee-shirt and the bra.

She looked down at the dark purple scrap of purple left covering her before deciding with a shrug that she might as well lose everything. Who knows, might turn out better than planned…

Her movements feather light as the sheets raised up and she slid in with him.

She didn't sigh or do anything that might risk waking him as she gently rested her cheek upon his shoulder, not caring about the odd angle she was at, just wanting to feel them touch once more. She let herself relax as she felt his steady breaths continue, realizing he'd grown accustomed to her presence and movements with the past few weeks.

A trace of a smile passed her lips, but she was too wound up to sleep. Tears threatening to brim with every passing breath as she wondered if it would be the last she'd feel before the fighting would start.

Seconds passed, followed by minutes. She didn't know how long she'd been there, left alone with only her thoughts and the alarm clock out of sight, as his arm started to move. She tensed for a moment before shifting with it, allowing it movement. It stretched out underneath her, allowing her a space cradled next to his body before it came to rest gently upon her side, a quick stroke his hand against her skin before it went still again with a contented sigh from him.

She allowed herself a slightly deeper breath before she settled back into his pattern. Her face resting on his chest now as her leg covered his, a hand rising and falling along with her head with their synchronized breaths.

She let herself drift off then. Secure once more in the knowledge that despite what he might say or do that this was where he wanted her.

There'd be hell to pay in the morning, but not now.

For now it was just them.