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Chapter 1

It was night time, and the full silver moon hung mysteriously overhead, casting pale rays upon the ground. It illuminated many dark streets and alleys in the small ninja village known as Konoha. It was spring time, the midnight air chilly, but not unbearably so. Leaves flew with the wind and the soothing sound of slow moving air dominated the night as much as shadows.

A small boy, no older than seven walked silently down an empty street. He was small and utterly chibi-ish. He could easily be mistaken as an innocent angel, with his golden colored hair which shot up in a halo of spikes, his crystal clear blue eyes that shone with an innocent light, and his rich and tanned skin. His name was Uzumaki Naruto.

Naruto was an orphan, knowing neither his mother nor father, heck he didn't even have any family whatsoever. He was basically alone. There was only one person who he knew, but it wasn't on a personal level. The Hokage, leader of their village, tended to drop in on the boy, and was the one responsible for giving him a home in a simple apartment where the blond angel lived alone.

The boy was always alone. The villagers who were older despised him greatly, and therefor taught their children to hate the boy as well, but for reasons unknown to many. Naruto had never done a thing to harm even a fly, yet he was hated more then any missing ninja could ever dream of being.

He was hated for one simple reason; the Kyuubi. The nine-tailed fox that the Yondaime, Konoha's own Golden Flash, had sealed into the boy shortly after his birth at the price of his own life. The man's last request had been to treat Naruto as a hero, for it would be he that would bear the greatest burden for them. No one regarded him as a hero, merely as the demon that was inside him.

Of course Naruto knew nothing of his tenant, for all word of the fox's existence was ordered into silence by Sarutobi, the third Hokage who regained the reins after the Yondaime's heroic death.

A small humming noise escaped the blond hero as he tucked his hands in his pockets. The song he was humming was one he heard the other children singing: the 'I'm a little Teapot' song. A small smile was on his face, making the small whisker like scars on his cheek look absolutely adorable. He was perfectly innocent.

A rustling in the trees next to him caused him to stop both walking and humming as he innocently glanced at the trees. Three dark shadows sped out from the tree and moved until they were right before him. Once they stopped their forms were revealed.

Before the boy stood three men dressed in black cloaks with the hood drawn up completely hiding their features. "Demon child!" The tallest of the three spat with great venom in his voice. "You die here and now for all your sins!" The man continued his low and quiet voice filled with disgust and rage while the young boy looked up in terror.

"This is for my brother who you slaughtered mercilessly!" The widest spat as he punched the small child with blinding strength and speed, successfully connecting with Naruto's tanned cheek and sending him flying. A cry of pain escaped the blue-eyed demon container as he landed roughly on the solid ground while looking back at his attackers with fear visible in his eyes.

The tallest appeared at the boy's side before the blond could even blink, and kicked him forcefully in the stomach causing the boy to become horribly winded as blood trailed down his chin. "You are worthless! Scum!" The one who had remained silent sneered as he pulled out a vile and dumped its contents on the child.

A scream of sheer pain escaped Naruto as the acid dumped callously on him began eating away at his flesh with a sickening sizzling noise as blood rushed from his opening skin. "..W...Why?" He managed to croak out between cries, gasps and sobs, as he tried in vain to removed the acid from his body with his hands which too joined into the flesh being mutilated.

"Because you are the one with the Kyuubi inside you! You are the demon who killed our friends and families. You who stole from us our beloved Yondaime! You vile son of a bitch!" The tallest spat darkly as he glanced down at the blond. "You are nothing!" He concluded with a smirk in his voice.

"Hey!" A voice from down the street caught their attention causing the three to turn away from the spazzing and brutalized boy and look at the noise source. "What are you guys doing?" A voice demanded as a person rushed towards them, though a split second later the cloaked man vanished leaving the blood lying in a pool of blood, though the acid was no longer there.

"Oh my god!" The man who came down the street cried as he knelt down beside the now unconscious blond and looking him over. "Poor kid..." He stated sadly while noting the boy was still alive, though unconscious. He knew who Naruto was and wanted to hate him, but as he spied the innocent face marred by blood and tear stains he knew he could not. "Lets get you fixed up..." He muttered while scooping the child into his arms, silently thanking all the gods he knew that the boy was healing at an incredible rate.

He stood and looked up at the sky allowing the moon to illuminate his features. His eyes were a kind and deep brown holding many things within their depth, his hair was brown and held up in a spiky ponytail. His most redeeming feature was a long scar over his noise. This man was a chuunin and a teacher at the ninja academy, his name was Umino Iruka.

Five years later.

A certain blond teen was asleep in his bed in an small but cozy apartment lit by the sun glowing invigoratingly through his window. His limbs were sprawled out in every possible angle, and his sleep cap which was a penguin was perched lightly on his blond tresses. A small amount of snoring exited the young teen as he dreamed about things only visible to himself.

An annoying beeping suddenly sounded through the room, causing the teen to stir and slowly sit up with a yawn and a stretch. "...Morning already?" He questioned aloud before opening one eye and glancing at his alarm clock. It was indeed morning, and time to get up.

He slowly slid from his bed, stretching and stifling a yawn before he looked around at his spotless apartment. Blue eyes took in plain white walls, his simple bed, small table and chairs, tiny kitchenette, small living room and several bookcases, and two doors. One door led to the exterior of his home, while the other lead to his small white bathroom.

It was simple, it was small, it was clean and it was his.

He walked over to his window and slid his pale curtains to the side before opening the window. A gentle breeze greeted him as he took a deep breath. "Beautiful..." He muttered to himself as a genuine smile graced his lips.

'Indeed...' A deep voice echoed through his mind.

'Good morning Kyuubi-san.' The blond silently greeted his companion who had awoken in his mind that night five long years ago while he lie beaten and unconscious.

'Morning.' The fox said in return. 'What are your plains for your academy test this morning?' The fox asked after a moment's silence.

'Well... I think I should let myself flunk once more. The villagers would think something up if 'dead last' were to pass this exam even though it is my third time.' The blond knowledgeably explained while knowing full well he could easily ace the whole test. He just simply liked to act like his mask. Konoha's number-one loudmouth, knuckle-headed idiot-demon.

'You do realize that you could kick all those sorry human's asses if you pleased. After all, I haven't trained you for five years for nothing.' The Kyuubi stated while inwardly smirking. 'But I suppose your mask is important for it gives you an edge. After all I know you have the strength and knowledge of high level chuunin or a low leveled jounin.' The fox added smugly, proud of his handy work while training 'his kit.'

'I know but... I rather not have the villagers growing suspicious therefore I'll maintain my mask until I am forced to reveal my true self.' The blond explained once more having gone through this discussion various times with the nine-tailed tenant residing in his stomach who he could share thoughts with.

With the last part silently said, the blond walked over to his closet and pulled out his ridiculously bright orange jumpsuit. 'I do love orange... but this is just outrageous.' The blond thought while the Kyuubi merely chuckled in agreement.

'Maybe once you become a ninja you could change your wardrobe to something more suitable while using the excuse that it was damaged beyond repair while doing solitary training.' The fox suggested causing his host to smile and nod, fully approving of that idea.

He closed his closet door and walked into the bathroom where he showered and went through his daily rituals before exiting the clean bathroom and heading over to the kitchenette.

Once in his kitchen he opened a random cupboard and was greeted with the sight of hundreds of instant noodles. He reached his hand to the back of the cupboard and pulled out a box of strawberry flavored poptarts. Sure he liked instant noodles, but not constantly as he had his mask portray. He even knew how to cook but only one other person was aware of that; Iruka.

The blond smiled as he thought of his father-like teacher, the very one who had saved him so many years ago and cared for him like no other had done before. Iruka was Naruto's most precious person, well besides his Kyuubi, but none save the blond knew of his interaction with the demon.

Naruto happily ate his poptarts before grabbing his keys and sliding his ridiculously tacky goggles in place. How he loathed the goggles, they added to the whole 'Look at me I'm the village idiot' look. Naruto was not in fact an idiot, he was brilliant, but only the Kyuubi knew of this and all of the blond's other shocking abilities and skills.

Iruka knew of one of the blond's gifts, and that was cooking. The blue-eyed fox vessel was a culinary artist and would occasionally cook meals for his hardworking teacher, though the two kept that to themselves. It was like a father and son type hobby and they liked to keep it to themselves; their own secret.

With a sigh the young teen stepped outdoors and locked his home behind him before stuffing his keys in his pocket and placing his idiot mask on. He turned and exited the apartment complex and tucked his hands into his pockets.

Naruto inwardly sighed as he walked at a leisurely pace down the streets of Konoha, facing all glares, and disgusted whispers with his mask on full force. He knew exactly what was being said about him for the Kyuubi had enhanced his many senses thus granting him great hearing. Plus the words said were normal, the usual insults and profanities that he had heard for all of his life. Yet he didn't let it faze him nor did it change his views on wanting to protect the village forever.

The walk was long yet relaxing for the blonde as he zoned out on all the quiet verbal assaults and nasty looks, but soon enough he had arrived outside the ninja academy. The place where parents enrolled their children to become ninja who would protect the village and supply the major part of their economy and the entirety of their militia prowess.

He entered into the building and walked the halls in silence, knowing full well that he was the first of the students to arrive. He tended to always arrive at the school building early, yet he would run into the classroom at the last second like an idiot just to maintain his perfect facade.

The sound of approaching footsteps echoed distantly in his ears, so quiet that no normal person would be able to pick it up. Next came a familiar scent, one belonging to his father figure. The blond turning on heel, smirked like the fox within and tore off in the direction of his teacher. He raced down several halls and turned several corners before his chuunin level teacher came into view. "Iruka-sensei!" He exclaimed flamboyantly as he quickened his pace and tackle hugged his teacher.

"Ommmphhfff!" The man released the air in him while he instinctively caught the orange blur that was Naruto. "What have I told you about running in the halls?" He questioned disapprovingly as he liked the rules being kept.

"Uh... It's acceptable?" The blond asked cutely while stepping back from his favorite teacher and rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly. "Sorry." He mumbled after noting Iruka's 'you gotta be kidding me look.'

"It's alright. Just don't run anymore." The man stated with a smile. "Ready for your test?" He questioned changing the subject.

"Yes! I'm SO going to pass! I'll be the greatest ninja and be Hokage someday!" The young teen cheered happily as he leapt into the air with his fist raised high.

The brown haired instructor merely smiled at the blond. "Well I have to get going. Good luck on your exams." He stated before turning and walking off.

"Iruka-sensei! What's the test on?" The teen called after the retreating chuunin.

"You'll have to see for yourself." The man called back over his shoulder with a teasing smile on his handsome face, which merely caused the blond to pout.

'I bet it's on henge.' The Kyuubi wagered.

'Oh? If your wager is incorrect what do I get out of it?' The blond silently questioned as he turned and began walking in the opposite direction that his teacher had gone.

'If I'm wrong I'll teach you a really advanced, really powerful new jutsu. But if I'm right... I'll decide that later.' The fox bet with an air of confidence that caused the blond to inwardly roll his eyes and shake his head.

'Deal.' The blond and the Kyuubi mentally shook hands, their chips were down and they were just waiting for the dice to be cast.

Twenty minutes later found a seemingly out of breath Naruto racing into the full classroom, panting apologies for being late, while supplying thousands of highly unlikely excuses at a fast pace that no one understood a single word he had uttered.

"Thank you for joining us Naruto." Iruka said with an annoyed look, clearly not pleased in the least at his students late arrival. "Just as I was about to say, We have picked the area you will be tested in at random. You guys will be preforming clone henge." He said cheerfully which caused the blond to inwardly curse.

'Kit, I suggest you avoid gambling, you are not very good at it.' He fox stated smugly while Naruto inwardly groaned but outwardly looked flustered and aggravated as clone henge were supposedly on of the this he was absolutely horrid at.

'This will be the last time I fail. Such easy tests to become genin is an embarrassment, especially if I continuously fail at such endeavors.' He said before pausing. 'Kyuubi-chan... What exactly do you want for winning the bet?' He asked as he and his fellow classmates moved to the waiting area, where they'd wait to be called into their exam.

Naruto could almost taste the smirk that was coming from the demon within. 'Kit. I'll let you know in due time.' He answered evasively causing the blond to inwardly pout.

"Sasuke-kun!" A happy squeal rang through the earlier silent room of waiting students, announcing the pink haired girl's fan girl side had finally kicked in. With an unnoticed roll of his eyes Naruto turned and spotted the green eyed girl, wishing the banshee would not be so utterly annoying.

"Sakura-chan!" He exclaimed as the turned up the volume of his happy idiot mask.

"Shove it Naruto!" She said venomously, causing the blond to adorn a hurtful and downcast expression, while he inwardly sighed with utter annoyance.

'I swear one of these days I'll kill her just so her scratchy voice and annoying personality can't continuously give me brain searing migraines.' He paused. 'But then again it works too well with my mask to keep someone like her around.' He finished somberly while the other presence merely nodded in complete agreement.

"Uzumaki Naruto." One of the teachers called.

"Here!" He exclaimed before leaping to his feet and tearing out of the room, through the door and into the next room where two teachers were seated at the front of the class. Mizuki and Iruka were obviously the examiners this time around.

Iruka inwardly smiled at the site of his dear student as the boy rushed excitedly into the room, an aura of pure excitement, energy and determination radiating off his body. "Alright Naruto, please preform a clone henge for us." He instructed, silently hoping that this time Naruto would finally pass.

"Right!" Naruto cheerfully exclaimed before he focused his chakra and flawlessly moved through his hand seals, "Bunshin no Jutsu!" ((Clone Technique)) he shouted and in a cloud of smoke appeared some doll like, poorly done clone, which lie on the ground utterly useless and unmoving. "Ahhh man!" Naruto muttered dejectedly as he looked at the horridly done jutsu.

"Naruto? What the hell was that?" Iruka demanded hotly, a dangerous twitch visible over his right eye.

"Umino-san," Mizuki spoke up from his spot behind the test, his eyes looking directly at his colleague while one of his hands absently fiddled with one of the many ninja bands sitting on the desk awaiting their new owners, "maybe we should pass him. After all he is trying very hard, not to mention this is his what? Third attempt. We should let him graduate." He concluded, causing Naruto's eyes to grow wide in what looked like sheer hope, though it was just to cover his shock.

'He's up to something, but I'm not sure what... Keep a close eye on him.' Kyuubi gently warned the blond with a light growl while Naruto inwardly nodded in understand while still paying rapt attention the two teachers.

"Absolutely not. Naruto has failed in creating even one decent clone, while everyone else has made at least three convincible ones. I'm sorry Naruto." Iruka said in a quieter tone, hoping against hope that the boy would understand.

Naruto inwardly nodded. 'Good for you Iruka-sensei. Don't let Mizuki push you around!' The blond inwardly cheered causing the Kyuubi to chuckle in obvious amusement.

'I think your mask is rubbing off on you. Kyuubi commented with a serious nod.

'Hey I resent that!' The blond inwardly cried, while he turned and raced from the testing room and ran outside the academy with all his might, heading towards his usual haunt, the swing. As he arrived, he plopped himself done on the worn wooden surface and placed on a somber look, while inwardly sighing. 'I feel like I'm letting Iruka down each time I fail when I know I can pass...' Naruto said quietly to himself feeling guilty for hurting his most precious person.

'Kit... don't let it get to you, next time you will pass with flying colors and make him so proud. You will rise up above all the shinobi out there, and one day will achieve your dream; to become Hokage.' Kyuubi whispered gently, sending out his dear emotions to comfort the small boy.

He inwardly smiled contentedly as his clear blue eyes watched his former classmates, his expression one of deep sadness.

"He's the only one that didn't pass..." A woman amongst the crowd of gathered graduates and families whispered to another.

"Yeah! Isn't he..." A taller female began before being hurriedly silenced.

"Shh! Don't say it. It's forbidden." A third one muttered as she darkly eyed the demon bearer, who against their knowledge was easily able to hear.

'I've heard it before, and yet... it still hurts... The dark looks, the heated emotions, the loathing... and the insults. I've heard them all my life, and yet... it still hurts.' Naruto wordlessly whispered as his right hand tightly clasped the chain of the swing, causing any who looked on at him to believe he was getting his just deserts. After all in many of their minds, the demon who killed many of their friends and family, not to mention the fourth, should never become a shinobi. It'd be too dangerous if he decided to turn on them.

The Kyuubi remained silent, understanding that his vessel needed some quiet alone time... well as alone as you can get when sharing your body. Naruto inwardly tensed as he felt the coming of his teacher, Mizuki.

"Hey Naruto. Don't be upset with Iruka. He just believes you can do better, but let me tell you a secret." Mizuki paused as he peered deeply into brilliant blue eyes. "There is a scroll within the Hokage's home, that bears great secret jutsu. If you were to learn one, Iruka would have no choice but to pass you." He concluded.

'He wants me to steal a forbidden scroll so that I become an outcast of this village, and when I'm being hunted, he will swoop in and take the scroll and be off on his merry little way.' Naruto inwardly summed up.

'Do it kit. I have a feeling that this will be beneficial to the future, and my instincts have never once been wrong.' the fox stated and smirked as he knew Naruto would agree with his plan.

A determined look adorned the soon-to-be shinobi face as he hurriedly stood and raced off, heading towards the scroll, not looking back. But since he didn't look back, he never saw the twisted smile of his teachers face, though he knew it was there.

Iruka lie on his bed on top of the covers. Arms were crossed behind his head and his handsome brown eyes were glued to the ceiling which was shadowed by the light of sunrise. 'Maybe I was being to hard on him...' He though worriedly. 'But he needs to learn to be strong otherwise he won't make his dream of gaining the village's respect and becoming Hokage true. I was pushed when I lost my parents. It was hard. But I got on the right path, so I have to help Naruto find his path too.' He inwardly said, having gone through this conversation with himself many times in the past.

"Iruka-sensei!" A voice from outside his door yelled, urgency heard as a fist began hammering on his apartment door.

He hurriedly leapt off his bed and moved to the door, before opening it and coming face to face with his colleague Mizuki. "Mizuki-sensei, what is it?" He asked a note of concern in his voice.

"It's Naruto! He stole the sacred scroll and no one can find him!" The silver haired chunin explained hurriedly.

"What!" The brown haired teacher exclaimed as he ran out of his home, the door closing loudly behind him as he raced off in search of the missing blond.

Naruto was seated cross-legged under a tree, his eyes hurriedly scanning the scroll's content. He had stole the scroll just after night fell and he was just about finished reading the entire thing. "Done!" He quietly cheered as he stood.

'Good, now I want you to start practicing the skills.' Kyuubi instructed and the blond happily complied. He would master all the techniques within the scroll, though he wouldn't show his ability to preform more then one to anyone. The move he would allow would be the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu. ((Shadow Clone Technique))

"Where is he?" Iruka mumbled to himself having just combed the entire city, paying close attention to the blonde's favorite haunts. He came to a halt on top of the Hokage Mountain, and he took a moment to wipe the small trickle of sweat from his brow, his brown eyes looking for anyplace he might have missed. He spotted the forest. "Of course! He wouldn't stay in the city, he'd go off elsewhere!" He exclaimed almost embarrassed that he hadn't thought of it earlier.

Without a further thought he leapt off in the direction of the forest. He would find Naruto.

He ran through the trees, looking carefully for any trail, any sign of his favorite student. 'There!' His mind screamed as he caught sight of the bright orange jumpsuit through a cluster of bushed. "Naruto!" He exclaimed as he came into full sight of the blond, who was standing there with the scroll in hand, looking as though he had just been dragged through the entire forest.

"Iruka-sensei, I guess you found me." Naruto began as he ran a hand over the back of his neck. "But now you can pass me! After all, Mizuki-sensei said that if I learn a technique from this scroll you'll pass me." He explained happily.

'Mizuki...' Iruka silently thought with a frown.

"Good job Naruto. Now hand over the scroll!" A voice to their left demanded, as Mizuki appeared on a branch. In hand was a massive shurriken, much similar to the other two on his back.

"Mizuki?" Iruka demanded desperately, hoping that this didn't mean what he thought it meant.

Mizuki merely ignored him as he launched a handful of kunai knives at Naruto. A wide eyed brunet rushed forward and pushed the stunned blond out of the way. One of the weapons entered Iruka's right arm, a second one pierced his thigh, while the third and fourth ones missed him all together.

"Naruto, hand me the scroll. I won't ask again. Give it to me. Then I can get your revenge on the village for you. Make them pay for all the years of insults and shunning." He said in a demented voice. "Though I'm sure you want to know why they hate you so much. It's because you're the nine tails!

"You're the monster that attacked the village killing so many. You ruined so many lives and that is why they hate you!" Mizuki stated venomously.

A horrid look dawned on the blonde's face, though inwardly he was rolling his eyes. 'I already know this...' He whispered silently to his demon guest.

"Now hand it over!" Mizuki ordered in an angered ton, and after a lack of response from Naruto he launched the weapon in hand towards the boy.

"Naruto!" Iruka shouted as he raced forwards, knocking the blonde to the ground and taking the massive shurriken to the back with a painful grunt. Warm blood began trickling down his back and onto the blond who was beneath his crouched figure.

'Iruka...' Naruto said in shock before he stood and hurriedly raced away. 'Oh God... Please let Iruka be okay...'

"Naruto!" The brown haired teacher called after him, though he was quickly out of sight.

"Mizuki! What have you done?" Iruka quietly demanded as the traitorous man leapt off in pursuit of the blonde.

Naruto ran. 'Is that the views of the entire village? Do they all hate me? Even Iruka-sensei?' Naruto silently asked as he hid himself behind a massive tree hugging the scroll tightly to his chest as though it was his life line.

'Kit. Don't beat yourself up over this. Listen to me. I am positive Iruka cares deeply for you, and I'm sure there are still people within the village that feel the same. Also I have a feeling that in the future you'll gain more friends and people who you care for deeply and vice versa.' The Kyuubi offered up with a smile, trying to cheer the boy up. Words can hurt, no matter how true or untrue they may have been.

'Thank you Kyu-chan...' Naruto wordlessly whispered with a tiny light of understanding and hope simmering in his bottomless blue eyes.

The sound of two people landing attracted his attention and he hurriedly hide himself, only peering out to stop himself and Iruka on the ground before him settled in squatted positions. "How did you know it was me?" Iruka mumbled his hand rubbing his stomach before he dropped the jutsu, showing himself to really be Mizuki who had used a Genjutsu.

"Because I'm not Naruto." The blond on the ground said before he too dropped the illusion, revealing himself to be none other then the real Iruka, a log clutched in hand as it had played the part of the stolen scroll.

"Clever, but why? Why do you defend him? He's the one that killed off your parents in cold blood! What happens if we let him live?" Mizuki fumed as he watched the brown haired teacher lean against the trunk of the tree, obviously too wounded and tired to do much else then converse.

"Maybe because it will keep the scroll safe from a complete scumbag." Iruka answered honestly, no fear visible in his eyes. He would stand up for what he believed in.

"Fool! That is what you are. Naruto and I are the same. Two of a kind if you please." Mizuki said with a twisted grin, while the concealed blond frowned at the words being exchanged.

"Two of a kind?" Iruka questioned, not understanding what the other man was on about.

"I, much like Naruto, can use that forbidden scroll filled with delectably powerful techniques to achieve the same kind of limitless power." Mizuki answered with an insane look in his dark eyes. "The demon that resides within him hungers for that kind of strength! You were right to fear him... to be absolutely disgusted by him." The man finished with a sick note, his voice seductively disturbing.

'Iruka really does hate me...' Naruto thought with a depressed little smile his eyes downcast from the exchange between the two Chunin.

"You're right, I hate monsters, but Naruto is no monster. True, I am not fond of the fox, but Naruto is not the Nine Tails. For him I have nothing but sincere respect. He's an excellent student, always working hard and trying his best. He works with all his might, but sometimes he's awkward, clumsy even. Maybe even a screw up..." Iruka said before pausing momentarily to catch his breath.

"All his life people have mocked and shunned him. That alone has given him Empathy, he fully understands what it is to be in pain." He added as a flash of the first time he met the boy crossed his mind before continuing. "He is no longer your fox demon. He is a proud citizen of Konoha-Gakure." Iruka finished.

Naruto, eyes wide in shock smiled before tears of joy sprang down his cheek. He was cared for! Someone believed in him. At that moment he silently vowed never to let his favorite teacher and father figure down. Not now, not ever.

"How sweet! Just hearing that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy!" Mizuki sneered. "Well Iruka I had planned to save you to last, but seeing how circumstances are not in my favor, I'll just have to take care of you first!" He yelled. "Say good-bye!"

He reached behind himself and pulled off the last remaining of his fuuma shuriken and spun it dangerously fast in his hand while Iruka merely smiled somberly to himself. 'So this is it." The man thought to himself.

Naruto, tears gone from sight, leapt from his hiding spot and body slammed himself with a mighty force into the stomach of his precious person's attacker, causing the massive weapon to veer off course and cut through a towering tree instead of its initial target.

'Naruto?' Iruka silently asked as he looked on his shock, his eyes wide almost not believing that which he saw before him.

"Don't you dare even think of touching one hair on Iruka-sensei head, or I'll kill you!" Naruto dangerously said hate swirling visible in his eyes as he regarded his former teacher.

"Naruto! What are you doing! Get out of here and save yourself!" Iruka ordered in a worried tone, fearing for the life of the boy who was so dear to him.

"Now I can kill you both with just one blow!" The light haired man boasted as he looked on with crazy eyes.

"Bring it on! I can take what ever you got and I will dish it back a thousand times over." The blond ninja to be snarled dangerously as he pulled his hands up in a hand seal that neither of the men had ever laid eyes on before.

"You're welcome to try you disgusting little fox!" Mizuki snarled back as he moved in for the kill.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" ((Shadow Clone Technique)) Naruto yelled and in a burst of smoke that encompassed all around the trio, appeared a massive army of Narutos.

'How? At the test he couldn't even achieve one clone, but now he has over a thousand and they are perfect. He made them solid flesh and bone dopplegagners which is one of the higher caliber ninjustu!' Iruka thought in surprise. 'I wouldn't be surprised if he does one day surpass all the Hokages who came before him.' He though with a smile as he looked on at Mizuki getting utterly thrashed by the small blonde.

Within moments the traitor of the village hidden in the leaves was an out, bleeding and utterly battered. "Naruto! Come here for a moment." Iruka said with a gentle expression as his student turned and moved towards him before kneeling down in front of the man who was a father in every way but blood.

"Close your eyes for a moment. I have a surprise for you." The brown haired man explained gently, his smile widening as he watched the innocent blond comply to his request. He reached up and gently pulled the green goggles from his favorite student's head before removing his own ninja band and tying it onto the blonde's head. "You can open your eyes now." He said as he looked on the surprised face of Naruto. "Congratulations! You pass."

That was all it took for inner Naruto to break free and launch himself at his teacher in a strong hug, tears of pain and happiness coursing down his cheeks as the older man wrapped his arms around the small blond. They sat their in silence, taking comfort in one another. Nothing would ever break their father son bond.

'Kyuubi?' Naruto called out softly to his companion as he arrived home after having been treated to ramen at his favorite food bar, Ichiraku's.

'Yeah, kit?' The demon responded, wondering what his little host wanted.

'I ... I'm tired of hiding everything. I want to be a little more myself.' He stated honestly as he closed his front door and flipped on the light switch causing the one light to go on, casting an orange glow about the room.

'What do you have in mind?' the fox asked as he sent the blonde an image of himself in humanoid form quirking his brow in curiosity.

'Appearance. These clothes are hideous! Only some mentally incapacitated person would willingly wear a blindingly bright orange jumpsuit.' He explained. 'I'd need something more me, but I won't be able to get something in the village as no one will sell me anything willingly...' He summed up.

'Well kit, looks like you and I are going out for a late night excursion. One that will take us to a small town to the north of here. It is not a ninja dwelling, so they will have no knowledge of you being 'the demon'.' Kyuubi answered the indirect question.

'Okay, but we'd have to hurry, it's already getting late and I have to be at the school tomorrow for 10 am so I can get assigned to my team.' Naruto stated as he flicked the light back up and exited his flat, locking the door behind him.

Without so much as another thought, the young newly appointed genin silently tore off through the city. He was not seen, nor was he heard. He easily slipped by the jonin who were guarding the parameter causing him to seriously doubt the security of the village. 'Oh well... That will all change once I become the next Hokage.' He silently vowed as he effortlessly scaled the wall.

'First you have to hit rank of Chuunin, then Jounin before you get to the Hokage's level.' Kyuubi teased good naturedly as the blond leapt onto the nearest branch and began to race along the tree tops, rustling not a single bird, nor moving a single leaf. He was trained well, far better than any human who knew him thought possible.

He ran and he ran, as fast as he could at that point in time. Moving without so much as a hint of him passing through, never once even slowing. He kept up the same, cautious and unaltered pace until he saw the glow of a town in the darkened sky. 'We're here...' He silently offered as he slipped into the village, heading hurriedly, though at a normal non ninja pace, towards the nearest store.

He quietly opened the door, though the effort was wasted as a tiny bell hanging over the door jingled announcing his arrival loud and clear within the store. Inwardly the blonde cursed. 'That was careless.' Kyuubi commented lightly while nodding his head comtemplatively, but before the blonde could respond a voice cut.

"May I help you young man?" A woman, no older the thirty, gently inquired as she smoothed out the wrinkles on the front of her pink apron as brown eyes kindly observed the boy.

"Yes mame. I'm in need of a new wardrobe as you can see mine... is a major fashion don't." Naruto answered before continuing. "Though I honestly have no fashion taste so I wouldn't know what to get anyways." He laughed lightly as he ran a hand over the back of his neck in embarassement.

The young woman chuckled as she tucked her long black hair behind her ears, her dark eyes alight with amusement. "Well then you most certainly have come to the right place. I'll help you, though you'll have to tell me what type of look you're going for." She stated as she tucked her hands into her back jean pockets.

"Well... I honestly prefer darker colours, don't know what I was thinking when I got this." He stated as he plucked at his outfit. "Something less baggy too. In style, with long lasting materials. I am somewhat of a cluts, so I wear clothing out easily." He explained.

She nodded before gaining a thoughtful expression. "Wait right here and I'll got nab some outfits that fit that description." She said cheerfully before moving into the many rows and displays of clothing, occassionally tugging something that looked about the blonde's size off the rack and adding it to the growing pile in her arms.

After about five minutes of carefully gathering the best articles of clothing, the lady returned to the front with a tittering pile of variout clothing in her arms. She gently set them down on a chair outside of a curtained off area. "Go try them on sweety." She ordered kindly and the blonde hastened to do as he was told.

He entered into the curtained off room with the first outfit shad had handed him tucked gently under his arms. The room was small, just a tiny little curtained off room with a tiny bench and a full lenght mirror for costomers to look themselves over in.

Naruto sighed before shrugging off his hideously brighty outfit. He hurriedly changed into the first outfit before exiting the small changing room.

"You look adorably gorgeous!" The lady squealed with that happy go lucky fangirl expression on her face. "If only you were older or I was younger." She sighed dreamily as Naruto merely smirked in amusement before studying his new look in the mirror. He liked what he saw.

He was wearing a fitted long sleeve top that was black and had a silver symbol on the front, though he knew not what the symbol meant. The bottom of the shirt hovered just centemeters above his pants, though it hid his bellybotton from sight until he lifted his arms up as the shirt would then rise up. The pants, like the shirt, was black, fitted loosely on his narrow hips and slightly baggy near the base. All in all it was simple, yet his small lean frame looked beautiful in it.

And so they continued. He tried on outfit after outfit, aprroving some while turning others down, and one hour later he finally had enough clothing to last for ages. "Thank you so much for helping me pick these out." Naruto said honestly, feeling a little awkward to be back in his hideous jumpsuit after having worn such delightful clothing.

"Don't mention it kiddo!" The lady said happily as she finished ringing everything up. "And just because you looked so adorable, I'll give you a little discount. The total comes to 13500 yen please." She said and the blond happily complied, by handing over the money.

"Thank you so much." He said again as she grabbed all ten massive bags of clothing.

"I said don't mention it." She smiled. "Oh! Maybe you should head over next door. A friend of mine owns that store, she carries foot ware and accessories, plus a few other things. She's open late so don't worry about it being closed already. Oh and tell her Menori sent you." She supplied with a winked as she ushered the boy from her shop.

Naruto smiled as he moved towards the shop next door, bags in hand.

He silently pushed the shop'd door open and inwardly cringed as he heard the tell tale bell jingling to alert the store owner of his arrival. 'Kit, at this rate those little tiny bells will be your downfall.' The Kyuubi snorted in amusement. 'I can see it now! All the newspapers in Konoha will read: Demon killed by bells! It would be such a mockery to the ninja who had lost their lives to me. Afterall who would want to be outdone by a tiny little...'

'I get it!' Naruto inwardly huffed cutting of his guests daydream.

"Welcome! My aren't you out late for a little guy." A female voice greeted him and he turned to see a young lady, about the same age as the other shop keeper, moving out from behind the counter.

"Yeah, I needed to get some shopping done, and Menori said I should see what you have here." Naruto explained causing the woman to squeal and clap her hands together.

"Judging by the amount of bags you got there, I'd say you just got a new wardrobe, which means you'll need some hot assessories and some good footware!" The lady exclaimed before she hurriedly rushed over to the boy looking him over. "So what colours and styles did you get?" She asked.

"Uh... Black, red, blue, orange and green are the basic colours. The tops are all fitted while the pants are of a looser style." He explained as he set his bags down.

"Alright. Lets see... Boots, combat boots would go best, silver assessories..." She mumbled to herself as she moved off into the aisles and began grabbing some items. Several mintues later she returned with an armfull of items. "Try these on." She ordered excitedly as she handed him a pair of black combat boots that had a bunch of straps and buckles on it.

He shrughed as removed his blue sandals before slipping the boots on his feet and doing them up while inwardly wondering how both the ladies knew his size. They fit him perfectly, and they came up to about mid calf. "I like them." He admitted before pulling them off.

"Excellent! Thought you might, now look through this pile of accessories. Pick some." The shop keeper said happily as he did just that.

He picked out several neclaces, rings, chains, and other items that caught his eye. "Menori said that you had footware, assecories and other things, what other things do you have?" He inquired curiously as he peered around and only found things that fit into the first two catagories.

"Ah! So you noticed did you. Well I have a little room in back for costomers that either want tattooes or piercings. And now that I think about it, you'd look good with maybe a piercing or four, maybe even a tattoo or six." She answered before grabbing his arm and happily dragging him through a door behind the till.

The room in back was just like your average tattoo parlour and piercing place, having the table to lie on for tattoos, while various examples of what you could get littered the wall. In the far corner was a chair with an arrangement of earings around it.

"So can I tip your fancy?" The woman asked eagerly while the blond just looked around.

"Sure..." He said, though he sounded slightly unsure if it was wise, but as he heard no complaints from the peanut gallery known as Kyuubi he decided to go along with it.

"Great! So what can I get you? A lip ring? Ears? Nose? Eyebrow? Unmentionables?" The lady asked as she pushed him to sit into the chair in the corner as she hurriedly pulled out various piercing guns. "I also to nipples, belly buttons and random pieces of flesh." She added in after a moments thought.

"Uh... Eyebrow... three on the left ear..." Naruto answered as he looked at several pictured scattered on the counter top holding many images of people with many different pircings and in different places, and he blushed furiously at the one picture of a naked man holding his privates in an erotic sense while displaying the multiple piercings near the base. That looked way too painful to even consider.

"I'll do your ears first, they hurt way less then the eyebrow." The woman stated as she hooked on a silver stud onto the gun before putting it to Naruto's ear. "Now don't move." She cautioned before pulling the trigger with a small snapping noise and the stud easily went in the ear and was closed with the end piece in the back "See not that bad." She commented before grabbing the second stud.

"Yeah, that didn't hirt a bit." He said in surprise not lying in the least, it felt like merely a tickle. He supposed he had the Kyuubi to thank for that. Before he could finish his trail thought the second and third earings were already in his ear.

"Now this one will hurt a bit. Afterall everyone has way more feeling in their eyebrows then they do in their ear lobes." She explained with a smile.

"Okay." Naruto said while inwardly shrugging, as he didn't fear pain. Afterall he suffered much worse then a little prick through the eyebrow. Without further ado the lady brought the piercing gun up and possitioned in on at the best point on his left eyebrow. Once she liked the possition she pulled the trigger and the barbell went right in and once more the blonde did not flinch, nor did he feel it.

"I heard tattoos hurt a lot. Is that true?" Naruto asked as he peered into the hand held mirror she had in her hand while inspecting his new look.

"Naw... Just like a bunch of needles prodding at you. It's less painful then piercing the eyebrow." ((I honestly don't know if that's true as I haven't gotten either a tattoo or my eyebrow pierced... evil adults...))The shop keeper explained with a shrugged hopping the boy would be interested in a tattoo. She just loved her little illegal tattoo and piercing parlour. It was fun to help rebellious teens out.

"So can I interest you in one?" She said as she clasped her hands together in a pleading manner.

"Uhh..." He said hesitantly before shrugging. "I guess." He mumbled before he was pulled bodily out of the chair and ushered over to the table where he was forced to sit down. Several large books were shoved eagerly at him.

"Go through these! They have all kinds and you can pick any then you just have to decide where to put them." The shop keeper explained in a gush of excitement as she pulled out various tools and gloves she'd have to wear while the blonde moved through the books.

He squimed through all four of the massive books that had been shoved at him before looking up at the woman who was eagerly watching him in anticipation of what she'd soon be doing. "Uh... Can I have this one put at the top of my right arm?" He asked as he pointed towards the image of a silver dragon curled around a bloodied sword, the majestic beast's eyes staring up and off into the distance. All in all it was beautiful.

"Yup! Of course! Any others you are interesting in?" She inquired as she clasped her hands together in an attemptive buisness attitude, though her eagerness shone through negating the effect.

"Yeah... There was another that caught my eye" Naruto explained as he pulled a different book towards him which he hurriedly flipped through to the image he was interested in. "This one!" He said as he found it.

His finger pointed towards a breath taking masterpiece, one so beautiful and brilliant that the lady had never before had the luck to put it on another as all her costomers thought it wasn't right for them to take such a beauty. It was simply gorgeous. It was pure black and white. A heart, bloody and torn with dark wings expelled outwards as though in flight. Wrapped around the two, cutting tearing and bleeding the piece was vines covered in leathal thorns.

The lady looked up at the boy with shock in her eyes having never thought she'd place it on a single soul. "Where?" Was all she could ask, though it was said in a breathless voice.

"My shoulder blades." He answered before bitting his lips. "If that's alright...?" He said though it turned into more of a question which only got him a nod of the head.

"Yes. I'll do the one on your arm first. Off with that jumper jacket." She stated as she snapped back into reality and the blonde hurriedly complied before tossing the orange jacket off to the side, leaving him in his black t-shirt which he also discarded.

The woman noted the seal on the boy's stomach but merely shrugged it off and began her favorit form of art: tattooing.

Four hours later the process of both tattoos was completed, and after having bandaged them up Naruto was informed on how to maintain them properly as he gently tugged his shirt on before pulling his jacket on. "Thank you." He said sincerly as she finifhed her instructions while leading him back out to the front where he had all his purchasing-- new earings for his piercings included-- in bags before paying the price asked.

The woman smiled happily as she ushered the young boy, who was ladden with bags, out the door into the lifeless streets of the sleeping city. She watched him walk off her eyes glittering misteriously as she watched him until he was gone. "Grandmother... It has come to pass. Like you told me as a girl, a boy born to be great would come and accept the symbol of the lost people..." She whispered as she locked her door heading off for the night. "And so it has begun..." He said hardly above a whisper before dissapearing alltogehter.

'Damn... That took far longer then I had anticipated...' Naruto mentally cursed as he raced towards Konoha, bags in hand, while the sky to the East slowly grew brighter and brighter signalling the soon to come daybreak.

'What do you expect? You got mauled by two women then you got four piercings and two tattoos, that I really like. I knew I was a good influence on you.' Kyuubi stated with a serious nod. 'My incredible fashion taste must finally be rubbing off on you, and I can't say how soon enough.' He added after a moments thought.

'Kyuubi... if you keep it up you'll start getting stuck in my mental doorways. I honestly don't want to have to continously pry you and your inflated head out of my way.' Naruto said with a sigh, his words earning him a half-hearted glare.

'Your words wound me.' Kyuubi whined as he pulled a hand to his chest while making an expression that makes him look as though he is experiencing heart burn.

The blonde rolled his eyes as he spotted the imposing wall of the village in the distance, though one would be hard pressed to locate it, and if it weren't for the Kyuubi he would have not yet seen the Village Hidden in the Leaves.

Without a sound he slipped over the wall, avoiding the guards with ease, before racing rooftop to rooftop before arriving at his slightly rundown appartment complexe. Once there he sat several of his bags down before withdrawing his key and quietly unlocking and opening the door. Once it was open he grabbed his bags and slipped inside, placing his purchases on the table before returning to the door, closing and locking it.

He slowly began putting everything neatly away, either folding the clothing and putting them in drawers, or hanging them in the closet. The Kyuubi holder placed all his acessories in a small box which he placed at the top of the closet. After finishing all that he released a yawn feeling utterly whipped.

'Go and rest kit. You have a long day ahead of you on the morrow.' The Kyuubi whispered affectionatly as the blue eyed wondered tiredly rubbed his eyes while nodding and changing into his new pair of black silk pyjama pants, his eyes lingering on his bandaged right arm before another yawn racked his frame.

Slowly he climbed into bed setting his little alarm clock for 9 am before he rolled over onto his side and fell asleep within seconds. 'Sleep well little one. Your great journey starts tomorrow...' The Kyuubi finished with a smile as he too went to rest within the mind of his container.

The anoying buzzing of an alarm clock rang through the morning, causing the figure on the bed to wake up and turn off the annoying little clock before he stretched. He glanced about as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes, the morning sun light streaming in through his window causing him to open his eyes slowly. It wouldn't do to blind himself to early in the morning.

With a mighty yawn, Naruto slowly pulled himself out of bed before heading over to his closet and pulling out his best outfit, he wanted to make a standing impression after all. After having grabbed some undergarments from his drawer he moved into the bathroom where he hurriedly stripped and hopped into the shower.

After having scrubbed himself clean he stepped out of the shower and turned the water off before dying off with a large fluffy white towel.

'Morning kit.' a male voice broke into his thoughts causing him to smile as he ran the towel over his blonde hair.

'Morning Kyuubi.' Naruto replied cheerfully as he pulled on his black silk boxers. 'What do you think I should wear to make the biggest impression?' The blonde inquired as he stepped out of his steamy bathroom and over to his closet where he looks around.

'I know just the outfit...' The fox demon answered with a devilish smirk causing the blond to merely blink while wondering if asking his 'guest' what to wear was a wise thing to do.

Iruka stood in the Hokage's office a clipboard with papers held firmly in hand. "Hokage-sama... are you sure it's wise to put Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura on a team together?" The brunet asked as he frowned down at the final listing for the three-man cells that would make up the genin teams.

"Oh? Why is it you don't think they should be together?" Sarutobi questioned as he leaned his elbows onto his desk while absently smoking his pipe.

"First off Naruto and Sasuke seem to hate each other. Secondly Sakura is unbelievably infatuated with Sasuke that if they were together on a team she would be too strung up with her appearance and wouldn't focus on her missions. It would be a liability." The teacher explained worry shining in his earthly eyes.

"Well... I understand your reasoning, however." The hokage said before continuing, "I believe that both Naruto and Sasuke will push each other to the best of their abilities. As rivals... Sakura... Is more then likely going to be more of a backup ninja, leaving most of the work to the boys so I don't think it should be a problem. Also we should stick to out initial genin team selection set up. Best with the worst, while throwing in someone moderate." He stated.

"That would equal out the ends, making sure that all the teams remain fair. Don't you agree Kakashi?" The elderly man inquired just as a man silently slipped out of the shadows and into the room.

"Whatever you think is best." The silver haired jounin answered causing the dark haired chunin to turn around in surprise to stare at the man behind him. Their eyes locked momentarily before Kakashi looked back at the third Hokage.

"Very well.. The teams will remain as such. Iruka, you should head on out otherwise you'll be late." Sarutobi advised and the teacher hurriedly did as he was told.

They waited for the door to close before resuming speech. "Your team will be an interesting one. Try to go easy on them..." The old man said with a smile as the jounin level ninja nodded before once more slipping out as a mere shadow.

Naruto walked down the hall of the school at a relaxed pace. 'Kyuubi... Are you sure that mellowing down my mask a little would be smart?' he asked the fox as silent feet slowly drew him closer to the classroom bustling with the noise of all his peers who had also passed to the ranks of Genin.

'Yes, but only slightly. That way we won't arouse too much suspicion.' the demon reassured his host while giving him a mental part on the back. 'You'll do fine.'

The blond rolled his eyes at the fox's words before he set his hand on the door. He stood unmoving for just a moment, hand frozen on the door before he steeled his nerves and noisily slammed the door open causing all eyes to move onto him.

Wide eyes and whispers met with him as he walked in, but what would anyone except with the way he was dressed.

There he stood in all his short glory wearing the most shocking of outfits. He wore his combat boots, going completely against what all other ninjas wore. His pants were a pair of low riding black leather pants which clung like a second skin near the top and flowed in a baggier manner the lower they went. He wore a chained belt that had many chains hanging off the side. His shirt which showed off some stomach but not much was a deep crimson in color, with only three-quarter of the length sleeves. He wore several rings on his fingers and had put hoops in the place of the studs, thanks to the Kyuubi. After all he had healed the piercings allowing him to do as such. Around his neck was a black leather choker with a onyx cross hanging from it.

But that wasn't all that was different.

Naruto had decided to try something a little different, and thanks to his dear Kyuubi he had managed to grow his hair out somewhat so that it almost brushed his shoulders, though was held in position with his ninja band, which no longer had a blue cloth attached. It was black.

He looked simply ravishing... well as ravishing as any gorgeous twelve year old could look.

Naruto ignored the many looks as he silently proceeded over to a random spot in the classroom before plopping down on an empty seat and resting his head down on crossed arms. He was tired from last night, though he managed to school his face into an expression of contentment as he waited.

"Hey Naruto, this meeting is for graduates only." A voice from one of his classmates cut through the hushed whispers.

"What do you think this is?" The blond looked at the boy who had spoken while annoyed pointing at his ninja band which sat proudly on his head. "I'm a ninja! I passed!" Naruto explained with a slight cheshire cat grin on his face.

The door once more suddenly slammed open and in rushed Sakura and Ino who were in a glare-down. "I SOO beat you!" Sakura said with a smug smile.

"Yeah.. In the largest forehead competition. But I beat you here by an inch. That same inch that'll I'll beat you to Sasuke with!" The fair blonde girl declared while glaring venomously at the pink haired girl.

Sakura, obviously fed up with the direction of the conversation while also knowing that she had no comeback easily swept off to the side walking to stand just in front of Naruto. "Move it! I'm sitting next to Sasuke!" She ordered not even paying much attention to the boy's new attire, though it was rather kick-ass.

The blonde inwardly sighed before leaping onto the desk top in front of the Uchiha where he squatted down and glared the boy in the eyes. He honestly had no issues with the dark haired boy, for now that is, but playing along with him mask made it so that he had to seem irritated the guy had 'his girl's' attention.

The two engaged in a glaring contest while ignoring the fuming fan girls in the back ground who were angered by the blonde's utmost disrespect for their God of Sex, also known as Sasuke, who was still most definitely a virgin... The mind of a fangirl will never be understood.

'How dare Naruto!' Inner Sakura fumed as she held a quivering fist in the air, anger radiating heavily off her.

The heated glaring match was brutally slammed to a halt as the boy in the seat behind the squatted blonde leaned back and accidentally knocked Naruto forward. Eyes wide he collided mouth to mouth with the boy he had been glaring at previously whose expression of wide eyes now mirrored his own.

It was a full second before anyone reacted to the 'kiss'. Fangirls enraged, classmates shocked, the perpetrator amused, and the two 'nemesis' hurriedly pulled back while making loud gagging noises. Each muttering about poisoned and stolen innocence before bloodlust could be felt throughout the whole room.

Both boy's tensed before turning in the direction of the expelled hatred only to spot a group of enraged fangirls. "Uh..Oh.." The blonde muttered under his breath still in shock at having lost his first kiss and to Sasuke to boot.

"NARUUUTOOO!" Sakura said in a dangerous squeal before the fangirls pounced, smacking the living daylights out of him for touching 'their' Sasuke, and he didn't fight back as he was still in severe shock.

That was the scene that Iruka had walked into, one he had seen before, but what shocked him the most was the blonde's outfit, as he hadn't seen Naruto in anything besides bright gaudy orange outfits that just scream' gouged your eyes out you filthy people.' He inwardly decided to ask the boy about it later.

He cleared his throat and patiently waited as the Genin hurried over to their seats, all anxious to find out what comes next.

"All right! Congratulations for passing the exams, now I'll place each of you in a three-man cell and then you can meet your Jounin level teacher. Okay here are the teams:

"Cell-one is..." And he went on each person listening intently for who it would be that they are paired up with. "Team seven is...Haruno Sakura... Uzumaki Naruto..." At those words the blonde jumped up and gave a great cheer. "...And Uchiha Sasuke." Iruka said causing the blonde to slouched down in disappointment while Sakura jumped up into the air and cheered.

"Iruka-sensei? Why are you saddling me down with that loser!" The blonde demanded heatedly as he pointed at Sasuke while he was inwardly pointing at the pink haired girl who had eyes a disgusting shade of green, on that looked much like a violent shade of vomit...

"The teams were made to be balanced out. Out of the twenty-seven Genin here, Sasuke had the best scores, whereas you Naruto have the lowest." Iruka explained as he placed his hands on his hips in an authoritative manner. "That's why you two are together." He finished while inwardly sighing.

"Just don't drag me down... loser..." Sasuke said to Naruto.

"What did you just call me?" the blonde demanded as he glared challengingly over the brooding boy.

"Knock it off Naruto!" Sakura shouted in invention while glaring daggers at her newly appointed teammate.

Iruka sighed as a look of forced patience graced his face. 'They'll work it out... even Naruto.' He thought with affection as a small smile graced his features. Things may be rocky now, but with time they'd get better and the bonds formed would grow stronger.

"Alright!" The brunet cut in before it could get more violent then Sakura repeatedly smacking the blonde on the head. "I'll introduce your mentors this afternoon, so until then you are all dismissed." Iruka stated.

Naruto peered out the classroom door in outward frustration, looking for their sensei who was late. "Cut it out Naruto!" Sakura ordered as she leaned against a desk trying to catch the Uchiha's eye.

The blonde ignored her as he popped his head back into the classroom before looking over at his teammates. "Why is it we are the only team whose Jounin hasn't shown up?" He demanded almost angrily. "Heck! Even Iruka-sensei has left already!" He exclaimed in annoyance before a sly look fell over his face.

He moved quickly as he pulled a desk over to the side of the door and put a chalk-board eraser in the gap between the door and its frame. "That's what he'll get for being late." The blond explained.

"I want no part of it!" Sakura huffed as she crossed her arms over her chest while inwardly she was cheering the blonde on.

"He's an elite ninja... there is no way he'd fall for a trap so pathetic..." Sasuke said as he broke out of his angsty bubble of...angst and sent his small teammate an annoyed look.

A gloved hand reached in the crack, the gloveless section of his fingers gripping the door as he pulled it open while putting his head through the crack just in time for the eraser to fall on his head in a ball of dust before clattering to the floor.

Naruto burst out laughing, finding it amusing that the Jounin had been struck by the brush even though it had been done on purpose. "I'm so sorry sensei! I tried to stop him." Sakura pleaded as she held her hands clasped togther in front of her.

'So he's out Jounin instructor... He seems worthless...' Sasuke inwardly moaned while an unreadable look graced his face.

"My first impression of you three is... I hate you..." Kakashi said in a pleasently light voice while the three Genin got horrifyed/embarrassed looks on their faces, well... except Sasuke whose eye merely twitched.

The three teammates silently sat down on the stairs on the roof-top while their newly appointed sensei plopped down on the metal railing to observe his new charges. "Why don't we introduce ourselves." The silver haired man said as he gazed around the group with his one revealed eye.

"What do we say?" Sakura asked, ever the teacher's pet.

"You know... favorite thing, things you hate, dreams for the future, hobbies... things like that." He exclaimed with a shrug seemingly uncaring about any of this.

"Why don't you got first so we have an idea what to do." Naruto suggested as he idly fiddled with a chain on his belt.

"Me? Alright... My name is Hatake Kakashi. There are some things I like and some things I dislike. I have few hobbies... and my dream for the future... well that doesn't matter." He finished with a happy quirk to his eye, which had to mean he was smiling, though with that mask covering his nose down it was hard to tell.

"Blondie, your turn." Kakashi said after a moment of silence during which his charges merely contemplated the fact that they had only learnt the man's name.

"I'm Uzumaki Naruto! I like ramen, I like it when Iruka-sensei treats me to ramen at Ichiraku's. What I hate is the three minute wait it takes for the water to boil. My hobbies include trying different kinds of ramen and comparing the kinds." Naruto paused for a breath here while his teacher sighed at the thought that the blond had noodles on the brain. "My dream for the future is to become the next Hokage, and then the villagers would finally acknowledge me and give me the respect I deserve!" The blonde exclaimed.

Kakashi's visible eye widened remarkably at the boy's announcement. 'Well... he most certainly turned out interesting...' He thought as his eyes moved over to the female member of the groups and he needed to retain a shiver.

"I'm Haruno Sakura! My favorite thing is..." She trailed off as she glanced over at Sasuke. "Well its not a thing... it's a boy! And that boy is..." she trailed off yet again as she looked over at the brooding dark haired Uchiha. "My dream..." She stopped as her cheeks turned crimson and her eyes darted over to Sasuke. " I hate Naruto!" She exclaimed heatedly, her emotions pulling a complete 180.

Her declaration caused the blonde to visibly pout before. 'It seems young ...girls... are more interested in boys then they are in the ways of the ninja...' he mentally complained with a sigh before focusing his attention of the third child.

"My name is Uchiha Sasuke. There are many things I hate, and few I like. My dream? Well its not a dream, more of an ambition. One that I will one day accomplish: restore my clan and kill a certain someone." He concluded in his best brooding manner that caused the pink haired ninja to croon, the blonde to shiver and the teacher to frown.

'I thought as much...' Kakashi inwardly concluded as his gaze swept over the groups. "Formal training begins tomorrow at 0500h at the training field."

"What will are first assignment be?" Naruto asked as he adjusted his head band.

"Survival exercises."

"But our school days were filled with many survival exercises." Sakura stated.

"Yes... but you'll have to survive against me. It won't be your typical kind of practice." The man explained.

"What kind of practice will it be?" Naruto asked intelligently.

"If I told you.. you'd chicken out. Of the twenty-seven graduates, only nine will get to continue on as Genin while the rest are sent back to the academy for further training. The test you are going to perform has a 66 failure rate." He finished darkly while looks of fear graced the blonde's and the pink one's faces, while Sasuke merely narrowed his eyes.

"Was our graduation test pointless then?" Naruto hotly demanded as he crossed his arms.

"No... those were merely to weed out those who stood no chance of ever being ninja. Now, bring all your weapons for tomorrow. Oh! And don't eat... unless you like throwing up.." He added cheerfully though the look in his eye was dead serious causing the three Genin to swallow.

"The details of this assignment are in his handout. Memorize it." He finished as he handed the three of them the papers before disappearing in a puff of smoke.

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