Title: Luck
Rating: G
Pairing/Character/s: Mamori, Sena, Hiruma
Word Count:
Warning/s: Erm, no spoilers I can think of?
Summary: Hiruma has a special kind of luck.
Dedication: Idiosyn- she has stolen my first Eyeshield fic.
I think I never wrote Eyeshield before for a reason. I'm no good at it. --;;

"Erg, I don't believe how lucky he is!" Mamori exclaims, looking frustrated.

Sena blinks up at her. "Who are you talking about?" he asks politely, though he thinks he knows the answer already anyway, because she only gets that crease in-between her eyebrows when she's talking about one person in particular.

"Hiruma!" she replies all the same, obviously still put-out at whatever it was he'd done to her today.

Sena laughs awkwardly and asks, "What happened this time?"

She crosses her arms and huffs. "The same thing as yesterday! And the day before! And the day before! I don't understand how someone like that can have such good luck!"

Scratching the back of his neck nervously, Sena assures her that it's okay, he doesn't mind running with the team and doing exercises even though he's not a player.

"It must be so hard for you," she sighs, looking like his predicament is somehow, all her fault. "Don't worry Sena! His luck can't last forever! Tomorrow I'll definitely win that coin toss! Then you won't have to practice like that for the rest of the week!"

She looks so determined about it that he elects to refrain from reminding her that "the rest of the week" consists solely of Friday at this point. More importantly, he decides (once again) to not tell her about the fact that Hiruma doesn't believe in luck.

At least, not the kind he hasn't already made for himself long beforehand.

He half suspects she enjoys quarrelling with Hiruma anyway, and with a sigh, he smiles and thanks her for her diligence.