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Summary: Atemu, the king of Egypt, is still having problems with the village of Kul Elna. At the same time, he has a young 'servant' whom he loves. A tragic accident occurs that ends up bringing the two closer together. I suck at summaries! WARNINGS: Shonen ai, violence, yaoi, etc. YXYY

WARNINGS: Shonen ai, Yami's real name revealed….but on this website, who hasn't learned his real name?

A Pharaoh's Battle

Chapter 1: A Pharaoh's Love

"Great Pharaoh, the village of Kul Elna is coming for another attack!"

Atemu, the king of Egypt, lifted up his head. He had black, spiky hair which was lined with a bright red color. He also had five yellow locks of hair surrounding his tan face; two locks on each side of his face, and one going straight up. Atemu had a gold colored headdress, gold earrings, a gold object around his neck, gold bracelets on his upper arms, gold bracelets on his wrists, a golden object on his left shoulder, a golden object hanging from his broad shoulders (A/N: Getting bored yet?), three golden bands around his waist, two rings on each of his hands, a set of gold bands wrapped around the shins of each of his legs, and his most well-known piece of jewelry: his millennium puzzle hanging from his neck. In addition to all of his jewelry, Atemu wore a dark blue cape, a very light tan colored shirt, a very light tan colored 'skirt' with a light blue piece of cloth in the middle of the 'skirt' on either side of his body with a white outline, and light tan 'shoes' with a little bit of gold on them. (Sorry if some of the descriptions were hard to follow.) Atemu also had beautiful tan skin.

"How long until they arrive?" He asked in his deep, powerful voice.

"In about 10 minutes, your highness."

"TEN MINUTES! Why was I not told sooner!"

"My apologies, Pharaoh, but most of the messengers were slaughtered on their way back."

Atemu gasped and stood up from his throne, "What about Yuugi!"

"He's fine. I believe he's somewhere on the palace grounds."

Atemu sighed and sat back down, "Get the army ready. Oh, and tell Yuugi to come here."

The servant bowed down before Atemu's throne before running off to find Yuugi, and to tell the guards to prepare an army.

Good. Yuugi's not hurt, Atemu said to himself. He has always loved that boy. He remembered perfectly the day that Yuugi had entered his life.


A guard had just entered the throne room, carrying a little bundle of cloths in his arms.

"Great Pharaoh, we have just found this baby along the Nile."

Atemu got up off his throne and walked to the guard that was holding a crying baby. Atemu held out his arms to hold the fragile bundle. He gently pushed the blanket away from the baby's precious face and looked at him. His crimson eyes grew bigger as he looked at the baby's face. Surprisingly, the baby had the same hair style as him (except for a few yellow locks). Once it got into Atemu's arms, the baby immediately stopped crying, and opened its big, beautiful, violet eyes, and stared at the pharaoh. Atemu's eyes then caught sight of a tag which was attached to a string that was wrapped loosely around the baby's neck. He picked the tag up and looked at it. The tag said 'Yuugi' on it.

"Yuugi", Atemu said quietly.

"What did you say your highness?"

"This child's name is Yuugi. I choose to keep him."

"Where shall we keep him, your highness?"

"For now, he will stay in my room. I will need a crib for him though."

"Yes, your highness, right away." The guard then dashed off to get the materials necessary for the baby.

Atemu brought the child closer to his face, and gently kissed its forehead, "Welcome to your new home, Yuugi."


Just then, Yuugi came running into the throne room. He bowed down before Atemu.

"You wished to see me, Pharaoh?"

Atemu smiled sweetly at the young man whom he loved, "You don't need to bow, Yuugi."

"I prefer to bow, Great Pharaoh. That way, I can show my respect to you."

Atemu continued smiling, "Yuugi, I'm going to take you off the messenger rank; it's too dangerous….I've just realized that a little while ago."

Yuugi looked up at the pharaoh, "What purpose will I play then?"

"I'll tell you later, Yuugi. Right now, I need to get ready for battle."

With that, Atemu stood up and walked down the little stairway from his throne. He stopped in front of the still kneeling Yuugi.

"Stand up, Yuugi. Go and relax. When I return, I will tell you your purpose."



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