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Chapter 3: Safe Hands


There was someone peaking outside the window, Lu Xun frozed, and saw a man came inside the window silently. "Uhhhh, Jiang Wei," Lu Xun took a few steps back. Jiang Wei didn't know what he was looking at, but til Lu Xun began whimpering, Wei knew it was something bad. He turned around slowly, not trying to make a sudden move, he took a swift turn and saw an old face, eyes widened by who the person was.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH," they screamed holding eachother, the man screamed along with them.

"Look, it's me," Zhao Yun said covering their mouths with both of his hands, trying to silence them and they did.

"When I talk, you listen," Zhao Yun said slowly, they nodded at the same time.

"Did you hear about Xiahou Dun," he asked.

"Yeah, I heard him today on the news," Wei said.

"Wait a minute, aren't you two suppose to be in school?"

"Yeah, but this girl and her friend had a crush on us and they wouldn't leave us alone"


"So they were stalking us all damn near the night and they got us in trouble"

"You need a woman for a change," Yun taunted.

"So, we walked them back in their dorm"


"And you know the rule 'No boys in the girls dorm after midnight' and we got suspended for trying not to get them in trouble"

"No, you tried to rape them"

"No we weren't honestly," Jiang Wei said.

"Can't you take a joke," Zhao Yun said.

"Oh. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA," he pretended to laugh, bumped Lu Xun's arm so he could, the sarcasticly laughed, noticed that Zhao Yun was looking at them crazily, and they stopped.

"Anyway, as I heard what it was said, I said I would come for your--"

"Oh my God, you come for our heads, you are working for him"

"I need my head, it's cute," said Lu Xun.

"Are you gay," Jiang Wei asked moving little away.


"LIAR," Jiang Wei accused.

"Mister, he's picking on me," Lu Xun childishly said. Zhao Yun smacked his forehead where did he go wrong with them two, he didn't birth them, not even made them. Lu Meng did.

"Stop, I said that I come for your safety"

"Oh. I LOVE YOU," Jiang Wei hugged Zhao Yun so tightly for putting his life in his hands.

"Get off of me, don't get too comfortable"

"Sorry," Jiang Wei said silently.

"I come to you to tell you that he fled, in case you didn't know yet, so I wanted to warnedyou before it comesto security, 'cause I don't want another life ended by old dirty hoe," he speeched, Jiang Wei cried at what he said. Mrs.Wei busted in with a old dusty shotgun, with no ammunition. Zhao Yun thought that the family was more crazier.

"WHO MADE MY BABY CRY," she did a standing back tuck, then smacked Zhao Yun. Before he could get up, she hitted him on the back with the back part of the shotgun.

Before she could do it again, he did a back roll. "Please Mrs.Wei, I'm the one who saved your children," he said before she tried to hit him but missed his direction.

"CATFIGHT," Lu Xun called out. He ran near the door which was also locked, he turned and he saw Mrs.Wei standing there momentarily.

"Leave them alone," she warned before doing front hand spring step out, she slipped but Zhao Yun caught her. Wei and Xun ran out the living room to see what had happend and they saw Yun holding his mother. They were thinking the wrong idea.

A few moments later, Zhao Yun had an ice pack help on his cheek, sitting on the couch.

"I'm sorry for what I did, I just wanted to make sure that no one would do anything to harm my child," she explained.

"It's okay," he said.

"Did Liu Bei send you?"

"Yeah," he said.

"I hope you'll take good care of my kid and friend"

"Don't worry," he said then his nextel rang.


"Zhao Yun, are you okay," Liu Bei asked.

"I'm fine"

"Did you warn the students"

"Yes, I'm over here right now"

"Zhao Yun, take them to this apartment, the man that's staying there is Ling Tong, Sun Ce, and Da Qiao, I need you to take them there and stay there for stake out," Liu Bei said.

"Oh yeah, the other person that lives next door is the son of Cao Cao and his wife," he added.

"But wait a minute, chief, if he has connections or relations with Cao Cao then that means that they'll get them from there."

"He hates his father"

"You don't know that."

"Beleive me he does, and besides if he by any chance get any contact with Cao Cao, he'll trace us to Xiahou Dun and we'll put him in his resting place," Liu Bei said.

"Never thought about it that way I won't let you down," Zhao Yun said.

"If you do mess up I'll still forgive you," Liu Bei said.

"Thanks, bye cheif," he said then hung up. Mrs.Wei looked at him and wanted to know what and who it was. "Who was that," she asks.

"That was Liu Bei, he said for me to take them to an apartment soDun won't be coming here," he said. She frowned and walked up closer to him, he being squished against the wall. "Aw, then what about me," She said rubbing herself to him, he quickly pushed her away and alittle awkward by her intention. "You can have my reservations at the Palm Springs," he growl because he wanted to go.

"Thank you, do youi care for some bash of cookies with my secret recipe," she asked.

"Uhh...no it's okay," he said nervously.

"Jiang Wei, Lu Xun, you two will be with Zhao Yun for a month."

"Why," they both asked.

"Because that's your safety," Mrs.Wei said.

"Then where will you be," Jiang Wei cried.

"I'll be at the Palm Springs"

She packed up all their things and rushed them out the door.

"Jiang Wei, I love you," she kissed him on the cheeks, before tears start rolling down his cheeks. "You'll always be my baby," she said. "Mom," he said in embarrasment.

"Love you Mom," he hugged her really tightly, not wanting to leave, but it was for his safety, she broke up the hug and wiped tears from her face and from the face of the sniffling Wei.

"I'll see you next month," she waved as soon as he got near the car with his belongings. He waved back and she closed the door.

"Well, sorry that this had to happen," Zhao Yun said in guilt.

"It's ok," Jiang Wei sighed, then they heard Lu Xun stomach growl.

"I'm hungry," he said.

"Me too"

"You can wait," then Yun's stomach growled. "I seem alittle hungry too"

"Can we ho to Dunkin Donuts"

"Yeah," he said then drove to Chinatown.

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