A Glimpse into the Future

Summary: The Captain gets a visit from a time traveler. She has news, It is bad or is it good?

Hope's log, stardate 5463.4

Mother died yesterday, in fact, everyone's parent's died and we're dying as well. I don't know what to do, the ship is out of control, I wish mother was here, I need her. I want to hug daddy again, I want to hear his stories. But all of that is gone now, I have to be strong. Mother told me to take care of the ship, but it's so hard, I know what I will do. I have to ask a favor of a person I know, a Q. Mother always thought they were annoying, but they're my best hope now, hope. Even my own name taunts me, they will let me travel through time to save Voyager. I hope I can do it. End of Log

"So, how is my wife?" Chakotay murmered, nuzzling up to her. "I'm fine Chakotay, but you're going to be late for your shift" she said. He chuckled. Dressed, and ready, they went out of their quaterers and headed for the bridge. They into their command seats. Hours of watching the viewscreen and scanning stars, and other bodies passed. "I need a cup of coffee, I'll be in my ready room" said Janeway and she entered her ready room. Replicating a cup of coffee, she sat down on her couch to enjoy it. Suddenly, something that looked like the end of a wormhole opened and a person tumbled out of it. She slapped her commbadge, "Janeway to Sickbay, medical emergency" she said. Kneeling, she turned the girl over. She had short auburn hair, and was very slim. "So familiar" she murmered.

Janeway entered sickbay. The doctor greeted her with a sad gaze, "the girl has a disease, she's going to die" he said. "She has 15 days. Her condition is something that attacks the main organs, causing them to fail. Don't worry, it's in a hibernative state right now, it's not contagious" said the doctor. Janeway looked down and looked back up again, "is she awake?" she asked. "No, but I can revive her" he said. They walked over to the biobed where the girl lay, the doctor applied a hypospray to her neck. There was a faint hiss, "Oh, Ellen? Where's Jake?" she asked. She opened her eyes. They opened even wider when she caught sight of the Captain and Doctor. "Yes! It worked!" she said. "What worked?" asked Janeway. The expression on the girl's face suddenly turned very grim, "I've come back through time to save your ship Captain"

To be continued. . .