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Unwilling Suspension of Belief


You are not going to believe it. Diverges from right after Prodigy, becomes AU.


Scene 1: On the Mount

In the crisp light of the full moon Max could see the Steinlitz hotel clearly from the top of the Space Needle. She couldn't believe she was staring at it. She came up here for peace; not a reminder of her latest crisis. She didn't want to think about how close she had come to losing Logan, or how much that bothered her, or why it bothered her. So then, why was she staring at the Steinlitz?

If she wanted calm, why was she staring at the boarded up window they sailed through? Imagining Logan being thrown off a roof, dying because he was trying to do the right thing, to save her, was not enhancing her calm.

What happened to 'like I even care'?

Logan. Logan happened. Damit.

She tried to remember that Logan was safe. They landed on the bed. On a bed, entangled in Logan's arms. This is so NOT calming. Why am I even worried about Logan? He is fine.

"He is fine," she repeated aloud, as if the affirmation would somehow make it true.

Are you sure? A traitorous voice whispered from the back of her mind.

"Yes!" she declared to the empty night sky.

How can you be sure? He's always getting into trouble. You should go check on him.

"He's fine. You just want to get back into his arms," she said, the clenched her eyes shut as if in pain as she realized that she was talking only to herself. "That's it. Logan has now officially driven me mad." She knew that he was driving her crazy; she just hadn't expected to get there so soon. Or something like that.

"Why do I even care?" she asked rhetorically.

It's Logan.

Max tried valiantly to convince herself that worrying about Logan was pointless and unfounded.

Worry accomplishes nothing. Go check on him.

"It's not like he's " her voice trailed of as the words choked in her throat.

The only person in the world you trust; the one that you can count on; the one that comforts and accepts you during on of your cursed seizures. Yes, he is.

"There is no reason to think that he is not OK."

There is no reason not to go check.

"It is irrational," she tried again.

She recalled all the overwhelming arguments that there is no such thing as ESP. All of which crumbled against the fact that she wasn't entirely human.

She tried to reason her traitorous desires out of caring about Logan; only to recall that you cannot reason someone out of what they were not reasoned into.

OK, so we are unreasonable.

"Even if I did have some sort of danger sense, why would it be keyed into Logan?"

Because he is the only confidant you have in the whole world. Without him you are all alone … again. You HAVE to go check.

Max was halfway down when she realized she was leaving. She justified it because the Space Needle wasn't the sanctuary it typically was. She'd just ride around the city, clear her head.

When she found herself in Sector Nine she convinced herself that it was just a coincidence.

Right up until the moment she is pulling into the parking garage under Fogle Towers she still could not believe that she was going to check on Logan.

She parked her bike in the spot he always left for her, in front of his car. She smiled at his consideration, in spite of her best efforts. One of the little ways he lets her know that she is always welcome. There is a sanctuary, if she needs it.

As she's walking out of the parking garage under Fogle Towers she has herself convinced that she is just going to check on him. See if he has any errands for her to run. See if he has any snacks in the fridge for her to eat. He is just fine, nothing bad has happened. They are just friends, nothing … else … is going to happen. It would be crazy to think otherwise.

And I've already established I'm crazy.


To be Continued ...