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It was the middle of July and was most likely the hottest day of the year to date. While most teenagers liked to send their time trying to avoid the heat in the pool or at the local ice cream parlor, fifteen-year-old Harry James Potter of Number Four Privet Drive was hiding in his bedroom that felt like a boiler room. But Harry didn't even seem to notice.

The reason why Harry didn't notice the heat was because he was too depressed. And he was depressed because his godfather, Sirius Black, had recently been murdered right in front of him and it was his entire fault. At least that was how Harry felt.

While Harry was thinking about Sirius, an unfamiliar tawny owl flew into his window. He was far to used to this to be startled and didn't even care that there was a package tied to its legs.

Harry was confused by the contents of the package. It was a single lit birthday candle. Under the candle was a note with an unfamiliar untidy scrawl.


This is a wishing candle. But be weary of it. It can do many great but terrible things. There are some rules, you can't bring the dead back to life, you can't change the past further than ten years and it can't give you true love unless you are already heading down that path. Just blow it out after making a wish and it should come true. Don't ask for something superficial. If you do then it won't come true. After you make the wish, you will feel tired and fall asleep.

With utmost hope,


P.S. please be careful. Don't wish out loud or it won't come true.

Harry knew exactly what he was going to wish for. I wish that I could change the last five year starting with what happen at the zoo. With that, he blew out the candle and let the darkness consume him.