Plasmius had Danny Fenton by the neck. The boy struggled in vain. "This time, I'm done" was his last thought as the darkness enveloped him.

Plasmius set Danny on the lab table. Anger boiled within him. This was it - his perfect opportunity to rid himself of the past, to rid himself of the cause of too many sleepless nights. With Danny Fenton gone, there would be no more reminders of Maddie to distract him from his plans. No one else would dare challenge him. Plasmius resumed the form of Vlad Masters and walked back to the table. "Daniel looks so fragile in his human form",

Vlad thought as he stared down at him. "How could someone so young cause me so much trouble? I see you in my sleep. You keep me from what I want. Your father is an idiot. You should belong to me." This thought scared Vlad. "Where did that come from?"

Try though he might, Vlad couldn't bring himself to kill Danny. He was angry, but in a secret place in his soul, he loved the confrontations he had with Danny Phantom. Nothing and no one ever challenged him the way Danny did. And the tension between them when they met in human form was almost intoxicating. They begrudgingly kept each others secret and at times joined forces to fight a greater foe. "Oh, Butter Biscuits", he cursed, and transformed into Plasmius once again. "I know I'm going to hate myself for this in the morning", he said as he picked up Danny and returned him to his home.

He put the boy in bed gently, removed his sneakers and pulled the covers around him.

Danny had a nasty bruise on his neck from their latest encounter. At that moment, Vlad would have done anything to heal the boy. His heart ached at the thought of what he had almost done. Finally, he admitted to himself that he loved Daniel Fenton.

Danny turned on his side, facing Vlad. A frown marred his face. Vlad saw the wisp of blue escape Danny's lips as he shuddered. Vlad leaned down and chastely kissed Danny

And then was gone.