hello! i'm starting ANOTHER story. i deleted my other story 'abilities' and finished hamtaro vs boss. it is a bit odd how i used the english names for zatch bell (konjiki no gash bell) and used the japanese names for tokyo mew mew (mew mew power). i will not use japanese words or honourifics. i will only use mint's "Onee-sama" for Zakuro which is a term for sisters or sisterfigures.thank you for reading.

please forgive me, for in the beginning i will have an OC. only a minor character, but i will have to make up some of the stuff. please bear with it!

Mamodo's and Mew's

by Sk8er7

Chapter 1


"This is so exciting!" A little girl with long pink hair exclaimed excitedly. "I can't believe that you're going to be in a commercial with Zakuro Fujiwara!"

The fourteen year old girl smiled. "This is going to be a great experience," she added. In truth, the brown haired girl was a bit nervous. Although she was a famous idol, working with the amazingly beautiful Zakuro overwhelmed her! It was so exciting!

Megumi Oumi clutched her large bag tightly. In it had her belongings. Her purse, her money and the little girl's spell book. Or rather, Tia's spell book. It had only been a while after Zatch and Kiyo had saved the two girls at their concert and they had become friends. Since then, Tia had slowly opened up more. It was quite sad how she had been before.


"Stay away!" Tia flinched at Megumi's touch and jumped back. "I appreciate how you helped me, but if you continue to associate with me, you'll end up hurting yourself!" Megumi clutched the orangey red book in front of her. "Just give me my book back and I'll be on my way!" Tears fell from the young girl's eyes. "I've always been alone and I've been doing just fine! Just... Stay away!"

End Flashback

Tia had not believed in friends ever since her good friend Maruss had turned on her, nearly killing her. But the kind hearted Zatch had broken through her shield and convinced her to be his friend. Zatch and Kiyo were a kind and lively pair that Megumi enjoyed to be around. It was also good for Tia.

"Are we there yet?" Tia grumbled, arms crossed. The two girls had completed their photo shoot for Megumi's latest music video. Tia had been thinking on arranging a date with Kiyo and Zatch at the amusement park, but they had gotten called for a commercial with the model, Zakuro. Currently, they were on a train to Tokyo where it would be shot.

"Not yet," replied Megumi, "we should get there soon." The mamodo's grouchiness disappeared and she smiled widely, popping orange wedges into her mouth. The singer smiled at the girl's antics.

A few minutes later a voice rang out from the speakers, "We have arrived at Tokyo. Please take your belongings. The last stop is Tokyo."

Standing up, Megumi brought down her bag and said, "Come on Tia, it's time to go." Snapping out of her daze, the pink haired child stood up and brought her little bag with her.

"It's not like I was daydreaming or anything," she huffed. "I bet you're the one who's daydreaming!" Chuckling, Megumi continued on, weaving through a crowd of people.

Looking back to ensure that Tia was following, Megumi gently prodded her way through the crowd eager to get out of the station. If there was time, she might even make a stop to see Zatch and Kiyo.

"Finally, fresh air!" said Tia. The two had thankfully gotten out of the train station. The shooting of the shampoo commercial would not take place until the next day, but the girls were anxious to come back. After all, Tokyo was the first place they had made actual friends.

"Tia," began Megumi, "since it's a bit crowded, I think that we should walk a bit to get away from the crowd." Nodding in agreement, Tia and Megumi walked through the crowds in high spirits. It was unfortunate that there were so many people, that most of them had the same idea.

Megumi stopped for a moment to stare at a building. It looked like a pink castle that a very fashionable young princess might live in. The sign read "Cafe Mew Mew."There seemed to be something sparkling fromthe top of the building, butMegumi shook it off. The ground suddenly felt father shaky. Slightly off balance,someone bumped into Megumi, causing her to drop her bag. The contents spilled out. Her make-up, her book, her spell book.

"Oh no!" Horrified, she went on her knees, looking for the spell book more than anything. She felt a tap on her shoulder.

"I am so sorry!" exclaimed a voice. Turning around, Megumi saw a thirteen year old girl with red hair pulled up into ponytails with red ribbons. She wore a gray junior high school uniform and she held... The spell book!

"Thank you!" Relieved, Megumi slipped the book into her bag and continued to pick up her belongings. Surprisingly, so did the red headed girl.

"I'm sorry!" she apologized again. "It's just that I was late for work and I wasn't paying attention!" She gathered Megumi's make-up purse and her book. "I hope I didn't break anything." Gratefully accepting her stuff back, Megumi stood up and dusted herself off. Likewise with the other girl.

"My name is Ichigo Momomiya." She bowed. "Do I... know you?" Megumi hesitated in her introduction.

"Megumi!" Tia's voice rang out. "There you are! Are you okay? Are you hurt? Do you have everything?" Ichigo's eyes widened in surprise as she stared in shock at the idol. Many people began to stare at the large outburst.

"Are you -?" Megumi picked up Tia around her waist and ran off yelling, "Sorry! I gotta go!" Still in her stupor, Ichigo reached into her pocket andtook outthe new Megumi c.d.The face was on it and it was exactly alike with the girl she just met.

Entering thecafe in a dazed fashion, Mint decided to mock her of it. "What happened? Did you walk into another lamp post?" She had been referring to the time after she had met with her boyfriend, Masaya.

Ichigo shook her head. "No. But the strangest thing happened to me..." The mew girls all crowded around to hear more, excluding Zakuro, whohad yet to arrive.

"That - that was close!" Megumi panted. Tia stood beside the fatigued pop star.

"Where to, Megumi?" asked the younger girl.

Regaining her composure, Megumi replied, "I think that we should book a room at the hotel first. And maybe," she winked mischeviously at Tia, "maybe we could stop and see Zatch and Kiyo." Tia brightened at this before stopping and glaring at Megumi.

"I bet you think that I'm in love with Kiyo!" accused Tia. "But I'm not! It's you who is in love with him!" She held an accusing finger at her partner. Megumi merely smiled and continued on her way.

Hailing a taxi, Megumi set the destination for a hotel not to far from the Takamine residence. Perhaps a ten minute walk away.

Paying the driver, the two girls exited the vehicle and entered a nice looking building. At the reception desk, a tired looking woman got them a room for two nights. Accepting their keys, Megumi and Tia left the hotel.

"You know where we're going?" asked Megumi, smiling. Tia nodded and assumed 'leader-mode'.

"Of course!" she boasted. "We just keep going down this street, turn leftat the second street and it's the corner house on the next street!" Megumi nodded and continued after the little pink haired girl.


"Someone's at the door," commented Kiyo. The doorbell rang again. "Coming!" he called. As he walked down the steps, he noticed Zatch heading to the door as well.

"Hi Zatch!" Tia greeted enthusiastically. Zatch turned around and looked at Kiyo.

"Kiyo! Look who came! It's Megumi and Tia!" he exclaimed excitedly. The fourteen year old genius was slightly surprised. Sure he had saved the two females, but a famous pop star like her come visiting a boring guy like him?

"Hey," greeted Kiyo uncertainly. Megumi and Tia smiled and greeted the two boys.

"We're in town for a commercial," Megumi explained. "Our hotel is by here so we thought that we'd drop by." Kiyo stopped and gestured for the two to come in.

"Oh, er, yeah! Come in!" Kiyo said awkwardly. Giggling softly, Megumi and Tia decined his invitation.

"Thanks, but we should be getting back," the idol told him. "We should really hang out sometime. Oh!" Megumi pulled out a notepad and pen from her bag. Scribbling down something quickly, she tore the paper off and handed it to Kiyo. "Here. This is the place where the filming will take place. You and Zatch can stop by if you want." Saying their good-byes, Tia and Megumi left.

"Kiyo! Kiyo!" exclaimed Zatch excitedly. The blonde boy tried to look at the paper in his hands. "Let's go! Please! It'll be so much fun!" Kiyo stared at the paper. Before he had read it, he had already been planning to drop by and visit, but now...

"Zakuro Fujiwara?" he murmured. He had heard that name somewhere... Perhaps it was someone that Suzy or one of his male friends had mentioned somewhere. Kiyo had heard that she was a very well known model of sorts, but he himself had never seen her. He sighed. But then again, he wasn't very well into this kind of stuff, so he would not know.

"Sure." Zatch's incessant cries of pleading stopped and he did a small victory dance.

"This calls for celebration!" the mamodo declared. "We should buy some yellowtail burgers!" Not noticing that he was being ignored, Zatch continued. "No, that wouldn't work. I'll fish fora huge yellowtail and then we can eat it together!" With that, an excited Zatch ran out of the house and headed for the river.

Kiyo pocketed the small note Megumi had given him. He sighed and laid back on his bed, a book in hand. It wasn't as though he would just sit there and wait for the next day to come.

"Yawn! I slept well!" Tia brought her arms up and stretched. "How are you feeling, Megumi?" The famous pop star was clad in her favourite attire. A light green skirt with a yellow t-shirt.She smiled.

"I slept fine." She slept pretty much the same as she always did. But now she felt a twinge of nervousness. Megumi always received a thrill performing on stage, but when there was a photo shoot or something along those lines, she felt she could be herself. Of course, she was always the main attraction. Now that she had someone else to share the glory, she was slighly worried.

"Taxi!" shouted Tia, waving her arm frantically back and forth. The vehicle stopped in front of them and the entered, telling the driver of the location.

It took around fifteen minutes to arrive and the two girls had made itan hourearly. Paying the driver, the two paid no second thought to him as they entered the building. They did not notice that he had pulled out a teal coloured book with strange looking signs on the cover...

"Nice to meet you," bowed the director. "Please work with us." Megumi and Tia bowed as well.

"It is very nice to meet you," the singer replied. "Please work with us." There was a quick exchange of words before he had to attend to certain problems. The director had arranged one of the managers to lead her to her dressing room.

Only a few meters away was a door that read, 'Zakura Fujiwara'. The attendant had left to check up on props and such, allowing the two girls to enter the dressing room.

"Ms. Oumi," greeted a woman in the room. She bowed to the idol. "I will be your hair and make-up stylist for today. Please work with me." Megumi and Tia bowed, saying their bit.

Megumi gave her belongings to Tia to hold while she sat herself down in a chair, letting herself be pampered by the hired help. The young mamodo simply watched in awe as the woman turned Megumi from a natural beauty to a stunning beauty.

Around twenty minutes later, fitted into a new wardrobe as well, Megumi thanked the make-up woman and let her go. With her good friend Tia, they left the dressing room.

"Geez. Zakuro tricked me into carrying all of her stuff!" exclaimed a familiar red head. Megumi looked surprised.

"Ichigo?" the idol asked uncertainly. Ichigo was surprised at her name being called. Turning around she saw a beautiful woman. She looked vaguely familiar.

"Do I - Eek!" Ichigo shrieked. "You're that girl from before!" The waitress was appalled. "Are you Megumi?" The mentioned girl smiled sheepishly.

"That's me," she replied. The door to Zakuro's dressing room opened and three other girls came out. A girl with green hair with glasses, a girl with black hair tinted blue that was held in two buns, and a short lively young girl with blonde hair.

"Ichigo!" came the worried voice of Retatsu. "Are you all right?" The other mew's looked at the situation before them. Ichigo was apparently talking to a very beautiful woman. But for some reason she kept opening her mouth without words coming out. Mint quickly figured it out.

"Are you Megumi?" she asked in awe. Megumi smiled while Tia scowled behind her, annoyed at being ignored.

"Yes, I am," she replied. Feeling Tia's slowly rising anger, she stepped aside, allowing the pink haired mamodo to come into view. "This is my good friend Tia." The three girls quickly introduced themselves as Mint,Retatsu and Pudding. Megumi thought that it was rather odd how their names resembled english foods.

"Ms. Oumi!" Megumi turned around to see a worker running up to her. "Sorry to bother you, but there is a young man with a young blonde boy who say that they were invited by you to attend the shoot. If you could please come and identify these two?" Megumi's eyes widened before she and Tia smiled.

"Sure," Megumi replied. Waving goodbye to her new friends, Megumi and Tia followed him to the front doors.

"Kiyo! Zatch!" called out Tia in excitement. The two boys waved past the two security guards.

"It's all right, they're with me," she told them. Nodding to her, they allowed the boys to pass.

"This is so cool!" exclaimed Zatch. "I haven't been to a commercial shoot before! Is it fun Megumi?"

"Hey! Don't you think that I would know how a commercial shoot is too?" argued Tia. She began to strangle him good naturedly while Megumi and Kiyo got reaquainted.

"What exactly is this commercial about?" asked Kiyo.

"It's a shampoo commercial," she replied slightly embarassedly. "It shouldn't take long and I hoped that we could go to the amusement park after. If you don't have anything planned," she added hastily. Kiyo smiled and agreed.

"Come on you two!" Tia had released Zatch, allowing the lightning child to massage his poor neck.

A being from the shadows watched Megumi and Kiyo. "Perfect," he drawled. "A pure heart? It sure seems like it. And perhaps I can also ruin this commercial." Kish grinned to himself as he disappeared.

The commercial had Megumi pretending to sing her song on stage, and at the end, she would let her hair fall down, allowing the audience to see how shiny and healthy her hair looked. For Zakuro, she was modelling and would flip her hair back as she strutted down the line. There was only one more scene left until the commercial would be finished.

"That was awesome, Megumi!" Tia encouraged. Megumi smiled modestly and accepted a water bottle. The lights were intense and she had been sweating lightly from her nervousness.

"That was cool!" Zatch added. He looked so cute jumping up and down. "Will your commercial go on TV now? That's so cool!"

Kiyo was next. "That was really good," he told her. "I thought that this commercial was kind of cool. You didn't have to do something you're not even though that's the point of acting." Megumi smiled widely and couldn't help blushing slightly.

"Onee-sama!" Mint rushed to Zakuro. "You were excellent!" The violet haired model smiled lightly while nodding to her 'fan'. Ichigo, Lettuce and Pudding came to congratulate her too. Ichigo noticed Megumi and walked over to her and Kiyo.

"I thought that you did really well!" Ichigo praised. Megumi smiled and thanked her.

Suddenly, an explosion could be heard. Megumi thought that she head Ichigo murmur, "alien", but it might have been her imagination.

The familiar taxi driver emerged from the smoke clutching a teal colored spell book. Beside him was a child with flaming red hair in dirty black clothes.

"We want your book!" he called to Megumi. Clearly he did not notice Zatch and Kiyo. "Unless you want to fight, give it to us!" Tia moved closer to her partner and Megumi reached in her bag, taking out her book.

"Everyone; run!" yelled Kiyo. People began to scatter in confusion, but the five mew's stayed, watching the soon to be battle.The man's book glowed for a moment before he yelled, "Flogal!" The child held both of his hands together and out came amoderately sized ball of lava. It quickly sped towards Tia and Megumi.

"Ma Seshield!" cried Megumi. Tia thrust her hands out and a pink colored circular shield appeared in front of her. In the center was a wing design. The five girls gaped in disbelief.

"Megumi! Tia!" Kiyo had his own red spell book open. Pointing his index and middle finger towards the enemy, he shouted, "Zaker!" Zatch's pupils disappeared for a moment and his mouth opened - only to have a stream of lightning come out towards the enemy.

"Harield!" he shouted. The red headed boy spread his arms out, but nothing happened. As the lightning was about to strike, it disappeared. The tag team stared in shock.

"He absorbed it?" Kiyo asked in disbelief. The taxi driver grinned.

"I didn't know that you had a spellbook too, but all the better for me! Flogasaim!" The mamodo's hands went together before a huge stream of lava came out and headed to the four of them. Siding closer to Zatch and Kiyo, Megumi noticed that the molten rock did not seem to be going in a straight line or pattern. The boy was controlling it!

"Seoshi!" she yelled. A transparent dome appeared around the four of them, apparently held up from Tia's hands? Upon impact with the shield, the lava dissipated.

"What is going on?" asked a nervous Ichigo. What was happening between Megumi and the others was something she had never seen before! She wasn't sure if it could compare to the aliens and all but...

"Ichigo," a familiar voice called out. Another wall collapsed and from it came Kish, an uncomplete Chimera Anima in his hand.

"Kish!" Ichigo muttered angrily. He grinned at her and looked at the mamodo battle with slight fascination.

"I was going to use that girl for the next Chimera Anima," he explained, "but she is busy and it looks very interesting. I'll just use him!" Kish held out his hand and aimed it towards the director, that was trying to herd people to safety. He froze before turning blue and falling to the ground.

"Fusion!" A large light was emitted from the two objects fusing together. The result was a large deformed bear that looked extremely dangerous and carnivorous.

Backing up, the five girls shouted, "Mew Mew Strawberry (Mint, Pudding, Lettuce, Zakuro) Metamorphasis!" Light covered the girls, and out from it came each girl, an outfit the same color as their hair. They all had some sort of animal attribute.

"Zaker!" shouted Kiyo, the idol and the genius oblivious to the appearance of the Mew's. The taxi driver was however sidetracked by the transformation, allowing the attack to come his way. His mamodo jumped in and caught the lightning blast with his hands. He cringed as his hands were left burnt.

Megumi was next. "Saisu!" Tia whipped both hands forward, and seemingly a boomerang like attack headed towards the red head. Noticing that his haster was too preoccupied with something elsewhere, the child crossed his arms over his chest and allowed the impact to take place. It effected him very little.

"Ribbon Lettuce Rush!" called out Mew Lettuce. Her weapons emitted a large rush of water, but the chimera anima dodged the attack, surprisingly.

"Take this!" Mew Pudding called out. "Ribbon Pudding Inferno!" The rings were aimed at the bear. The chimera anima pulled a huge prop over and used it as a shield.

"Haha!" laughed Kish. "I knew that this was a wonderful idea. The area is perfect! You there!" He was speaking to his fusion. "Attack!" The bear complied and from his forehead, a red colored gem appeared. A red beam of light shot out and was aimed at Mew Mint and Mew Pudding.

"Ahh!" The two screamed. They had jumped, but the impact of the blast to the ground caused it to break, sendnig flying chunks of cement towards the girls. They had been hit and fell unceremoniously to the ground.

"We'll leave this to you," Mew Mint said through clenched teeth. Mew Zakuro took a step up and brandished her weapon.

"Ribbon Zakuro Spear!"A line of purple shot out from the handle, similar to a whip. With excellent accuracy, the model aimed it at the bear. She caught one of its paws.

MewLettuce tried again. "Ribbon Lettuce Rush!" A large onrush of water sped towards the stable bear. It hit it dead center and the Chimera Anima went off balance, crashing to the ground.

"Ma Seshield!" Megumi shouted once again. The ball of lava impacted before dissipating.

Zatch and Kiyo were seething with anger. This person just charged into the building and destroyed the whole set! Innocent's were involved and now Megumi could not finish her commercial!

The red book glowed with an intense red light. "Bao Zakerga!" shouted Kiyo. Zatch's mouth opened widely and a large dragon of electricity came out and headed towards Lagis and his partner Tom.

"Harield!" shouted Tom. The boys black hands spread out as did before, but the dragon continued trying to get past an invisible force field.

"I can't hold it!" cried the hoarse voice of Lagis.

Tom snarled back, "Try harder!" Using all of his will power, Lagis tried to absorb the attack, but failed miserably. The dragon broke the barrier and engulfed the red head. When the dragon was gone, Lagis could be seen as extra crispy.

"T-take my book!" Tom threw his book at their feet in horror. As fast as he could, he ran out. Kiyo quickly burned the teal book, causing the lava type mamodo to vanish as he returned to his world.

"What's going on?" cried Megumi in shock. Kiyo, Zatch and Tia turned their attention to the battle between the Chimera Anima and the three remaining Mew's.

Mew Zakuro cried out as the bear began to whip her around using her own weapon. She crumbled to the ground, unconscious.

"Mew Lettuce!" called out Mew Ichigo. "We have to defeat him! Strawberry Bell!" She grabbed her weapon and readied herself. Mew Lettuce did the same. "Ribbon Strawberry Surprise!"

"Ribbon Lettuce Rush!"

The two attacks made their way to the Chimera Anima, only to be blocked by Kish.

"Go!" he shouted. The bear sent his attack at Mew Ichigo. She jumped up, only to have large chunks of cement follow her.

"No!" cried Mew Ichigo. Mew Lettuce had pushed her out of the way and had taken the impact herself. Rolling over painfully, she did her best to smile.

"Please defeat it," she said weakly. Mew Lettuce passed out.

Mew Ichigo stood up angrily. Her body began to glow faintly, but definitely noticeably. "You'll pay!" she yelled. "Ribbon... Strawberry... SURPRISE!" To her own surprise, she heard Kish call out an order to his creation.

"Now!" The Chimera Anima did not stay rooted to the spot, and instead headed towards Megumi. She stood there paralyzed as the beast drew closer.

"Mew Ichigo!" called out Ryou, who had only just arrived with Keiichiro. He looked to see the bear closing in on Megumi. Clenching his fists, he knew what he had to do. "Megumi! Catch!" He threw a familiar looking pendant at the pop star.

Reflexively, Megumi caught the little piece of jewellry. "Say Mew Mew Metamorphasis!" shouted Mew Ichigo. Clutching the pendant close to her chest, Megumi did just that.

"Mew Mew Metamorphasis!" The pendant erupted in light which covered her entire body. 'I feel... weak...' she thought uncertainly. Her eyes began to droop.

"Megumi!" shouted Tia. The little female mamodo could not get close to her best friend and partner. There was some sort of force within the light that would not allow her to come near.It worried and irked her to no end.

"Megumi!" Zatch could not help but be worried. Although they had defeated Lagis, there was some sort of freakish mamodo in the form of a mutant bear. What was going on with Megumi?

"Megumi!" Kiyo yelled. Trying to ignore the intense light, he made his way closer to her. Eyes closed, he reached out and grabbed her hand that did not hold the pendant.

"No." Keiichiro came up to Ryou, panting from the long run. The blonde continued,"I think that we've made a mistake. I don't think that her DNA is compatible." His partner's wide eyes were enough alone to make him feel horribly guilty.

"Megumi!" Her friends shouted again. Zatch was fairing not better than Tia, although it was a mystery how Kiyo could get so close. The light began to dim slightly, allowing them to come nearer."Snap out of it!"

The idol's heavy eyes did not yet close. Her senses were null, but she could hear dull shouting. It sounded somewhat like her name. Megumi's sense of touch was returned, and she noticed that someone was holding her hand. She strained to listen.

"Megumi!" Kiyo tried to reach her. Her eyes shot open as she realized who had been calling her. From behind him, she could hear Tia and Zatch calling out for her.

'No,' she thought. 'I can't sleep now. They're calling me. They're my - friends!' The white light grew intense, forcing Kiyo to drop her hand. He stumbled clumsily backwards and fell.

The light ended quickly and Megumi could be seen now. She was dressed in ablack attire that was thesameas her newly dyed black hair. She smiled and winked.

"Mew Cinnamon; at your service!"


yes, i realize that all of the Mew's have food-like names. megumi does not, so let us just say that her middle name is similar to the english pronounciation of cinnamon. anymore questions, just please ask and i will try to answer as best as i can.