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If I haven't mentioned so previously, I won't be adding Pudding's "na no da"'s in here. When written, it seems a bit awkward to me, so please bear with me and imagine that they're there?

Mamodo's and Mew's

by Sk8er7

Chapter 4


"Kiyo! Misaki!" Suzy called, waving her hand high. The two teenagers, who had almost left the classroom together, turned around at the mention of their supposed names. "Do you two want to join us? A whole bunch of us are going to this nice place Marylou found!" The short brown haired girl had gotten her jealousy toned down a bit when she had found out that Misaki seemed to be a very nice person. And that she owned all of Megumi's CD's.

"I can't," Misaki replied. "I have to work. Maybe some other time though. Thanks for the invite!" With a kind wave, she left through the door.

Kiyo scratched his head. "I'm busy after school today too. I'm - helping a friend around their... shop." It could somewhat be said that he and Ryou were friends, and technically being employed there was helping.

Looking a bit crestfallen, Suzy replied, "Okay then." He too waved before leaving the building.

"What was this place called again?" Iwashima asked Marylou.

"Cafe Mew Mew."

"Welcome to Cafe Mew Mew!" greeted Lettuce and Tia. A small group of people wearing the familiar blue and white school uniforms were seated around a slighter larger table than normal. "May I take you orders?" Ordering a few slices of cake and tea, Lettuce and Pudding sent their orders to Keiichiro who placed the desserts on plates.

"May I take your order?" At another table not too far away, an attractive brown haired male was taking the order of three girls. They seemed whooed by his tall and muscular physique and dazedly said their orders. He jotted it down before smoothly walking away.

"Is it just me, or does that guy see somewhat familiar?" Yamanaka asked. Unfortunately, the waiter in question had his back to them while picking up the pastries.

"Here's your orders! I hope you enjoy!" A black haired girl set down cakes and beverages for a couple at the table next to Kiyo's classmates. With a bright smile, Megumi left, the boy's eyes trailing after her. It was only after his girlfriend huffed at him did he take his eyes off of the singer and downed his food.

"I know!" Surprisingly it was Kane who had come up with the answer. "Is it just me, or do those two workers look like Misaki and Kiyo?" Looking again, they were surprised to see their newest class member Misaki, but shocked to see the class genius, one Kiyo Takamine.

"Kiyo! Misaki!" Suzy called loudly. The two froze in what they were doing and slowly turned around at the source of the sound. They knew who it was.

"Oh," the idol saw the surprised looks of her classmates before slowly making her way over. "Hi... everybody." Kiyo sighed to himself mentally before he too walked to their table.

"Wow!" Marylou said. "I didn't know that you two worked at Cafe Mew Mew! This place is so cute and has such a homey feeling, and the food is great too! You two are so lucky!" Kiyo and Megumi shared a quick look. Did they forget that students were not allowed after school jobs?

"And those uniforms look very nice," commented Suzy. "Yours really compliments your hair!" She was referring to Megumi's black colored hair. "Yours looks so... great too Kiyo!" Scratching the bridge of his nose, Kiyo bashfully looked away.

A brief silence was cast over the group before a voice called out, "Kiyo! Misaki! We need you guys over here!" Surprisingly it had been Mint. When at times she would usually be having her afternoon tea, there were just too many customers and not enough table space. A bit of prodding from her fellow Mew Mew's had gotten her working this one day.

'Saved!' thought the two in unison. Excusing themselves, the pair headed towards the back for the staff and let out the large breaths they had been holding.

"I knew that this place was popular, but for our classmates to come here?" began Kiyo. "Isn't this a bit far from Mochinoki district?" Megumi agreed.

"But hey; if we can get here on time, then it's morethan posisble that they would come here." They both straightened themselves up, donning smiles on their faces before entering the lobby.

After work, Kiyo and Megumi's classmates had waited outside, even after telling them they had to clean up. They had tried to leave through the front door, but knowing Suzy, she and their classmates would probably wait hours for them.

Tia, who was asked very polity by Megumi (And let's not forget about Kiyo!) was asked to go outside and tell the students that all employees were involved in a staff meeting. Marylou asked how old Tia was, when Tia blew up.

"I'M SHORT. DO YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THAT?" Needless to say, all of the teens fled for their lives.

"Thanks, Tia," Kiyo thanked with earnest. The pink haired girl blushed slightly and smiled back, giving him a victory sign. The two teenagers and mamodos changed out of their uniforms, and bade farewell to their fellow employees.

"See you tomorrow Megumi-onee-chan!" Pudding called out happily. "Bye Kiyo-onii-chan, bye Tia-chan, bye Zatch-chan!" Zatch waved back with Tia, though the blonde haired dress wearing boy was waving with more energy. The other mamodo noticed this, and her happy waving disappeared and replaced itself with anger.

"ZATCH! YOU SHOULDN'T FLIRT WITH YOUR CO-WORKER!" She wrapped her hands around his neck and began to strangle him. Megumi and Kiyo looked upon their partners with amusement.

A ringtone of Megumi's song (Happy Tomorrow) began to break the otherwise silent atmosphere. The singer reached into her large purse and pulled out her cellphone, before pressing it to her ear.

"Hello?" It was her manager. "Hey Ebisu-san! Yes? ...Are you joking?!" Megumi became wide-eyed, and her friends all turned to look at her. "This - this is so sudden! I understand, but - ...Well, that seems fine. It's all contracted? I'll meet you tomorrow at Mac. All right, bye."

"What's going on, Megumi?" asked Tia worriedly. The idol ended the call and placed her phone back in her purse.

"Ebisu-san, my manager (she said to Zatch and Kiyo), phoned to tell me that I'm going to be doing more commercials and projects, but in a partnership. The partner is going to be Zakuro Fujiwara."

Cliffhanger! I'm so evil.

About Ebisu-san; I have no idea if that IS or IS NOT the real name of her manager. I just thought of it on the spot (yes, I'm more prone to use Japanese names, but I REALLY don't like the 4Kids version of Tokyo Mew Mew (Mew Mew Power), so I'm using the Japanese. The dub of Zatch Bell (Konjiki no Gash Bell) isn't horrible, though I do prefer the original Japanese a bit more.

I've heard that McDonald's© is known as "Mac" in Japan, so I'll use that. ;;

This has taken quite a while for an update, but if there are still some viewers, I'd like to thank you for sticking around for this latest installment. Thank you again. :)