Rescue Me

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Summary: Who rescues those that rescue us? For how long can our demons be left at bay before they consume us? Sequel to Torn Away.

A/n: I really couldn't help myself. Here we go again…

Tonks, Pt. I

Auror Nymphadora Tonks-Waechter strode onto the crime scene with a noted mark of confidence in her step. Following in her wake was a fairly large German Shepard that was growling every so often at the people who stared at it.

"Calm down Damien," Tonks said to the slightly majestic canine, which came up to almost her five foot seven inch frame's waist. The dog stared at it's master before seemingly rolling it's eyes. Tonks chuckled slightly before coming up to a slightly hysterical man who was complaining loudly to a group of Magical Law Enforcement Squad flunkies.

"Auror Nymphadora Tonks-Waechter," Tonks said, announcing herself to the group, "What seems to be the problem here?"

"Mr. Bernard claims-" the Magical Law Enforcement Squad flunky started to say before he was interrupted.

"Claims! BULLOCKS!" the hysterical man, who was obviously Mr. Bernard, shouted, "My store was robbed Auror! I demand that the Ministry do something about it!"

"Alright Mr. Bernard, just calm down," Tonks said to the man, who was seething, "Just le me talk to my counter-parts here and I'll see what I can do."

Tonks motioned for three of the five flunkies to come speak to her. Putting up a Security Bubble, she started to speak to the senior one.

"Alright, why was the Auror College called?" Tonks asked with a slight amount of exasperation, "This seems like a typical robbery, something you flunkies are more than trained to deal with."

"See that the thing, ma'am," the man said, "We tried to explain that to Mr. Bernard, but he would not calm down until we promised to get an Auror down here to check into 'possible Dark Magic.'"

Tonks sighed; this had been common since the Department of Magical Law Enforcement had been rearranged following the downfall of Voldemort. The new Minister of Magic, Rufus Scrimgeour, had seen how inattention to the Dark Arts had led to the missteps of the previous administration, and concluded that a group of people had to concentrate specifically on the Dark Arts while another group concentrated solely on the mundane law breaking in Wizarding Britain.

Taking a cue from both his muggle and magical counter-parts in Britain and the Americas, Scrimgeour had ordered into creation the Auror College and the Magical Law Enforcement Squad, or MLES. He Auror College was essentially an outgrowth of the old Aurors, except they existed primarily for the purpose of combating Dark Magic. The Auror College was as notoriously as difficult to get into as the old Aurors.

The MLES, on the other hand, had much looser admittance standards as their day to day duties weren't as difficult. They had 'earned' their nickname of "flunkies" because most of them had failed out of the Auror College.

"So do you think that Mr. Bernard's store has been the victim of Dark Magic?" Tonks asked.

"No, I believe that he wasn't even robbed, ma'am," the flunky said, "I believe he just misplaced his things."

"Well, let's go see," Tonks said, giving Damien a stiff nudge because he had fallen asleep next to her.

"Mr. Bernard, can you tell me exactly what happened?" Tonks asked the burley man, who was still seething.

"Well Miss," the man said in a slightly condescending tone, causing Damien to growl, "As I tried to tell those fools, when I came into my shop this morning, eight snake charming rocks were missing."

Tonks' eyes slightly bulged. Now she could see why the man had insisted on an Auror being present.

"I immediately called the Ministry," Bernard went on, "And - WHAT THE HELL IS THAT MUTT DOING!"

All eyes turned to the front of the store, where Damien was sniffing through an opened crate.

"He's investigating sir," Tonks said with a straight face, "Now, you were saying?"

Bernard was about to go on when a cavalcade of explosions went off, throwing Tonks to the ground. Looking up she saw Damien standing over Mr. Bernard, who wasn't moving. Looking at the store, though, she was shocked by what she saw hovering inside of it.

The Dark Mark.

Quickly sending an alert with her wand to the Auror College, she went over to where Damien was. Mr. Bernard was dead, as the missing half of his skull indicated. Damien appeared to be fine, save for the blood splattered on his coat.

"What the hell is going on?" Tonks asked the dog, which just shook it's head. Tonks sighed and got herself ready for a long day…

Tonks found herself in a MLES office, waiting to be questioned about what happened. The Auror College had concluded that no overtly Dark Magic was used, thus the case fell under MLES jurisdiction.

"I wonder how in the blue hell they arrived at that conclusion," Tonks wondered to herself as she scratched Damien's head, which was in her lap. Suddenly, the dog's ears perked up, and within seconds the door to the office had opened.

Tonks and Damien stood up, with Damien positioning himself between Tonks and the MLES officer that had walked in.

"Good day Auror Tonks," the man said, looking warily at Damien while shaking Tonks' hand, "I'm Officer Rory, the senior investigator on this case. If it's alright with you we need to ask you a few questions."

Tonks sighed, closing her eyes momentarily, before nodding her head. Why else would she be here?

"After you reported to the scene, did you notice anything odd?"

"Yes, I would say so," Tonks replied, scratching the back of her blue-haired head, "Eight snake charming rocks had been 'misplaced' by a store without the authorization to possess them and your squad was reporting nothing 'odd' was happening!"

"My agents didn't report that," Rory said, sounding like he didn't believe Tonks. Damien growled at the man while Tonks placed a calming hand on it's shoulders.

"I can assure you," Tonks repeated, "That Mr. Bernard reported that."

"Well I don't believe you, Auror," Rory said, while Tonks rolled her eyes in frustration. Of course this man had to be bringing in jurisdictional prejudices. Rory's comment had elicited a bare-tooth growl from Damien. This time, Tonks did nothing to calm the animal.

"What is that?" Rory asked, pointing at Damien.

"A gift from my husband," Tonks stated flatly, "Now can we put aside stupid office rivalries and try to figure out just what the hell happened today?"

"I'm afraid not Auror," Rory said with a crooked grin, "For the death of an frustrating old man is just the beginning."

Tonks' brain was flying at a million kilometers per second as she was trying to connect the dots of what Rory was saying.

"My master will soon be back," Rory laughed as Tonks finally figured out what was going on, "And with neither Potter or Dumbledore around, he will not be stopped!"

Tonks was about to grab her wand when a POP! was heard as Damien transformed from a German Shepard into a towering black blond-haired man.

"I am placing you under arrest for being in violation of Ministry Law 14-6," the man said as his wand shot off a quick succession of spell at Rory, who was caught defenseless, "You are also being remanded into the custody by Department of Mysteries Third Class Agent Ludwig Waechter, myself. Congratulations on the High Treason Rory."

Ludwig wrote a note on a piece of parchment on Rory's desk, before it disappeared with a spell. Tonks watched all of this with a slightly amused smile on her face. Ludwig then turned back to Tonks.

"Did you really need to kick me in my ribs, honey?" Ludwig asked Tonks, bending over and kissing his wife.

"Of course, you were asleep you lazy mutt," Tonks laughed. Suddenly, about eight Unspeakables came through the door.

"I trust you got my message?" Ludwig asked.

"Yes sir, we're all set," on of the Unspeakable said.

"Great," Ludwig said with a smile, before turning back to Tonks, "I believe we have dinner reservations at eight?"

Tonks laughed as she grabbed her husband's arm and he led them to the Ministry's Apparation point.

End Chapter.

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