This is just a goofy chapter:

Haru heaved, rolling off of Yuki. They both stared at the ceiling, wondering what they had done, what they were doing, what they would do. "Yuki?"


"I- I'm sorry."

"Don't apologize."

They both grew quiet, their chests moving up and down, breathing heavily.

All of a sudden, the door slid open.

Shigure walked in, his deep chestnut eyes opening widely.

Silence racked the room. Then-

"AAAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Shigure pointed down at the two lovers, his laughter belting out, rippling throughout his body. Tears rolled down his cheeks as Yuki's eyes widened, hands attempting to cover himself. Haru sat up, eyes glazed over in confusion.

"What just-?" In looking around, Haru realized what had occurred. Blushing, he chuckled softly, his eyes filled with worry yet unable to help the building laughter.

Shigure still rolled with laughter, holding onto his stomach, leaning against the door frame, his entire being shaking with hilarity. Tohru ran inside.

"What's- OH!" Tohru covered her eyes, running into the wall in an attempt to leave the room. At this, Shigure laughed harder, gasping for air, waves of tears rolling down his cheek.

"What the hell's going-" Kyo ran into the room, then abruptly stopped. He stared. And stared. And stared. Then, Kyo simply crumpled to the floor, fainting.

"Ah! KYO!" Tohru came to his aid, tripping and turning the stiff Kyo into a cat. Then saw Yuki again. She screamed and jumped up, bumping into Shigure, who turned into a laughing, howling dog. Upon bumping into him, She stumbled backwards, straight onto the naked Yuki.

Yuki, who put his hands out to stop Tohru's fall. The hands, that missed. Tohru, who fell face down.

Into Yuki's lap.

The room grew quiet, save for the raucous laughter emitted from the dark dog.

And Yuki turned into a rat. Haru slumped down, groaning and touching his forehead.

"I'm sorry Tohru. It's my fault."

But Tohru wasn't listening. Tohru too had fainted, Yuki had skittered out of the room, and the unconscious cat remained what he was: unconscious.

And Shigure pointed a doggy paw at Haru and laughed and laughed.

And Haru turned black.

And no one remembered the night, except Yuki, who had fled the Sohma house, running from Haru and his feelings, from his family, and from his true self, his real nature.

And all was quiet in the Sohma house.