ZAP! Dexter was creating a fusion remote when he clicks the button aiming at one thing and then aims it at another it will fuse the two being or objects.

"At last I have finished my greatest invention" Dexter Cheered as he held up his remote. He tested it out by fusing the spider on his desk with the cookie crumb on the ground it created a cookider pleased that his invention worked he began testing it on other objects and creatures.

Intruder Alert! INTRUDER ALERT! Dexter quickly ram to see who it was no other than his arch enemy MANDARK! Dexter aimed the remote at mandark then aimed it...dexter slipped on the slippery metal floor and the remote landed and aimed at him.

Mandark and Dexter became fused and created Dexdark terrified at this. Dexter tried to grab the remote but he had no control Mandark and Dexter had to agree on what to do because they were fused. They both decided to walk but they accidently stepped on the remote. Both of them panicking ran around in a circle in fear. Dexter and Mandark had no idea what to do first they wanted to make a machine that would de-fuse them. But school started in a couple of minutes but making the machine would take ours.

"You got us into this mess you came into my laboratory and tried to sabotage my machines" Dexter moaned.

"You created that stupid invention and pointed it at me!" Mandark snarled

"The only way we can get out of this is say we are a new student in school and when we come home from school I'll make an invention." Dexter said

"Well we don't have any other options" Mandark sighed

Dexdark boarded the bus to go to school the bus drove them to school and everyone on the bus stared at them wondering who he was.

"Are you knew to this school?" A boy questioned.

"Of course not I am Dex...Actually I am new my name is Dexdark."

The bus stopped in front of the school and all the children ran out into the school. Dexdark walked into the school and everyone began staring.

"Gee haven't you ever seen a new kid!" Dexdark yelled.