Emma gazed at an old photo of all her friends from Degrassi the last night they were all together before graduation. She sighed and tossed it back down before walking down the hall to her daughter Jenna's room. Jenna looked so much like her father, it was kinda scary sometimes. She even a lot of his personality which was strange because Jenna had never even met him. All she knew was that this guy had really loved her mom and her mom was just afraid just like she was with everything else.

"Hey Jenna, did you help your little sister pack?" Emma asked as she sat down on the bed.
"Yes mom. I helped her pack this morning while you were at work. She's upstairs with Mrs. Kennedy in case you were wondering," Jenna spoke as she tossed her black hoody over her head.
"So, I guess we're ready then," Emma smiled as she stood up and grabbed a couple of her daughters bags.
"So, mom, how come after 15 years, you finally decide its time to take us to Canada? I mean, I thought everything was going so well here…"
"It was. I just think its time is all. Your grandparents are dying to meet you girls and well, I guess I just could really use some extra help with the two of you."
"Does this have anything to do with my dad?"
"Ha! Definitely not. I don't even know if your dad is still around up there or not."
"Okay, so then you wont mind me trying to find him?"
"WHAT? You most certainly will not. He doesn't even know you exist. I've told you the story a hundred times."
"Yeah, well, the story just doesn't make sense mom. If he loved you so much, he would have been thrilled to find out about me."
"We'll discuss this later. Get in the car."

Emma couldn't imagine what would happen when they got into Degrassi but she had a feeling it wouldn't be too good. She let out a frustrated sigh as she carried her 3 year old daughter, Melanie downstairs from the neighbors. She buckled her in and the 3 girls made their way to the airport.

Once on the plane, Emma made sure Jenna and Melanie were comfortable before drifting off.

Emma was on top of the world. She had just graduated Degrassi as Valedictorian with all of her friends that she had grown up with. She'd be leaving for University in the States in a couple of months and all she wanted to do was take in everything about Degrassi before she left. She was gazing at the scenery as she walked to Manny's house for the biggest graduation party of the night.

"You know, Em, you shouldn't be walking around by yourself at night… you never know what kind of creep you might stumble upon," Jay smirked as he strolled beside her.
"Yeah, you seem to be talking from experience," Emma smirked back.
"Ouch, I deserve that I suppose," Jay laughed, "Anyway, I'm glad I saw you walk past the Dot… I talked to Sean today. He said to tell you congratulations about graduating valedictorian and all."
"You talked to Sean about me?"
"Yeah, well he asked about you and I told him what I knew. What can I say… the guys always had a soft spot for you."
"Why didn't you just change the subject or something? I know you hate me."
"I don't hate you… I kinda have a soft spot for you too," Jay smiled.
"Yeah, well…" Emma started suddenly feeling a little uncomfortable after realizing she let her guard down a little too far.
"Listen, I know you probably still hate my guts and I don't blame you, not after what happened."
"Oh, you mean giving me an STD?"
"If I knew I had it, I wouldn't have let anything happen between us, okay?"
"Yeah, well I knew better. I should have never let it happen to begin with," Emma spoke angrily.

There was some silence for a few minutes and they finally stopped in front of Manny's house.

"So, what do you say?" Jay asked.
"About what?"
"Let me make it up to you, Em…"
"Jay, it's all in the past. I haven't even seen you in months and honestly I had practically forgotten about everything until you brought it up tonight. Just let it go. "

"Sorry Em, but I cant. I'm driving with Ellie tonight to visit Sean in Wasaga for a few days. You should come with us. We're leaving at 11. I'll wait in front of your house for five minutes before we leave. Just think about it. Sean would really like to see you."

Emma just nodded before she joined her friends inside. Why was Jay trying to be nice to her all of a sudden?

At precisely 11 pm, Emma heard Jay's civic pull up to her house. She let him wait a couple minutes. Jay had just started backing out of her drive when she came out the front door. Ellie looked shocked while Jay just grinned. Ellie sat in the back to make room for Emma. The car ride was mostly quiet.

"Ellie, you look great. College must be treating you right," Emma made small talk.

"Yeah, I love it. I just got back in to Degrassi today from Los Angeles and Jay called me up. I've missed Sean so much. I haven't seen him since last summer. So, where are you going to school at?" Ellie asked as she ran her fingers through her newly cut shoulder length red hair.
"The University of Georgia… I know it's kind of out there but they have an amazing journalism program and I got a full scholarship to be on their gymnastics team which is also an amazing program…"
"Em, that's so far away!" Jay piped up looking a little upset.
"Yeah, that was sort of the point. What about you Jay? Where are you going to go?" Emma asked not sure why she even really cared.
"I'm gonna take some night classes at the community college. I'm not really sure what I'm interested in at the moment."
"Had enough of the drugs, booze, and multiple sex partners?" Emma asked sarcastically.
"You know, you don't have to be such a bitch. I already apologized to you a million times."
"Okay, so, I could totally use a restroom pit stop," Ellie stepped in.

Jay pulled into a gas station and the girls got out.

"You know Emma, Jay really isn't as bad as he used to be. He's really taken an interest in you. I think you should let him open up to you. You might be surprised at what you find out about him," Ellie spoke as she washed her hands.
"I've always had a thing for him, El, Its just I can't stop thinking about the nights in the Ravine and what happened."
"The STD… You can't just blame him… You were there too, you could have made him use a condom."

Emma got really quiet.

"I'm sorry Em." Ellie said as she hugged her.
"No, it's okay. You're the first person to say it and it's true. It was my fault too."

The girls silently got into the car and immediately Jay could tell something was different about Emma. He winked at Ellie in the rear view mirror and she just nodded. Suddenly Emma's cell phone went off.

"Hey Manny… Yeah I'm with Jay and Ellie on the way to Wasaga to see Sean… I dunno, a couple days… Don't worry… Nah, he's really not as bad as we all thought he was… Yes, I'll let you know…. Love you too. Bye!"

"How is Manuella this evening?" Jay asked
"A little drunk at the moment, actually." Emma smiled.
"I never understood why the two of you were friends in the first place…" Jay started as he glanced over at her.
"You know what they say… opposites attract."
"Sure seems that way, doesn't it?"


Emma and her daughters stepped off the plane to be greeted by her mom, dad, and 17 year old brother, Jack. Emma ran into her parents arms.
"Emma, we have missed you so much!" Spike exclaimed.
"The girls have grown up so fast," Snake added as he took Melanie into his arms.
"Yes, they have. You know I'm really sorry about not bringing them around at all… Things were just really hard for a little while, financially and everything."
"It's okay, sweetie. You guys are here now, and that's all that matters," Snake smiled as he wrapped his arm around his daughter.
"So, Jenna… Melanie… I'm your uncle Jack."
"Puh-lease!" Jenna laughed. "You're like a year older than me. Don't expect to hear Uncle Jack uttered from these lips."

"Do you know who she reminds me of?" Snake whispered.
"I was just thinking the exact same thing," Spike agreed.
"Let's not even go there. Got it?" Emma said as she grabbed some of their luggage. She looked up and couldn't believe her eyes. Jay was on the other side of the luggage pick up making out with some brown haired knock out. Emma had to get out of there before he saw her and before he saw Jenna.

"Yo, Mr. Simpson!" Emma made a run for the door, luckily Jenna and Jack were already in the car.

Snake turned around to see Jay walking up with a young woman.

"Jayson Hogart, I don't believe my eyes…" Snake spoke as he shifted Melanie on his hip.
"How have you been sir?" Jay spoke although his attention was focused on Melanie.
"I'm still in remission, luckily… for give me for being rude. This here is little Melanie." Snake smiled.
"The resemblance is uncanny. She looks just like Emma."
"Lucky girl, eh?" Snake asked to which Jay just nodded.
"Oh, I'm sorry too Mr. Simpson. This is Ashley, my fiance. I met her in California when I was there on business," Jay forced a smile still curious about Emma.
"It's nice to meet you Ashley. Well, I should be going. Time to get this little rascal home and in bed. It was good seeing you Jay. You seem to be doing well. Keep it up." Snake started to walk away.
"Mr. Simpson, one more thing… how is she?"
"Why don't you just ask her yourself," Snake nodded toward the van. Jay looked over and saw Emma staring at him, she immediately shifted her gaze. She was more beautiful than he remembered.
"Maybe another time… say hello to Mrs. Simpson and Jack for me. See ya."

Jay and his fiance walked in the opposite direction to an SUV that was parked nearby. Once Emma was at her parents house, chaos insued. Emma and the girls would be back in her old basement room until she found them a new home. Jenna seemed less than thrilled.

"Hey, JACK!" Jenna called upstairs.
"Yeah?" Jack called out as he walked downstairs.
"Mind giving me a tour of Degrassi? Moms gonna take a nap with Melanie and I'm bored out of my mind."
"Sure, come on." Jack smiled as he lead the way.

Emma lay on her old bed with her daughter cuddling close by. She looked across the room and saw the hat.


Ellie, Emma, and Jay had just pulled into the Wasaga Beach apartment that Sean now resided in. Sean came running down. Ellie practically jumped into his arms while Jay and Emma stood back. Sean smiled at them.

"Hey you two… listen, I'm really thrilled that you guys are here, but do you think that maybe you could make yourselves busy for a couple hours? I haven't seen my girl here, in months… and well…" Sean started.
"No more said," Emma smiled.
"Aw, Sean. You're really gonna make me hang out with Earth girl?" Jay jokingly asked winking at Emma.
"I'm just gonna go put on my swim suit and we'll be out of you guys hair for a little while, okay?" Emma smiled.

When Emma came out of the bathroom, Jay and Sean were watching t.v. Ellie must have been waiting for Sean in the bedroom. Sean playfully whistled while Jay had gone quiet with awe. It was true, Emma had filled out rather nicely in the past year and the swim suit Manny bought her for her birthday showed it all off nicely.

"Don't you have something you could cover up a little with?" Jay asked suddenly not wanting anyone at the beach to see her other than himself.
"Oh, I knew I shouldn't have let Manny talk me into this. I definitely don't have her body…" Emma grabbed a towel and ran off.
"Shit." Jay muttered.
"Why did you have to do that?" Sean asked.
"I, uh… I'm not really sure…"

Jay grabbed his towel and ran down to the pool. Emma was sitting on the edge swinging her legs through the water. Jay plopped down next to her.

"Emma, I'm sorry."
"Don't be. I was only kidding myself." Jay could tell she had been crying.
"Truth?" Jay asked.
Emma nodded.
"You look incredible in that bathing suit. In fact, I think you are a million times more beautiful than Manny. I was just jealous. I didn't want any other guys out here to see how beautiful you are."
"Theres no one else out here, Jay." Emma smiled.
"But I didn't know that before."

Emma stood up and started taking off the clothes she had covered her bikini with.

"Can you help me with this?" Emma asked. Jay stood to help her and as soon as he did, she gave him a little push into the pool. Emma grabbed the hat off his hat before he fell in. She started laughing.

"You think that's funny, do you?" Jay smiled as he climbed out of the pool and pulled her into a big hug getting her clothes soaking wet. He grabbed the hat from her hands and placed it on her head. "You're absolutely beautiful, Em… don't ever let anyone tell you different." He gave her a kiss on the cheek before stripping and jumping into the pool. Emma smiled.

"You're naked!" Emma exclaimed. "Oh my goodness. I can't look. Put your trunks back on."
"Don't be shy. Its completely natural, besides its nothing that you haven't already seen."
"True. But, what makes you so sure that I would want to see it again?" Emma asked.
"Maybe the fact that you haven't stopped staring since I jumped in?"
"I'm so sorry," Emma blushed as she closed her eyes, "really I am."
"I'm not ashamed," Jay winked at her.
"How do you do it? Just not care, I mean? I wish I could be like that"
"It's really easy. Come here. I'll help you."

Emma got into the pool and walked over to where Jay was. He slowly wrapped his arms around her shoulders and gently tugged on the strings of her top. It fell into the pool. He picked it up and tossed it over to the side.

"See," Jay grinned, "That wasn't so bad was it?"
Emma was so caught up in the excitement of letting loose that she threw her arms around Jays neck and began kissing him. They were interrupted by someone clearing their throat. They looked up to see Ellie and Sean.

"We, um, got a little hungry so we thought we would look for you guys and see if you wanted to come out to eat with us," Ellie blushed as she spoke.

Emma's arms were still around Jay so that her breasts wouldn't be exposed. He shielded her while she put her top back on.

"It really wasn't what it looked like," Emma tried to explain to Ellie.
"It just looked like you guys were having a good time. That's what this trip is all about."
"Ugh, my hair is such a mess," Emma frowned into the mirror.
"Just pull it back and wear Jay's hat like you were in the pool. That was pretty hot, Em, and besides seeing you in his hat, will totally turn Jay on. Trust me."

Sean and Jay were on the balcony waiting for the girls.

"So, do you have a thing for Emma?" Sean asked.
"She's just different from any other girl that I have ever known and I feel like she really needs me. I haven't felt needed in such a long time."
"Did she forgive you for the STD?"
"Yeah, I think she and I are finally past that."
"Just be careful. Emma is different. She has this tough girl cover but really she'll crumble very easily."
"So, you're not mad?"
"Nah… just take care of her for me. Otherwise I'll kick your ass."

"Hey guys, we're starving, lets go," Ellie ordered. Emma smiled at Jay.
"Nice hat, Earth girl. It looks good on you." Jay grinned.
"If you want it back, I could always go find one of mine…"Emma started.
Jay wrapped an arm around Emma's shoulder.
"I want you to keep it. It looks better on you anyway," Jay whispered.


"So, Jack… What can you tell me about my dad?" Jenna asked as they sat down on the steps of DCS.
"Honestly, not much. I was just a baby when Emma moved away."
"But surely Snake and Spike have spoken about everything around you…"
"Not really. I'm sorry to disappoint you. Emma and your dad have always been a really hush hush situation. Mom always blamed him for Emma moving to the States," Jack sighed as he sipped his milkshake.
"Well, well. If it isn't Jack Simpson. Its summer vacation, honey, what are you doing here?" Paige Michaelchuck walked up.
"Hey Ms. Paige. I was just showing my niece around town."
"Niece? You mean, this is…?"Paige started but stopped when she saw Jack pleading for her not to say anything else.
"You must be Emma's daughter. I was friends with her… well sort of. You know, I gave her, her very first tampon." Paige was laughing.
"Gross!" Jenna exclaimed.
"Wow, tell your mom to come see me. I have got to catch up with her," Paige smiled.
"Listen, Jack. I appreciate you showing me around, but I'd really like to take a walk on my own. I'll meet you back home," Jenna grabbed her bag and stood to leave. Paige and Jack watched as she lit a cigarette as she strolled away.
"She looks and acts just like him!" Paige exclaimed.
"Yeah, Emma has her hands full. That's why she moved her family up here. Worst of all, Jenna is asking so many questions. She's gonna find out who her dad is and it's going to be soon."
"I don't see what the big deal is. And I'm going to make sure Emma knows it. Tell Spike that Alex and I are coming to get Emma this evening for a girls night out. Its time she comes to terms with her past." Paige spoke as she sprinted to her car.

"Paige, I look silly. I'm a mom now," Emma said as she gazed at her reflection. She was wearing a tight blue halter top with a blue jean mini skirt and pair of Steve Madden wedges that made her already long legs extend for miles.

"I'm a mom too, and you don't see me trying to look like a grandma," Paige sprayed hairspray over her hair.
"Yeah," Alex piped in, "Havent you ever heard the term MILF?"

Emma blushed.
"Where are we going anyway?" Emma asked.
"Just this awesome bar in town. It opened a couple years after you moved." Alex spoke.

Just then Jenna walked into the basement.

"Damn, mom. You look hot," Jenna smirked.
Alex's eyes went really big.
"Go upstairs Jenna. Melanie needs you to be around. It's confusing for her to be around people that she doesn't really know."
"But its okay for you to go out… I hate you." Jenna stormed upstairs.

"Is there a reason she looks just like my high school boyfriend? Last I checked the two of you hated each others guts…" Alex smirked.
"Jenna is Jay's daughter, Alex. It happened the summer after I graduated. I was already at school when I found out and Jay had moved on. My mom raised me on her own and I knew I could do it too. He doesn't know and I would greatly appreciate it if you didn't tell him."
"You knew, didn't you, Paige?" Alex asked.
"Jack kinda let it slip when he was in grade 8. I saw the pictures of Em and Jenna in his locker and I mean she looks just like him. Anybody that sees her will know without a doubt." Paige admitted.
"Worst of all, she acts just like him… I mean I thought he had to be around her to influence her but its like it was in the blood or something." Emma shook her head, "I really could use a couple of drinks."

Alex, Emma, and Paige checked their reflections one more time before leaving the house. The cab pulled up to a bar called The Hole in the Wall. It was a pretty big bar for a place like Degrassi. And it seemed to be hopping. The place was crowded. Emma and Paige grabbed a couple seats at a table while Alex went to the bar. She smiled when she saw Jay crunching numbers in the office behind the bar.

"Yo, can't a girl get some service around here?" Alex smiled as she yelled so Jay could hear her over the music.
"Mam, you're gonna have to wait your turn," Jay spoke, not looking up.
"I kinda thought being the owners ex, I get special treatment…."
Jay looked up and smiled.
"Yeah, well that was before she dumped me for another girl."

Jay walked out of his office and gave Alex a hug.

"How have you been?" Alex asked.

"Just really busy… It's been hard trying to run this place from L.A."
"Yeah, I heard that you moved there a couple years ago. What brings you back?"
"Well, I'm thinking of selling the place. Sean doesn't really have the time to keep an eye on this place and run his car shop too…"
"Yeah, Sean comes in to the Dot for lunch every once in awhile. I still can't believe he hasn't dated anyone since Ellie."
"Yeah, it sucks when a girl completely breaks your heart. All you wanna do is focus on your work…" Jay sighed.
"Sounds like you're speaking from experience… who's the girl?"
"Doesn't matter. She might as well not even exist anymore…" Jay changed the subject quickly, "So, who are you here with?"
"Paige and somebody we went to school with a long time ago. Actually, there are supposed to be a lot of people from school here tonight."
"Well I have to get back to the books… I'll catch you guys before you leave."

Alex shrugged her shoulders and headed back to the table.

"Hon, where are the drinks?" Paige asked.
"I ran into somebody I used to know, I got side tracked, I'm sorry."
"Hey, is that Manny and Craig?" Emma squealed.

Manny and Craig walked over to the table holding hands.

"Emma, I have missed you so much!" Manny shrieked.
"Not nearly as much as I have missed you. You're pregnant!" Emma smiled.
"Yeah, and baby makes 7..." Craig laughed.
"You have 7 kids?" Emma began to feel a bit of a buzz from the alcohol she drank at home.
"No, this will make 5..." Manny smiled as she hugged her friend.
"Wow. And you guys look so happy! That's awesome. Um, I need to go to the restroom. I'll be right back." Emma stood up and began wandering the bar to find the restroom.

"Jay's here." Alex spoke up.
"Well, this is his bar, that you decided we should come to…" Paige hissed.
"Will she freak out when she sees him?" Craig asked.
"I don't know. I'm still far beyond confused by the whole situation… I mean she gets pregnant by him after hes already confessed his love to her… He would have stuck by her through it all…" Manny added as her friends got quiet.
"Jay, babe. How are you?" Paige smiled.
"I'm good. What were you guys talking about?" Jay asked.
"Oh, this stupid soap opera that Paige and Manny got me hooked to." Alex chimed in with a smirk.
"Yeah, you see this really good girl kinda had a thing for this bad guy because he made her adventurous and she experienced things with him that she had never experienced before. Anyway, supposedly the guy loses his heart to the girl and I'm talking totally whipped by her. But it scares her and anyway she winds up pregnant and on the first plane to the States…" Craig spoke nonchalantly.

Emma walked up not noticing Jay.

"Thanks guys for telling my whole life story to a complete stranger," she laughed drunkenly, "Hi, I'm Emma." She turned towards him and her face went white.
"Em, what are you talking about?" Jay asked suddenly very confused.
"Nothing. I need to get out of here. I can't believe you guys would do this to me." Emma ran out. Jay ran after her.

"Emma… Em… Wait up. Please. I need to know what you're talking about. Please." Jay begged.
"Why do you care?" Emma asked crying.
"Because Emma. I've always cared about you. Don't you get it? From the time that I saw Rick almost come at you at the Dot. I've cared… Please just tell me what Craig meant back there."
"Jay… I'm a mom."
"Yeah, I know. I met your little girl Melanie at the airport the other day. Her father is a very lucky guy."
"Her father didn't think so. He left me when he found out I was pregnant."
"I'm sorry Em."
Jay wrapped his arms around Emma. She sobbed into his shoulders.
"I'm still really confused though, Emma."
"I can't talk about all of this right now. I just can't." She cried.
"Listen, you don't need to go home like this… I have a couch in my office you can sleep it off on."
"Your office?" Emma asked.
"Yeah, I own the Hole in The Wall…" Jay smiled. "Come on."
He took her hand and led her to the back where his office was. He placed a blanket over her and then stepped out closing the door behind him. Emma looked around. Jay had tons of pictures all over the walls. There were pictures of Jay with Sean and Alex and a smile crept to her mouth when she noticed a picture of herself with Jay from Wasaga that summer.


Emma and Ellie were laying out at the beach after breakfast.

"You know, Em… Last night I was okay with sharing Sean's bed with you and making the guys take the couch, but really, it's been a really long time for Sean and I and I want to be with him as much as possible," Ellie talked as she sketched a picture of Sean and Jay surfing.

"I know, Ellie. I'm sorry. Really I am. I just get nervous around Jay."
"Jay would never do anything to you that you wouldn't want him to. He really does have some respect for girls."
"Yeah, I guess I'm more afraid that if he started something, I wouldn't stop him and we all know what happens then."
"Jay's different now, Em. Ever since Alex blew him off hes just changed… A lot of people say that has a little to do with you too after the whole STD outbreak thing."
"What do you mean?"
"He told Sean that he felt really bad about how things went down with you and that he wants to make it up to you. Something about a girl with so much virtue seeing some good in him or something."
"Last night, at the pool… I can't even explain it to you. The way he makes me feel. I feel like I can do anything."
"New flash, Emma. That's called being in love."
"In love with Jay… you're wrong, Ellie. Theres just no way." Emma shook her head suddenly not so sure anymore.

Jay and Sean plopped down in the sand.

"You know, the two of you are the prettiest girls on the beach," Sean kissed Ellie on the cheek. Both girls blushed.

"I think I'm gonna go get in the ocean. Jay, will you teach me how to surf?" Emma asked as she stood up brushing the sand off of her butt.
"Sure. Do you think you can handle it?"
"Seriously Jay, if you can do it… It can't be that hard."

Sean and Ellie's mouths dropped. Jay stood up and chased her into the water. They looked like a bunch of school kids with him tickling her every time he caught up with her. Ellie began sketching. Finally Emma and Jay sat down close to the water.
"So, are you having a good time?" Jay asked.
"Yeah, surprisingly." Emma smiled.
"Me too."
"Listen, tonight, Ellie asked me to take the couch with you… so, no funny business, okay?"
"Me… funny business? Never." Jay spoke sarcastically, "So, um, about that surf lesson…"


Jay walked over to the table where Alex, Paige, Manny, Craig, and Spinner were sitting.

"So, who wants to tell me what the hell is going on?" Jay demanded.
"It's not our place too, Jay. Give Emma some time. She'll tell you everything." Alex patted her ex on the back.
"It's just nothing anyone has said tonight has made any sense…" Jay sat down rubbing the top of his head still confused.
"Oh my god. You have gotta be kidding me! What is Jenna doing here?" Alex exclaimed running over to where the teenage girl was climbing on the bar to dance. Paige ran after her.
"Who is Jenna?" Jay asked Spinner.
"I don't really know. She looks like a fine piece of ass though if you ask me." Spinner answered checking the girl out.

"I'm gonna go check on Emma," Manny stood up leaving the guys to be by themselves.

Alex grabbed Jenna's arm and pushed her up against a wall.

"What in the hell are you doing?" Alex asked.
"I'm just having a good time, relax." Jenna answered.
"You're not even old enough to be here…" Paige added.
"Don't ya love fake I.D.s?"
"Your mom is going to kill you!" Paige exclaimed.
"I don't even see her. Story of my life. Mom's never around!"

Jay and the guys walked over seeing the confrontation.
"What's going on here?" he asked.
"Nothing, Jay. Don't worry about it. We have everything under control." Paige forced a smile.
"Did you just say Jay?" Jenna asked suddenly softening up a little bit.
"I'm Jay. I own this place. Is there something I can help you with?"
"Daddy!" Jenna threw her arms around Jay's neck. Jay looked at Paige and Alex who suddenly looked very guilty.
"I'm sorry. I have no idea what you are talking about." Jay said as he let the girl go.
"My mom… Emma Nelson, she was your girlfriend about 15 years ago, at least that's what she said… she might be lying though. She always does. Anyway, she told me that you are my dad. Jay Hogart, right?"
Jay just nodded as he pulled the girl in close to him.
"I'm sorry… I just never knew… You're mom never told me." Jay spoke.
"My mom is such a bitch."
"Alex, will you guys take her home. I need to speak with Emma," Jay choked as he walked towards the back where Emma was.

Jay heard Emma and Manny talking through the door.

"That day that I found out about her… I was so happy. I thought Jay would be too… but then I heard him talking to Alex about how he could never be a dad. Not after everything he went through growing up… I was so upset." Emma cried.
"It was his choice to make, Em. He could have surprised you."
"Manny… I didn't want to give him the opportunity to talk me out of having her. I mean, I know moms shown you pictures. She looks so much like him. I have a piece of him with me always."
"Emma, I really need to talk to you, now." Jay demanded as he walked in. Manny gave her friend a quick hug and walked out of the office. Jay plopped down next to Emma.

"So, I just found out that I have a 15 year old daughter who enjoys dancing on bars for drunk perverts… care to explain?" Jay asked calmly.
"Jenna won't be 15 until next month… She's always been a bit of a wild child. She's nothing like me."
"She has your pretty blonde hair, and your skinny body."
"Yeah, well everything else about her is all you. I'm really sorry that I kept her from you."
"Why did you?"
"Because you didn't want kids. I didn't want to ruin your life. I cared way too much about you."
"And you didn't think that you running away from me when our relationship was finally just starting ruined my life because I have news for you. I was miserable for so many years because of you."
"I'm sorry."
"You should be Emma. I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. I wanted us to get married and have lots of children and mostly I just wanted us to be happy together."
"Doesn't sound like the Jay I once knew."
"Yeah, well apparently theres a lot about me you didn't know… I need some time to think. Would you just go home now…" Jay stood and opened the door for her to leave. She cried as she walked through the door.
"Jay, I really am sorry… I'll talk to you when you decide you're ready. I'm staying at my parents house."

Jay closed the door behind her as she left. He sat on the couch trying to make sense of everything. There was a knock on the door.

"I'm really not in the mood." Jay barked.
"Dude, open up. It's Spin and Sean." Spinner yelled through the door.

Jay opened the door to his friends.

"So, I saw Emma leave here crying. What happened?" Sean asked.
"Turns out she and I have a teenage daughter together…" Jay spoke.
"Well that's some news." Sean said as he sat down behind Jay's desk.
"You should have seen her, Sean. She's pretty hot." Spinner smiled.
"Dude, that's my daughter and she looks just like me… that is so wrong on so many levels." Jay laughed.
"What are you gonna do?" Sean asked,
"I don't know… I guess I still need to understand why Emma kept her from me. I mean that summer… I told you that I wanted to share a life with Emma. Everything…" Jay just shook his head.
"Do you still have the ring?" Sean asked. Jay nodded towards the desk drawer.
"Whoa! You bought Emma a wedding ring, 15 years ago and you still have it? Why didn't you just go after her or something?" Spinner asked in complete disbelief.
"It took me months to finally get her address from the Simpsons and they basically told me that I really needed to get my stuff together before I tried to get Emma back… now I see why."
"I just don't get it. That summer in Wasaga…. She cared about you so much. It was so obvious," Sean spoke puzzled.


Emma and Jay were watching a movie in Sean's living room in Wasaga Beach.

"Oh my gosh! This is so disgusting! I can't believe this is your favorite movie." Emma squealed hiding her face behind a pillow during The Exorcist.
"You're not scared are you?" Jay asked jokingly.
"Never! Just totally and completely grossed out."
"We can turn it off. Its not a big deal." Jay laughed.
"I'm just gonna go ahead and go to sleep," Emma smiled as she rolled over on the roll out sofa.
"Yeah, I'll take the floor. If you need anything, just yell."

Jay stood and grabbed some blankets for the floor. He turned off the television and the lights and made himself comfortable. He was just about to fall asleep when he heard Emma.

"Jay.. Jay… Jay!"
"Yeah, Emma, I'm here." He stood walking over to the fold out sofa.
"Sleep with me. Please. I can't take it. That movie really freaked me out."
"Okay. I'll just lay over here." Jay grinned as he climbed into the bed. Emma moved over towards him, laying as close as she could to him. He smiled.
"You're my hero, Jay. You know that. You always have been." Emma smiled as she lay her head on his chest. When he finally felt that she had drifted off to sleep, he kissed her forehead and whispered. "I love you Emma. I always will." She smiled, hearing exactly what he had said before finally drifting to sleep.

The next morning, Emma woke before Jay. It was still dark outside so Emma decided to have some fun. She lightly kissed his lips. His eyes fluttered open.

"Good morning!" Emma smiled.
"Ugh, Em, it's still dark outside." Jay yawned.
"You know, I was thinking…"
"Oh no, about what?" Jay asked.
"The excitement of sleeping with you right now… the chance that we might get caught. That would be pretty hot."
"Em, stop teasing."
"I'm not teasing. I mean it, Jay. Kiss me!"

Jay didn't have to be told twice. The two started making out like crazy but were interrupted when the light turned on and Emma and Sean stood there eyes wide open.

"Oopsy." Emma smiled.
"We… uh… we got hungry," Sean laughed as he looked over at Ellie.
"Oh, well don't mind us. We were just going to get a shower. Come on Jay." Emma winked.

Jay's eyes bugged out of his head. He couldn't believe that Emma could be so frisky. He stood to follow her.

"Well… The lady waits," Jay grinned and winked at Ellie and Sean.

As soon as the bathroom door closed behind them They all started laughing.

"Em, did you see their faces… That was great!" Jay smiled as he sat down on the toilet seat while Emma was in the shower. She peaked her head from around the curtain.

"Are you getting in, or what?" She asked.
"Are you serious?" Jay asked in surprise.

"What changed your mind about me?" he wondered.

"I heard what you said to me last night when you thought I was sleeping," she smiled, "and you can get in when you tell me again. For real this time."
"Em, you weren't supposed to hear that."
"But I did and if you weren't lying I don't see a problem…"
"I do love you Emma. You're so different from all the girls."
"Well, Jay. It's your lucky day cuz I happen to love you too. I feel so wonderful when I'm around you. A feeling that I don't want to go away."

Jay had already climbed in the shower at this point. The two were kissing like crazy. An hour later there was a knock on the door.

"Emma, I thought you and I could hit some stores this morning…" Ellie called through the door. The door opened and Jay and Emma both wrapped in towels, holding hands walked out. Ellie smiled.
"You guys look like prunes," Sean laughed.
"Ellie. You Don't mind if the guys come with us, do you? Its just that well I'm not ready to be a part from Jay…" Emma blushed.
"Really, the two of you go. I wanna hit the waves before we go home in the morning," Jay kissed Emma on the forehead and smacked her butt towards the living room to get her clothes.


Emma sat on her parents couch sipping her coffee. She was looking through an old photo album when the doorbell rang. She stood up, checking her reflection in the mirror before opening the door. Jay stood there with his hands in his pockets.

"Hey." Emma spoke.
"Em, we have to talk. Everything needs to be settled when I leave here tonight."
"I agree. Let's go down to my room."

Jay followed her into the basement. Just like he had done so many times that summer.


Jay helped Emma carry her bag down into her room when they got home from Wasaga.

"Wow, you're room is so girly." Jay laughed.
"Yeah, well, better that than boyish." Emma laughed.

She sat down on her bed and patted a spot for Jay to sit.

"So, we're home now… Is everything going to change?" Emma asked somewhat scared.
"Well, I was thinking that you could be my girlfriend… if that's okay…" Jay spoke never being more nervous in his life.
"Yeah, I'd like that… but what about our friends, they're all going to think we're crazy."
"Let em. Who cares. This is about us and nobody else." Jay whispered before kissing her and being interrupted by Snake.

"Whoa, Jay Hogart, what the hell are you doing in my daughter's room?" Snake asked.
"It's okay dad. Jay and I are together now. Things are different," Emma spoke up.
"I'm gonna let it go for now… but I'm not happy. Just so you know!" Snake exclaimed before returning upstairs.


"Where are the girls?" Jay asked plopping down on Emmas bed.
"Mom and Dad took them to breakfast and shopping…"
"So, Jenna… did you give her my last name?" Jay wondered.
"I did."
"Tell me about her…" Jay encouraged.
"Here, this is a photo album. I want you to have it. It's pictures of everything important she's done growing up… The things that you missed because of me."
"She's beautiful, you know?"
"I know. She's really a handful most days. She drinks, smokes, hangs out with guys that I absolutely detest… but at the same time she makes straight A's every year. It's incredible, really."
"So, I guess she's a lot like both of us."
"Emma… Explain why you felt that I shouldn't know about her…"
"I told you, I heard you say you didn't want kids…"
"I was 18 years old. A complete moron. I used to say a lot of things…"
"It just hurt. That's all." Emma sighed.
"Well, why are you back now all of a sudden?"
"I needed help financially… and Jenna… I just have my hands full with her. I think its partly because she's never had a father figure. I just can't control her on my own anymore and I'm scared because I know she's been doing drugs and I can't lose her. She's all I have left of you…" Emma cried as Jay wrapped her into arms.

"Mom… Dad?" Jenna asked confused.

To Be continued.