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"Letting me go, trusting me is the only way to save your friend, Samantha."

Daniel was torn between saying what he knew he should and saying what he wanted. Finally, after a few minutes of long silence he said, "I'll try."

"Thank you, Daniel," Jolinar said as she moved to sit back down on the bed.

"NO!" Jack said when Daniel and Teal'c brought the proposition to General Hammond and Jack. "I will NEVER trust a Goa'uld! We can't trust him!"

"Colonel!" Hammond shouted, "Stand down!" When Jack had quieted, Hammond turned to Teal'c, "Teal'c? Is there any other way to save Captain Carter?"

"I do not believe so, General Hammond. If you wish to preserve the life of Captain Carter then you must let Jolinar flee from the Ashrak."

Hammond sighed. He didn't want to give up one of his own…but if it saved her life what could he do? "Do it," he nodded to Jack. The Colonel was enraged at the thought of letting a Goa'uld go – possibly with critical knowledge of the Stargate program! But he did as he was told and released the prisoner through the Stargate.

Jolinar tried to calm Sam down as they gated to one planet after another, finally ending up on the Tok'ra base. Calm down, Samantha! As soon as I am able to procure a new host – I will. You will be returned to your planet as soon as that takes place.

'So long as that happens soon, Jolinar!'

Patience, my host. Patience.

They walked a few miles before the group of Tok'ra guards emerged from the sand to surround them. "You are surrounded!" one of them said. "Who are you?"

"I am Jolinar of Malkshur. I have important information to relay to the high council," Sam heard and felt herself say.

"Jolinar?" one of the other men said. He had brown hair cropped close to his head and bright blue eyes. "Is it really you?"

She smiled, "Yes, Martouf, it's really me. But I haven't much time, the Ashrak is probably still after me – and if it's not then the System Lords will send others. Please, I must speak to the high council!"

Martouf hesitated, "Relay your message to me and I will tell the high council. If the Ashrak is still after you, then you need to continue to move."

Jolinar nodded, "Very well, Martouf." She leaned in and quietly told her mate what news she had gained while on her mission. "We have a spy among us."

Martouf's eyes flashed and Lantesh spoke, "Who?"

"Cordesh. He is in the service of Apophis." Jolinar looked around, "I will send you the rest of the information as soon as I am on a safe world." Her hand briefly went to touch Martouf's cheek, "Good-bye, my love."

Jolinar stepped onto the fifteenth planet, checking it for any possible dangers. When she found none, she sighed, letting herself relax against a tree trunk. Before she could react, however, there was a knife at her throat and a female Jaffa was saying, "Well, well, well. What have we here? A Goa'uld who's stepped out of their domain and into ours."

Jolinar's eyes flashed, "We are not Goa'uld. We are Tok'ra."

The woman's face came closer as she whispered deadly into Sam's ear, "Prove it."

Sam's eyes flickered to her captor's face, "The name of the symbiote is Jolinar of Malkshur. The host is one of the Tauri, Captain Samantha Carter. Why would we even pretend to be those women?"

The knife vanished as quickly as it had appeared. "Forgive me, Jolinar. We have heard much of your exploits and those of your host."

Jolinar sighed as Sam said in her mind, What exploits? This is really confusing!

'Silence! I will explain all in time.'

"You bear the sign of Moloc. How do I know you will not kill me as soon as I step on the trail with you?"

The brown haired woman looked down, "I guess you don't. But how do I know that you're really who you said you are? We'll just have to trust each other."

At the camp Jolinar was surprised to see many women and girls of all ages surrounding her. It's just like the Amazons in Earth mythology, Sam said in her mind.

'What were they like?'

Female warriors. They never let a man enter into the tribe after all their men were killed in a raid. Amazons are the strongest, most honorable group of warriors in Earth history.

One of the watching women came up and addressed Jolinar, "I am Mala."

The scout who had found Jolinar knelt, "Mala, I found this woman near the Chapp'ai. She claims to be Jolinar of Malkshur and her host to be Captain Samantha Carter of the Tauri. I thought Ishta would wish to see them."

Mala nodded, "Good work, Neith. I'll inform Ishta."

A few minutes later Sam/Jolinar were standing in front of a blond haired woman inside a tent. She also bore the mark of Moloc. "Captain Carter, your reputation precedes you. As does yours, Jolinar of Malkshur."

Jolinar bowed her head, "We are honored that you know of us."

Ishta smirked slightly, "I am Ishta, the leader of these Jaffa."

Jolinar bowed her head in respect, "I am Jolinar of Malkshur of the Tok'ra. My host and I are seeking refuge from the System Lords."

Ishta frowned, "It would cost a lot to my people if I were to grant your request. There could be a rebellion." She leaned forward, "Give me one good reason not to kill you now where you sit."

Jolinar could think of none, but Sam could. Slowly, the symbiote relinquished control of the body and for the first time in days Sam could feel her arms finally doing what her mind told them to do.

When she spoke, it was with her own voice, "If you kill us, then you're doing the work of the System Lords. From what Jolinar tells me, you and your women are trying to overthrow your Goa'uld master – not help his brethren."

Ishta's eyes flashed with anger, she rose and quickly was kneeling next to Sam with a knife to her throat, "Moloch is vile, evil and I am ashamed to have his mark on my forehead. How dare you say I would help him!"

Sam turned her head calmly and looked into Ishta's eyes, blue meeting blue, "By killing us, you do help him."

The knife was soon sheathed again, "You speak well, Samantha of the Tauri. Or was that Jolinar of Malkshur who spoke?"

"It was Samantha."

Ishta nodded, "You may seek refuge with us. Teach the young girls some of the ways you have learned to fight. If they learn to fight from three different races – is that not better than just knowing one?"

"Well spoken," Jolinar said. "We will teach all that we know to your young. Samantha is even a scientist, she will help with creating new weapons with which to fight our common enemy along with defenses for this base."

The Jaffa leader nodded, "But for now," she motioned to one of the guards standing by the doorway of her tent, "You must be tired from your travels. Jael will take you to your new tent." To Jael, a young woman with Middle Eastern looks, Ishta said, "Take them to the guest tent next to Neith's. It shall now be known as the tent of Jolinar and Samantha."

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