Summary: Syaoran is devastated to find that he has been betrothed to a girl against his will. How will he break the news to Sakura? And can she help and pull Syaoran out of his dilemma? This story picks up right at the end of Cardcaptor Sakura Movie 2: The Sealed Card. SS, TxY. Fluff, angst, and a splash of slash.

Note: Mind you, this story is not yet betaed. I am ill at the moment, sort of bed-ridden, bored out of my wits and in desperate need of something amusing to do. I thought I'd post a new story on FF.N. :) First CCS fic written and posted, by the way. Reviews and constructive feedback, as always, are very, very much appreciated. Also, if any of you are interested in beta-reading this particular fic, feel free to email me. Thanks so much!


"Wait, wait!" Syaoran yelled in panic, his eyes widening at the sight of Sakura backing out little by little, preparing herself to jump over the gap. "It's too big . . . you'll fall . . . Sakura -- "

Sakura dashed forward and, pushing her feet hard against the edge of the gap, leapt to the other side where Syaoran stood. "I love you!" she screamed as her body arched and bent, her entire face brightened, her cheeks gleaming pink.

Syaoran opened his arms wide and steadied his feet, and caught the girl when she landed on the platform, very barely touching the edge. He tightened his arms around her and pulled her away from the edge for fear of them both falling into nothingness. From the corner of his eye he could see the bright stream of sunlight enveloping the entire city inch by inch, and as those that had disappeared returned one by one, trees instantly turned green and flowers began to bloom. In the city people fluttered their eyes open and yawned, waking up from a daze.

In his arms, Sakura was blushing pink all the way to the tips of her ears; her eyes were sparkling against the afternoon ray as she looked up at him. Syaoran smiled at her. "I love you," he whispered. He leaned forward, tilting his head a little bit to the side, and pressed his lips ever so softly on Sakura's. Sakura gave a small intake of breath as their lips met, then she closed her eyes and returned the kiss.

It ended as quickly as it had started. Both of them stood awkwardly afterwards, her wrapped in his arms, staring at him in astonishment, and him staring back with wide eyes, unable to move or talk. His heart thudded mercilessly against his ribcage and he could feel blood rushing to his head, heating up his face and dizzying him. He staggered a little; Sakura caught him with both hands, steadying him.

"Syaoran-kun . . ."

"I'm sorry," he said quickly. "I didn't mean to do that. I was . . . I'm sorry." He let go of her and stepped back a little, looking out into the city underneath to hide the show of emotion clouding his face. "The . . . the city seems to have r-recovered," he stammered a change of subject, inching even further away from Sakura. "We should go back to check up on the others."

She did not say a word but followed him down to greet Tomoyo and Meilin.

That night he could not get himself to sleep. The lights in the room next door where Meilin and Daidouji-san slept had since long been turned off, but he was wide-awake and felt so vibrant with energy, highly rejuvenated. He went out to the balcony and stood against the banister, staring up at the stars, and contemplated calling her. It was very late at night, though, and even if she were still awake he would risk getting scolded by her overprotective, vicious brother. He went back into his room and lay on the bed with both hands tucked under his head. He did not dare close his eyes because doing so would bring back the memory from earlier in the afternoon, when he had kissed her. His lips were still tingly from the kiss - her lips had been so soft and moist, just as he had imagined they would be. She had fit so perfectly in his arms as he held her close while kissing her, and her hair had smelled so wonderful it would permanently stick to his memory.

Syaoran rolled over and buried his face in the fluffy pillow. I'm in love, he thought, and groaned inwardly. I am so much in love with her that it hurts me everywhere.

He would be flying back to Hong Kong the next day, but all he wanted was to see her smile, smell her hair, hold her tight in his arms and kiss her just once more. For a lot longer this time.

It would be hours before Syaoran Li finally dozed off.

((ch. 1))