Over Protective

By SidleChick and Sassy

Chapter 1

Sara dropped them off at school. Annie was still worried. She was twirling her hair and biting her lip. "Sammie, what if he doesn't leave me alone."

"Don't worry Annie, everything will be ok, I won't let him hurt you... and just remember, we can't tell my parents, they will get all weird on me. " Sam took Annie's hand, and they walked into the school. The day passed in a blur. They were finishing up at their lockers. Annie had hardly thought about the man that had been following her. She closed her locker and waited for Samantha to get finished. "Got everything?"

"Yep. " She grabbed Annie's hand a began swinging it around.

"So, you wanna come over today? " Sam asked.

"I already told my Mom that I was going to your house. She doesn't get off until eight and I don't want to be alone. Who is picking us up today?" Annie asked as she hitched her backpack up on her shoulder and started toward the double doors at the end of the hall.

"My Daddy is. " She smiled widely. She loved her mother, but was a Daddy's girl at heart.

"Your dad is so cool." Annie said as they spotted the Tahoe at the end of the sidewalk.

Grissom tooted the horn a few times and waved.

She smiled. " Yes he is, I just wish my parents weren't so over protective. "

Annie tried to smile. She wished her parents felt that way about her. But her mom worked the afternoon shift at the casino so that she didn't have to be around her. And her dad, well, who knew where he was. Probably somewhere with a girl half his age.

They got in the Tahoe. "How was school today, my two lovely ladies?" Grissom asked as he kissed Sam on the cheek.

"Well, as fun as school ever will be. " She smiled, " What do you think Annie, you have fun? " She asked sarcastically, and laughed.

"Yeah, right." She rolled her eyes. "I did ace my physics test today though."

"That's great, Annie. I'm sure you parents will be proud." He turned to look at Sam. "How did you do on your Physics test today?"

"I haven't looked, I don't believe in scores and crap, I just believe in learning it and moving onward. "

"Sam, you'd better start believing in scores and crap, as you put it, or you will be grounded the rest of this year. You know the rules." Grissom said sternly as he shifted into gear and pulled out onto the road. He and Sara would have to have another talk with Sam when Annie went home.

" It's not that I don't care, it's just, I'm happy with whatever I got, cause it's not like I'm ever gonna use it. " She pulled the test out of her backpack. " I got an A minus, okay... " She sighed.

"Oh, Sam. Why must you insist on playing this games with me?" Grissom said a little irritated. He'd had a bad day at work. A missing child had been found raped and murdered. Sometimes his job was too much. Even for him.

" I'm not the one who starts the games Daddy, I just get tired of... never mind, forget I said anything. " she turned on the radio.

He just sighed and let the loud rock music fill the vehicle. They'd talk later when they didn't have an audience. "So, Annie, you coming home with us today?" Grissom half yelled over the noise.

Annie sat in the back lost in her own thoughts and hadn't heard a word that had been said since the whole test thing.

Sammie turned. She was worried about Annie, but she wasn't going to get to much in front of her dad. "Yo Annie, can you hear me? " She teased.

"What?" Annie asked perplexed.

Sam laughed a bit, and turned the music down a little. " My Father would like to know if you're coming home with us. " she smiled at Annie.

"If you don't mind, Dr. G." Annie said sweetly. "We don't mind." Grissom said as he turned the music back up for the teenagers.

Sam just smiled, and leaned on Grissom for a second, then she unbuckled her seatbelt, even though they weren't home.

"Samantha Jane Grissom, you get your ass back in that seat and belted in now. I mean now!" Grissom yelled as he slammed on the breaks.

Sam's eye's grew wide. " What! I'm just going to the backseat. "

"You should've gotten there before we left the school. Sit down, Sam." His face one of sadness and of anger.

She just sighed, looked at Annie apologetically, and got back in the front seat, and then buckled up.

Grissom gripped the steering wheel so hard his knuckles were white. "Why must you do this to me every time, Samantha. You know how your mother and I feel about playing around in the car." Kimberly Alexis Grissom had died one night three years ago because her and her group of friends were playing while going down the road. A car was not a place to play

" God Daddy, you guys are gonna have to let me grow up sometime. You know, I've never been to someone else's house for a sleep over, they all come over to our house, and it's just cause your afraid something is gonna happen to me. "

They'd pulled into the driveway now. Grissom's reply was to get out and slam his door. "Go wash up, girls. I'm sure Sara is just about finished with supper." He walked in ahead of them.

"Never dull moment with the Grissom clan." Annie stated sarcastically. Sam laughed, " I'm sorry about that, you know, sometimes, I've been tempted just to leave and never come back. But then I think about how much I love them, but one of these days, I'm just gonna get tired of it, you know. " Sam's eyes filled a bit.

Annie hugged her. "Girl, I'm here for you whenever. You know that, right?"

Sam just sniffled a bit and nodded her head. " Thanks Annie, you know... besides you and Einstein, there is no one else who listens to me. "

Meanwhile in the kitchen... Sara looked over at Grissom, she could tell he was upset. " So, how did today go? "

He just wrapped his arms around her and hugged her tight. Tears streaming down his face. He buried his head into her shoulder and sobbed.

" Honey, what is it? What happened? " Sara held onto him tightly.

"You remember that Wilson kid that went missing a few weeks ago? Well, he was found today. Raped and murdered. I worked the scene with Warrick. It was awful. AND to top that off I had a fight with your daughter on the way home. She never learns." He said drying his tears and getting angry again. He pounded the counter with his fist to help emphasize his point.

" What did MY Daughter do now. " Sara just sighed, she knew how Sam could be.

"She was going to climb in the back with Annie while I was driving. I've told her more than once that it wasn't going to happen in the car." Grissom said as he sat down on the table and put his head in his hands.

" She did WHAT?" Sara just sighed again. " We'll talk to her when Annie goes home tonight... where (sp) are they by the way? " she said looking around.

"Washing. At least that is what I told them to be doing." Grissom said as he reached for her and pulled her onto his lap. "How is my baby doing today?" He said as he kissed her lips softly. "I missed you."

She smiled. " I'm much better now. I missed you too. " She said as she kissed his lips. At the time she pressed her lips to him, Sam and Annie came in, and Sam ushered her right back out the front door. Sara just giggled a bit.

"Okay, peeping tomisinas(confused is it supposed to be just toms?) we're done. You can come back now." He helped Sara to her feet and kissed her cheek softly.

" That was a wonderfully gross surprise thank you very much. " Sam said sarcastically as the girls went to go upstairs to her room, she stopped at the stairs, went over and hugged Sara, then started for the stairs again.

"Sam, Annie, dinner in five." Grissom said as he smiled at Sam. "Samantha, I'm sorry. "

"It's ok Daddy, I'm sorry too. " She and Annie started up the stairs again Grissom took Sara's hand in his and squeezed. "Sara, I think we need to talk."

" About what hon? " she said, looking in the oven to see how supper was cooking.

"About Sam. Later. In bed." He said as he kissed her hand.

" Okay sweetie, whatever you want. " She smiled.


" Girls... Supper.. " Sara yelled up the stairs.

"Coming, Mrs. G." Annie called out. "We're just finishing up." Samantha smiled. They could be heard running all the way from downstairs as they came down the steps, Sam stopped right in the middle and said, " Bet you Five bucks, I can make the jump. " She said smiling and looking at Annie.

Grissom just rolled his eyes. They did this every time Annie was there. "Just be careful."

Samantha laughed, and jumped, landing on her feet then falling on her bum, laughing very hard. Annie stood on the steps still

"Girl, when are you going to stop falling for that. I NEVER jump." Annie laughed and high-fived Grissom. "She'll never learn, Dr. G."

She laughed. " I know... I'm so graceful, I'll get it someday. " she laughed, and poked Annie, still looking forward innocently. Sara just smiled.

"What's for dinner? It smells wonderful." Annie said as she sniffed the air.

" Food? " Samantha said.

Sara laughed. " Smart booger isn't she? " She smiled. " We are having spaghetti with home made garlic bread.

She brought the food over to the table, and the girls poured drinks.

Grissom just sat back and watched them busy themselves. If Kimmy were here, would we all be here at this table eating? Or would we still be going in four different directions? His thoughts were wondering. Thinking about Kimmy always made him this way.

As they all sat down, Sam mouthed ' watch this ' to Annie. "So Daddy, guess what, a boy asked me out today."

"Really? And how old might this boy be?" Grissom asked as he winked at Sara.

"Oh, he's eighteen years old. He wants me to go to prom with him." She said with a serious face.

"We'll discuss this later, Sam." Grissom said as he spooned spaghetti into his plate.

Sam giggled a bit, then made a funny face at Annie, causing both of them to giggle madly.

"Samantha, you haven't been in my liquor cabinet have you?" Grissom asked as he watched the two teenagers laugh wildly.

"Yep, I downed it all Daddy." She laughed, then made another face at Annie, then she looked over at the clock. It read 4:45.

"Sam, what is so important that you keep looking at that clock?"

"Nothing." She just smiled. She told Annie earlier that day, that she would have a friend call and she would tell her Dad it was that boy, even though it wasn't. She giggled.

"Homework, you two. Right after dinner." Grissom reminded them.

"So, how's school been going for you Annie?" Sara asked.

"I love school. Classes are a breeze. I got this one teacher. He lets me help him out in the lab. So cool." Annie said and her eyes lit up at the talk of school.

Sam just smiled and shook her head. The phone rang, and she winked at Annie. "That's him." She got up and answered the phone.

"Hello?... Hi Jason." It was really Lindsey Willows.

"Jason?" Grissom and Sara questioned at the same time.

"Oh, just a boy from school." Annie replied quickly.

Sam held her hand on the phone for a moment. "Jason is the eighteen year old boy who really likes me." She turned away, this was to easy. "Yeah... I'd love to..."

"Eighteen years old?" She whispered to Grissom.

"Annie, is there anyway that after supper I could run you home. We need to have a talk with Sam." Grissom asked Annie.