Chapter 15

" Please, do come in. " He smiled smugly, "You'll see her soon enough. "

"I want her out here. As soon as I give her these keys, you let her go. I'll come willingly." He stood his ground.

" We'll see. " Michael smiled evilly.

"That is the way it goes." He said firmly. "If you want me, you have me, but you have to let her go."

"Dr. Grissom, we will let her go... eventually, " He looked over at the man standing next to the steps, " Bring down the little bitch, just don't get kicked this time. " He turned back to Grissom, " She has quite the temper. "

"Gets that from her mother." He said as he thought of Sara at home waiting on Samantha.

" Mmm, maybe I'll meet her sometime. " He said as the door up stairs open.

The man held her firmly by her arm, as he lead her down the steps, her face was pale and bruised, and she was shaking quite badly. Her eyes were empty and emotionless.

"Sammie?" He called and couldn't keep the tears from his eyes. "Daddy's here."

She looked at him slowly, her eyes teary, she tried to get to him, but the other man wouldn't let her go. She tried kicking him, but he just smiled and held her tight, " Let me go. " She sobbed, her knees going out under her, the only thing keeping her up was the man who just gave her to Michael.

Grissom started to walk toward her. His need to hold her to touch her taking over his senses. "Please just let my baby go."

The man stepped back a bit, " I told you I would, just... not yet, I think we should maybe talk first, or, maybe see what happens when father and daughter are locked up for awhile." He laughed evilly.

"That wasn't the deal." He repeated.

"Please, leave my daddy alone. " Sam looked at the man pleadingly

"I know it wasn't, but look at her face, " He gently caressed her check, " Isn't just wonderful how scared she is? And for you, not her, that's the only part that puzzles me. "

He just stared at the man. It was killing him that she was that close and he couldn't get to her.

Michael starred back at him, smiling smugly, " Do you want to hug her? " He asked in a baby voice, as he smiled evilly.

"Just let her go...Let her go home." He said trying to smile at Sam...trying to reassure her that everything would be okay.

Before Michael had a chance to answer, Sam regained balance, catching him off guard as she elbowed him.

She reached Grissom just as a gun shot rang out. They both froze not knowing who'd been hit.

He dropped to his knees, and fell back to the floor, behind him stood Sara.

Grissom took Sam into his arms as Sara ran to hug them both. Sam sobbed as they held her, burying her face in her daddy's chest, and held on tightly to her mother's hand.

---------------------------------At home a few weeks later-----------------------

Grissom and Sara were sitting in the living room when they heard voices at the top of the stairs.

"Hey Annie, bet you fives bucks I can make the jump? " Sam giggled a bit.

"I'm broke about a nickel?" She teased.

"You're broke, you have all my money from me falling. " She laughed.

"Samantha Jane, you had better not be jumping down those steps again." Grissom called from the living room.

She looked at Annie, smiling, arching an eyebrow. "Okay, five bucks." Annie challenged.

Sam smiled, and took her usual leap of faith, landing, but for once in her life, she didn't fall on her bum. She turned to look at Annie, her eyes wide, as she whispered. "I did it. " She smiled brightly, her blue eyes holding excitement.

"I'm out five bucks." Annie said in exasperation. "I can't believe you made it."

Grissom and Sara came running. "I thought I told you...Hey, did you make it?"

She squealed and danced around, " Yes, Sammie Jane Grissom finally makes it! " she smiled brightly, as Einstein kept barking at her.

Grissom turned to Sara then. "Okay, this gives me the courage to ask you something. I found a pregnancy test in the wastebasket in the bathroom...are you pregnant?"

Sam turned and looked at her slowly, as if waiting for her mom to answer, all Sara did was smile brightly.

Grissom picked her up and spun her around the floor. "I guess the celebrating that we did when Sam got home, paid off huh?" He winked at her.

"Ew! " she quickly ran up the steps, laughing, and covering her ears.

"I guess so. " She smiled brightly, tears in her eyes.

Annie was close on her heels.

He scooped her up into his arms and carried her up the stairs. She smiled, " Gil, dare I ask what we're doing?" She smiled smiling

"Celebrating." He said as he kissed her mouth.

"We can still hear you." Both girls said in unison.

Grissom laughed.

Sara laughed, "Then plug your ears."