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Following the events of Harry Potter's sixth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Harry went back to the Dursleys one final time, as had been requested of him by the late Albus Dumbledore. Harry spent his week at the Dursleys in peace and left quietly without anyone noticing his departure, never to see the inhabitants of 4 Privet Drive again. A fact that pleased Harry so much he didn't even bother to conceal the tears of joy that ran down his face.

Harry arrived at the ancestral home of the Weasleys, affectionately known as the burrow, and was greeted by the entire Weasley family, aside from Percy, and a honorary Weasley like himself his best friend Hermione Granger.

Harry originally planned on skipping his seventh year of schooling at Hogwarts to complete the task of finding and destroying all of the Horcruxes that Tom Riddle, also known as Lord Voldemort, had created. Harry's journey was going to be long and difficult, so his two best friends Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger also joined him instead of returning for their final year . Harry was keenly aware that his two friends were in the beginning stages of a relationship and voiced his concerns of the effect that the journey very likely would have on it. Surprisingly, Hermione appeared somewhat relieved to hear Harry's concerns while Ron was skeptical at best.

The three friends had planned on attending the wedding between Ron's brother Bill and Fleur Delacoer as a launching point for the Horcrux search . Harry was surprisingly looking forward to the wedding, because after seeing his two best friends carry on a reasonably normal relationship, for Ron and Hermione that is. Harry was convinced he could perhaps enjoy the fruits of a relationship as well.

The primary reason for Harry's optimism was because he thought he might be able to start a relationship back up with Ron's younger sister Ginny. Harry had broken up with Ginny following Dumbledore's funeral saying that he couldn't afford her safety, and that he had an important task to undertake. Harry didn't know what he felt for Ginny but he knew that he cared for her a great deal. Harry had found it interesting that he never really had any interest in Ginny until the last year and how he always felt so detached when he was with her. It made him feel normal, and yet if there was one thing Harry wasn't, it was normal and it bothered him.

The wedding was a lovely affair with the majority of the order attending. Unfortunately, a wedding that showcased the premiere wizards of the light in a non-combat situation, proved to be too enticing of a target to pass up for Lord Voldemort. As Voldemort was indiscriminately killing people he watched as his friends had gathered behind him. Harry watched as Hermione looked into his eyes intently, and he knew that she could see what he wanted to do. Harry craved that same connection with Ginny, because he often found the girl's actions to be rash and unpredictable, even for his standards. With a flick of his wand he sent his friends back to the relative safety of the burrow.

Of course, Harry, in a typical show of Gryffindor courage confronted the evil wizard in an attempt to allow the majority of the guests to get away from the killing rampage. Voldemort taunted Harry for some time about the death of Dumbledore as Harry was watching the guests escape unharmed. Of course, Voldemort was no fool and he took advantage of Harry's guard slipping, to launch a killing curse directly at him. Thanks in large part to his year of training with Dumbledore, Harry apparated out of the way of the curse, only to reappear next to Ginny and tripping over her. Voldemort sent another killing curse at the tangled pair and Harry watched completely horrified as Ginny managed to roll Harry over and intercept the curse herself. Harry trembled as he watched his girlfriend die before his eyes.

Voldemort watched the exchange with amusement and he thought that Harry's despair, despair at the death of another loved one, was quite entertaining. Voldemort even made a point to take advantage of Harry's despair to tell him, that everyone he cared for would meet their end before Harry, so that even if he were to succeed he would be alone. As Voldemort apparated away, Harry broke down into tears of anger and sadness over another senseless death.

Hermione immediately ran to Harry knowing that he would blame himself for Ginny's death, and she wrapped him up into a tight hug as she said, "Harry we all know you would have done the same for her if given the chance." Harry merely cried and held onto Hermione tighter then he ever had before as the rest of the Weasley family mourned the passing of the youngest.

Harry and his friends exited the Burrow with heavy hearts after Ginny Weasley's memorial service, to begin the inevitable search for the Horcruxes from the comfort of 12 Grimmauld Place. They immediately solved the first riddle of who R.A.B. was, as they found the locket that Harry and the headmaster had been searching for on the fateful night of his death. It had been stolen by Regulus Black who was the younger brother of Sirius and also a deatheater turned good. It had been found through a stroke of luck when Kreacher, the Black family house elf, had passed on clutching the locket tightly in his hand.

Harry thought their journey was going to be unbelievably short when he happened upon Hufflepuff's cup on his first lead. Dumbledore had been so sure it was a Horcrux that when Hermione later verified that it was not, Harry went off on his own for a few days finally making his peace with the death of the old wizard who was the closest thing to a grandfather he had ever had. After saying goodbye to Dumbledore in his own way Harry found that for the first time he was making his own way in the world and he felt liberated by that knowledge. By the time he returned Hermione had become rather clingy as she tried to console him about Dumbledore's death while Ron was largely indifferent to Harry's plight.

Over the course of the summer and the search for the Horcruxes, Harry found that Ron and Hermione had drifted apart quickly, a fact that didn't seem to bother either that much. Over the same period following Dumbledore's death Harry had grown much closer to Hermione, surprising considering their spotty sixth year as friends. While Ron and Hermione were technically still dating, Harry was sure that the relationship they shared had returned to its original state of friendship.

The trio spent the next two months frantically taking the clues that Dumbledore had left Harry in his pensieve, and they were able to find the Horcrux that Riddle had made of Ravenclaw's reading glasses. It was destroyed in the same manner as the diary had been in Harry's second year with venom from a basilisk fang. They had dispatched with the locket similarly at the same time and were left with one more Horcrux to find, before confronting Nagini and Voldemort.

Bolstered by the success of the summer, Harry had been persuaded by his two friends, but mostly Hermione, who specifically had taken an earnest interest in convincing Harry that he had a future, to return to Hogwarts and continue their search for the final Horcrux with the aid of the Hogwarts library and the now trustworthy staff. The new headmistress, formerly the Gryffindor head of house Minerva McGonagall, promised the trio all of the leeway they required to finish their task.

Harry and Hermione were named Head Boy and Girl which caused a fair amount of jealousy from Ron towards Harry, even though Harry had pointed out that Ron was still a prefect, and he had been since fifth year. McGonagall even mentioned to Ron in spite of his jealousy, that he never would have been named a Prefect except that Dumbledore assumed that Harry didn't need another responsibility at that point in his schooling. Ron's jealousy eventually led to a big fight, in which Hermione defended Harry, and she officially broke up with Ron, further straining their friendship with the temperamental redhead.

The months passed by and every lead to the last Horcrux turned up empty, as Harry began to get a very ominous feeling that perhaps his scar could be the last Horcrux. Hermione worked with Harry as they tirelessly searched for a solution, aside from killing Harry. Hermione eventually found a means of transferring a Horcrux in the black library and it could be done without committing murder. After they performed the ritual Harry's scar was destroyed along with his connection to Voldemort and the last two soul pieces remained.

During this time, Harry and Hermione grew extremely close and finally on Valentine's Day, Harry had kissed Hermione after they finished their rounds together. It had surprised Hermione so much that after he pulled away she bolted from Harry and locked herself in her portion of the head's suite. Harry had been devastated at her flight, but he was visited in his own bed later that night by her professing her true feelings for him, and her earlier flight was forgiven. It seemed like such a natural move into their relationship that they both wondered how they had missed the connection that they shared earlier. In fact, Hermione had even admitted to Harry that she only went out with Ron because she had given up on Harry showing her any interest.

The pair was soon dating, and Harry realized that he felt much more strongly about Hermione then he ever had about Ginny. Harry soon realized that he was in love with Hermione and probably had been for a long time, and that she was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. News traveled quickly throughout the castle, as Harry and Hermione became the golden couple of Hogwarts. Ron eventually apologized as he could no longer ignore his friends, or his grades, and he had found himself a girlfriend with who he didn't argue with endlessly, in Luna Lovegood.

The couple's relationship with Ron had changed drastically since they were revealed as a couple, and one night it all boiled to a head when he attempted to rape Hermione, and revealed his true feelings towards the pair. The entire existence of the golden trio had been a sham all along, and Ron had given Harry a love potion the previous year in an attempt to get his sister together with Harry, and bring some fame and money into the Weasley family in the process.

Ron also admitted that he had only sought Hermione because he thought he'd have a chance to get her to sleep with him and that he had spent long enough in pursuit and now it was time to take what was rightfully his. Fortunately, Harry had shown up just in time and simply blasted Ron through a wall, and figuratively straight into a St. Mungo's hospital bed as he was charged with the illegal use of a love potion due to his actions of the previous year.

Ron's actions and words had come as a great shock to the couple, and after several hours of talking about the farce of the friendship they had shared with Ron, they went back to Hermione's room and made love for the first time. It had proven to be a purging experience for the both of them, as if by creating this new aspect of their relationship, they were finally able to let go of whatever they had shared with Ron.

Finally, on graduation day, Voldemort, all of his deatheaters, and over one hundred dementors attacked the grounds of Hogwarts. The ministry had been prepared for such a scenario after Harry had traded in a favor with the minister. The entire order and DA were also present as the final battle had begun. Harry and Hermione avoided the main battle, and they were able to subdue Nagini early in the proceedings and perform the Horcrux destruction ritual.

Harry went back out into the battlefield alone after he begged Hermione to stay behind, because he pleaded that he couldn't face the possibility of her dying while he lived. Hermione had agreed to his pleas, although she had no intention of keeping her promise, and as soon as Harry reached the battlefield she raced out behind him as she saw Harry and Voldemort locked up in a great battle.
Harry's power had grown greatly in the short time since his scar had been removed, as Voldemort's siphon on his power had been broken. Harry's power rivaled that of Dumbledore's at his height and Harry's power was still growing while Voldemort's had diminished without the aid of his other soul pieces.

Harry was slowly defeating Voldemort, as all of the dark lord's forces had been decimated by the ministry, order, and DA. Voldemort knew of Harry's relationship with Hermione, thanks to his spy within Hogwarts, Pansy Parkinson. Voldemort shot the killing curse at Hermione who was caught unaware, and the dark wizard killed the last person alive that Harry truly loved. Harry felt a righteous rage grow inside of him as the woman he loved, had been killed by Voldemort like so many others before her. The Harry Potter fulfilled his destiny as he cast the only killing curse he ever would in his life, as Lord Voldemort was defeated and peace was brought to the wizarding world at a terrible cost to its savior.

Harry stood over Hermione's limp body and her bright brown eyes that had held so much life earlier in the day had been dimmed forever. Harry knelt down and hugged her body as he let out an anguished scream before he was enveloped in a blinding white light and vanished.

Harry felt like he had been floating for hours, and soon time lost all meaning, before he finally stopped floating, and found himself in front of a beautiful red headed woman Harry knew in his heart to be his mother. Harry softly asked, "Am I dead?"

Lily Potter softly said, "No my darling son, you are still very much alive. You have lived such a hard life, all of those that you have truly loved; they have been taken from you, and have left you alone as you have fulfilled your destiny."

Harry's heart constricted as he began to feel the anguish of losing Hermione once again, and before he realized it, he was surrounded by all of those that he had loved in his life and had been taken from him. Harry saw Lily and James Potter smiling proudly at their son, Hermione was smiling sadly at a promising future lost, Ginny was smiling at what was never hers, Sirius was smiling sadly at his wasted chance to raise Harry, and Dumbledore was smiling fondly at the young man that had grown to become a grandson to him. The smiling ended and those surrounding him began to chant something in a long dead tongue.

Soon the chanting stopped, and Harry could hear a great and powerful disembodied voice begin to speak to him as it said, "Harry Potter, you have suffered far too much in your life. The fates have been cruel to you, and we have decided that we must make amends to you and allow you a second chance for happiness. You will be returned to a crucial time in your life, with no memory of your prior existence. The times you will be forced to endure again, they will be trying, but I will aid you in saving some of those that are dearest to your heart. You will have no idea how I will help, but I will provide guidance in your quest. Follow my guidance and your future may yet be saved. Be well, young Harry, and have faith."

Harry disappeared into the same white light that had enveloped him earlier, as he felt weightless again and yet still remembered everything he had in the past. Harry had begun to wonder if fate had intended him to keep his memories after all, or if some mistake had been made. However, the longer Harry drifted in the void, he began to lose the memories, all the pain, and ultimately all of the love he had gained over time, and soon he was left floating much as he had been in a critical juncture in his life, before he blinked and found himself in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the dungeons, with no memory of the future at all. Harry Potter, fate's child, had arrived.

Pg 300 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Snape looked coldly at Hermione, then said, "I see no difference."

Harry looked at Snape menacingly but before he could say anything Hermione whimpered and ran down the hallway to no doubt the hospital wing.

Harry looked at Ron questioningly but his red headed friend, who he currently wasn't talking to, merely shrugged his shoulders and sneered at Harry. Harry shook his head and suddenly he had visions of his time with the Dursleys, and how he had been ridiculed to the point of tears many times before. Harry immediately knew that he should catch up with Hermione, and he had to make sure she was alright.

Harry finally caught Hermione as she was preparing to enter the hospital wing. Harry gently squeezed Hermione's shoulder as she turned around with her long front teeth and tears running down her face. Harry grabbed Hermione and pulled her into a slightly awkward hug as her teeth were pressed against his chest. Harry didn't care how it looked; he had to tell Hermione how he felt about her.

Harry broke the hug as he could no longer feel Hermione sobbing and looked her in the eyes and said, "I'm sorry Hermione, I shouldn't have let Malfoy get to me. As it was, the most important person to me got hurt, because I couldn't control my temper."

Hermione's mouth curled into a small smile as her teeth prevented anything more before she said, "Oh Harry, it's ok, I can understand how it would bother you."

Harry shook his head and said, "I also apologize for not defending you from Snape, but I figured it would only be playing into his game by arguing with him, and that I couldn't really help you with this, if I was in trouble. But, I do want you to know that, with or without big teeth you are still very pretty, and don't let anyone else tell you otherwise."

Harry grabbed Hermione into one last soft hug before he said, "I suppose I should get back to potions, before Snape takes a million points from Gryffindor. See you at dinner?" Hermione nodded happily as Harry turned around and began walking back towards the dungeon.

Harry never made it to the dungeon however, he was accosted by Colin Creevy who was looking quite excited about something before he said, "Harry, you're wanted in the headmaster's office for the traditional photo of the champions and the weighing of the wands. The headmaster told me to warn you that Rita Skeeter was there."

Harry sighed as he flung his bag over his shoulder and pulled his well used wand out of his pocket. Harry figured everyone else probably had polished their wand in anticipation of the weighing and Harry was jut hearing about it now. Harry thought to himself, "I think someone put my name in the goblet just to make a fool of me. Well I won't give them the pleasure. I'll ask Hermione for her help, I know I can count on her."

Harry confidently walked into the office and was immediately grabbed by Rita Skeeter who was a very fake looking witch with entirely too much make-up on and appeared to have drawn on eyebrows. Skeeter began asking him several questions including why he had entered the tournament and then began talking about his parents. Upon hearing this Harry politely declined the interview and simply said, "Ms. Skeeter I will not do an interview now or ever that can be twisted into something terrible or unflattering that might include my parents. I have been forewarned about you and I assure you I will not take kindly to you misquoting me or snooping on me." Harry's tone brokered no argument from the slightly stunned reporter, leaving Skeeter in his wake Harry made his way to the other now laughing champions.

Ludo Bagman excitedly grabbed Harry and said, "Ah Harry, come right over here. We are just awaiting the judges for the weighing"

Harry rubbed his wand against his robes in an attempt to get some of the grime off that had collected on it, since the last time he had polished it. Fleur looked at Harry rather snobbishly as Harry continued his attempts, only to smear the grime around even worse on his wand. Harry merely shook his head at the French girl and muttered something about the female dogs of Beauxbatons.

Soon Mr. Ollivander, the old wizard who had sold Harry his wand in the first place, entered the room along with the Headmaster and Mr. Crouch. They all looked at the still seething Rita Skeeter, before Dumbledore was able to figure out what had happened and merely winked at Harry who shrugged his shoulders in a non-committal way.

The wand weighing ceremony went quite quickly as Ollivander merely took each Champion's wand and said the relative type and size of the wand before he tested them to make sure they worked. The entire ceremony took entirely too long, and after the Champion's photo was taken, Harry glanced up at a clock realized it was time for dinner.

Harry made his way down to the great hall and was surprised to find Hermione sitting by herself at the end of the table as Ron was stubbornly glancing at Harry as he entered. Hermione looked up and smiled brightly at Harry as she patted the seat next to her for Harry to sit at. Harry could tell that Hermione's front teeth had been fixed and in fact her front teeth had been shrunk slightly from how they normally were. Harry never really had a problem with her teeth before, but her smile seemed even prettier than it had even earlier that day.

Harry took his seat and softly said, "Hermione, I was wondering if you would help me finish the tournament. You are the one person I could or would trust with this, and it would mean a lot to me."

Hermione smiled and replied, "Well Harry, I had already planned on helping you. But I thank you for asking me, just the same. I have to say you have been really thoughtful today, I have to admit that I like it Harry."

Harry arched his eyebrow and asked, "Um, does that mean I'm not normally thoughtful?"

Hermione shook her head and said, "No, it just means you have been even more thoughtful today. I guess I am rather pleasantly surprised that you've taken the time to ask me how I am after everything that has been happening to you or against you lately."

Harry nodded as they settled in and talked during dinner about the potion assignment Snape had made after Hermione had left. Harry finished his treacle tart and looked very thoughtful, before he said, "I was thinking earlier that it would only be fair to help you with something of your choosing; especially if you help me with the tournament. Is there anything you want my help with?"

Hermione sat down the roll she had been buttering and looked thoughtful before she replied, "Well Harry, I am sure that you would have helped me if I had been placed in the tournament, but your idea has some merit. How about this, you help me with learning how to properly fly a broom and with some help in the practical parts of DADA, and I will tutor you in ancient runes and Arithmancy so you can take them with me next year during our OWL year."

Harry contemplated the offer before he cautiously asked, "Do you think I can do good in both classes?"

Hermione smiled and nodded before she replied, "I am absolutely certain that you can Harry. You really are quite bright, if you only applied yourself in classes. I can talk to Professor McGonagall, but I am sure she will wave you in. You should be waived in after she administers a short diagnostic test. Then you can finally drop that dreadful divination, and I will have some company in those classes."

Harry smiled and said, "Hermione, you have yourself a deal."

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