Rise of the King the sequel to Unsung Hero has been started.

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Preview of RotK


Harry stood on the precipice of a great decision- a terrible but great decision. He was fourteen years old with partial memories a life he would live if he changed nothing. That life only extended to just before his eighteenth birthday when he was killed by his brother.

Daniel was his great decision.

He watched with hooded eyes a scene from his memory playing out live before him. This time he wasn't helpless. He knew the consequences of either choice. His first large change, he thought grimly, and it had to be this.

Below him in the graveyard, the shape in the cauldron became solid, the shadows of the night forming to wrap him in robes. Voldemort was strong once more. Harry observed dispassionately Voldemort's examination of his new body. He had seen this before.

Though the original experience felt like a fish bowl, things seemed distorted or out of focus. There was also a strong sense of déjà vu but that was to be expected. The only thing absent was his determination to see that Daniel live. It would be so much simpler if he died now.

§Sire,§ Serion hissed quietly, raising his head to watch in horrid fascination Voldemort's return.

In the quiet night Voldemort's voice drifted to them on the wind. "My wand, Wormtail."

§Yes, Serion?§ Harry asked quietly, gliding softly along the line of trees, staying in shadows.

§What do you plan to do?§

§I don't know,§ Harry murmured, his keen eyes watching, waiting.