Another story around my favorite couple…


She was bent over his desk as he slipped into her. He placed his hands over hers which were presently gripping the sides of his desk. Lowering his face near her ear, he whispered something dirty and pumped into her like an animal in heat.

She wished he would slow down since her breasts were causing hot friction against the desk but she knew he wouldn't listen. Her skirt hiked up to her thighs, revealing her pink cotton panties which began to slide down her legs.

"Darien?" she turned her head slightly and looked at him. His eyes were somewhere else; all she could see was lust.

Turning her head toward the desk, she went along with the moment. Squeezing him tightly, she caught his attention.

"Damn, Serena," he growled before pounding into her harshly this time.

This was the man she was married to for 6 years, 6 years before they decided to call it off. Too bad their habits didn't follow along with their sudden plans.

They met on an online service. After that, after one date, they got married. One of her friends, Mina, had been ordained online so they had a quickie wedding at her house and went off to their honeymoon to Club Med.

Darien was the President for a marketing company for some clothing line and Serena was an Executive assistant at the same company. It was weird enough that they never met while they worked. He had been there for 5 years, inheriting the company from his dead dad. Serena was fairly new, barely a year but still. They never crossed paths.

Soon, after they got married, the news got around and everyone would see Serena sneak away from her office and into Darien's. But 6 years later, things weren't going so good. With Darien on countless business trips (A/N He's not gonna be a cheater, don't worry) and Serena taking some extra classes at NYU, time together was hard to arrange.

The first 3 years was all about sex. And it was great. Coming home every night together, they couldn't wait to rip the clothes off of each other. Tumbling into bed with K.Y Jelly slick on their hands (A/N I LOVE the commercials, hehe) they took on another life, becoming two predators, seeing who could win.

After that, sex was all that kept them together. When they finally had the time to eat a meal together, it'd end with Serena on the table, the food on the floor, and Darien fucking her ears off.

Both ended it mutually, the day after their 6th year anniversary.

But when it came time to move out, Darien couldn't. He loved the sex, and so did Serena. So they made a new arrangement. They still lived together. They tell everyone they were divorced and lead separate lives. But if they felt like it, a round of sex would follow, where ever they were.

Yes, they went on dates with other people and sometimes it lasted for a while; building relationships with people they could fuck and have a conversation with.

A lot of them understood their situation. Well not the sex part. They claimed to be friends before marriage and couldn't bring themselves to drift apart just because they weren't married anymore. But if one or both were seeing someone, sex was not allowed until both were single. Darien stayed single for that reason. Yes, he had dates for appearances and the like, but when he craved for Serena; his black book took the back seat.

The company knew of their mutual divorce and respected and basically understood the tight bond they still had with each other. So if Serena were caught going to Darien's office, no one cared. They were the image of a perfect divorce.

If only they knew what went on inside the closed door. In less than a second would she stroll in, would Darien push her against the wall and fuck her as long as he wanted. He'd cancel meetings when he craved for Serena's body. And that was all that mattered. Sometimes they'd manage a quickie or a blow, either way, Darien was able to release his stress when his golden haired goddess entered his office. Divorce made them lust for each other even more.

Dusk was barely a whisper on New York when they came home from work. Dropping their suitcases in the hallway, they made their way to the massive kitchen. Darien drank a bottle of water while sifting through the mail while Serena made them turkey sandwiches. No strings attached, that was what made them civil, a true couple but not even that.

After eating their fill, Serena cleared away the table, crumbling the napkins in the trash bins. Darien loosened his tie and shrugged off his suit jacket and button down shirt. Discarding the clothes on the back of a chair, Darien stayed clothed in a thin wife beater.

"Dim the lights?" Serena asked nonchalantly as she washed her hands.

"No, not tonight," she smiled at his words. He loved feeling like a god; his ego had been one of the factors to their divorce.

Stripping off her shirt and pleated skirt, Serena climbed on the table laid on her back. Darien stood above her, laying her legs on his shoulders and began to lower his face down until it rested on her thighs.

"Now, Darien?" she hated when he went to foreplay like this. She just wanted to fuck, that was all she wanted most of the time, and now was one of them.

"I'm still hungry," he stated before dipping into her, his tongue laying assault on her nether lips.

"Oh, Darien," she moaned loudly. He always knew her sensitive spots. Pushing his head closer, Darien began to suck deeply.

"Feisty today, are we," he murmured before going back in, biting her clit.

"Darien, I'm being serious," she groaned sternly.

"Just wait," he ordered. She gave up and let him have his fun.

He loved it when she surrendered. Licking and sucking kept her writhing in ecstasy.

She came fast, and Darien lapped it up. Rubbing her thighs with his fingers, he cleaned her up real good, not missing one spot on her.

"Happy?" he asked, lifting his head and moving closer to her.

"You know I am," she sighed as she heard the whisper of his zipper and his belt falling to the ground.

"Ready?" he said mockingly. Oh, he thought he was such a god!

"Been ready," she said, waiting for him to go.

He smirked at her before slamming her, her legs falling to wrap around his muscled torso. Sweat ran down his body as he pumped into her.

Heavily breathing by now, he didn't stop. He needed his release, and by God, he was going to fucking get it.

"Darien, slow down," she said exasperatedly, putting her arms around his neck to pull him down for a kiss.

He smothered her mouth, raping it with aggression and lust.

"Were you always this much of a nag when we were married?" he asked, still not slowing his motions. He winked at her as he sped up.

"Were you always this much of a bastard when we were married?" she shot back, which earned her a hard shove, making the table scrape back a little. She grimaced.

She didn't want to admit it, but most times, she liked it when he went rough on her. She liked feeling helpless under his body, liked it when he played the dominator. But she'd get hers soon, she smirked to herself.

He started to knead her breasts, fingering her hardened nubs and then suckling them with fervor, with need.

"Hmm…,"she mumbled, feeling sparks shoot up and down her body and meeting at that one place.

"You like that, don't you," he said kissing her throat, sucking the skin.

"Shut up, Darien," she said laughingly. His chuckle rumbled through his mouth.

Picking up his pace, he went in and out, feeling Serena becoming slicker. She moaned louder this time, her breathing hitched and her chest rising rapidly.

"Hurry up, Darien!" she screamed at him. He pitched forward, giving her one last shove that sent both of them over.

He collapsed on top of her, exhausted and happy.

"Skip the shower and head to bed?" he asked against her skin. She smiled; lifting his face shook her head.

His eyebrows burrowed in confusion until she slipped out from under him and flipped him on his back. Climbing over him, she put her legs on either side of him and lifted her up, poising herself above his hardened member.

"Serena," he warned, for she loved to tease him.

"What?" giving him a taste of his own medicine.

"Alright, I'm sorry," he caved and just as he did, Serena fell on him, and worked her way.

Rocking at first to adjust him to her sudden movements, she rode him like a jockey, her hands splayed on his smooth chest.

"Harder," he moaned. She complied, speeding up, their thighs making a smacking sound; this made Darien even hotter.

He went up, grabbed her hips and rocked with her. His fingers dug into her skin as she gasped in pleasure.

With her eyes closed, she licked her lips. This sent him over. He grabbed her midsection, stood up and slammed her against the wall.

"No! It was my turn!" Serena whimpered. But she gave in when he banged again and again. Her clit was hurting but she didn't care. Her breathing was erratic and shaky.

He gave her his signature smirk and kissed her harshly. As one hand held her leg up, the other snaked down and into her wetness. He wanted her to surrender.

"Do you want more?" he asked as he pounded her like a mallet.

"Oh, God yes! More!" she demanded and he listened. She clenched up and they both got their release after one more hit.

They slowly fell to the floor and felt sleep overcome them. Cradled in Darien's arms, Serena snuggled closer until she felt the right amount of warmth.


Okay, dis has been swimming in my head for a while, more specifically because it was a dream (when I'm on my period, I get TONS of sex dreams. Go figure.)

It's a lot more erotic den my first story but hey, variety is the spice of life….

Okay, if it's too much, den let me know.

But wen I'm on my period, I get soo freakin…………ahem……antsy, yea, dats what it is, antsy…………