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This is my version of the events that took place one-thousand years before the events of Final Fantasy X. I'll try to remain as faithful as humanly possible, but do forgive me if I take a liberty or two.

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Original Sin

By Nentikobe

Chapter 1:

Nothing Out of the Ordinary

Mathew Fore always turned on the television the moment he got home from work. He would then reheat what was left of that morning's coffee and go relax in the living room. Today was no exception.

His wife Susana was usually home not long after he was, and his daughter would sometimes beat him home, sometimes not. He reveled in this rare moment of solitude, turning up the volume to hear the afternoon newscast.

"Today Governor Yu Yevon arrived in the Al Bhed city of Home along the banks of the Moonflow in the Djose region, accompanied by his two daughters and two grandchildren. Pyre flies and river shoopuf set the backdrop for what hopes to be a promising week of peace talks with not only Al Bhed leader Let Rekrfeht, but also Bevelle governor Kagami Omega. Each were encouraged by Rekrfeht to bring their families to the proceedings in hopes of promoting a more peaceful world for future generations."

Mathew couldn't help but snort at the news anchor's last line.

The lights flickered. A storm had moved in right before he got home. He'd been lucky he reached the porch of his house before the down poor began. He thought nothing more of it before returning is attention to the TV.

"And now here's Greg Turner with sports," said the anchor. This was the only reason why Mathew watched the news everyday.

"Thanks Jeff. Many people flocked to the Northern Plains region today for the annual Chocobo Marathon…"

The power in the entire house went out.

"At least let me see the blitzball highlights!" Mathew pleaded with the storm.

As if answering him, power came back on just as the blitzball coverage began.

"It was a great game earlier today with the Abes at Luca. Both teams put on quite a show, using their strengths in full force. The score was tied much of the game but a last minute goal by the Abes' Shuyin Hamut proved that the Goers' defense was just no match for the Abes' offense, erasing any hopes of ending the Goers' recent losing streak. The Abes beat the Goers on their home turf five to four."

"Yes!" Mathew cheered, pumping his fist. He always rooted for the Abes. He had never in his life sided with another team. Not to mention the fact that he hated the Goers. Everyone did.

Just as highlights for another blitz game (Guado Glories at Bevelle Saints) began showing on TV, the power went out again. This time for good.

"Shit," Mathew said with a sigh.

Nothing out of the ordinary. They lived on the northern edge of the Plains region not far from the Pavilion mountain range. On a clear day they could see, many miles away, it's highest peak, Mt. Hewlett. The power always went out during storms here.

At that moment his wife came home.

"Power out?" she asked.

"Yes. Looks like cold leftovers for dinner," he said as he took out a spare, battery operated phone and plugged it into the wall.

"Nope," she said with a smile, placing three small paper bags on the kitchen table, "take out."

"Oh, you are a life saver. Another night of leftovers from your parents' anniversary and I would die." He placed his arms around her.

She turned to face him, a piece of food in her fingers. "Try this, it's from that new place by the temple."

Mathew took the food and placed it in his mouth, chewing slowly for accurate results. "Not bad."

The phone rang. Susana ran to pick it up. "Hello?"

Mathew took out some candles to light as his wife spoke on the phone.

"Yes, this is she…"

Mathew took out a box of matches.

Nothing out of the ordinary.


The normal routine. His daughter would come home, dinner would be prepared while she did her homework, they would eat, perhaps chat a bit about their days (although he always suspected his daughter had more to tell than she did. But there's a teenage girl for you).


Mathew began taking the food out of the bags.

"Where is she now?"

Mathew looked up at his wife while he worked. Something didn't sound right. Correction, didn't feel right.

"We'll be right there!" Susana finally said, hanging up the phone without another word.

She stood there, pressing the phone to the counter top, shaking.


"It's…it's Val," she began, "There's been an accident."

So yes, I know this chapter was short. The rest won't be as short as this, I promise. But I'll also try not to make them so long-winded that no one wants to read them.

I already have four and a half chapters written. I did that to give myself time to write while still being able to update quickly. I plan to add a new chapter every two to three weeks, or less, depending upon how fast I can go. Although since chapter one is so short I'll post chapter two sometime next week. Or maybe sooner.

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