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Chapter 1:

Uzumaki Naruto looked over at Sasuke with a huge smile…it looked a lot more like a snarl. He pumped his fist in the air. "I'm gonna beat you this time Sasuke! Just watch me!"

The dark haired boy smirked. "Yeah right, usuratonkachi!" it was like some invisible gunshot and they were off. They had just learnt how to climb up a tree using charka and hadn't stopped competing all day. They ran all the way up together, finally taking a seat right at the top of the tree.

Naruto waved his hands about a little. "I won! I won!" Sasuke shook his head. "We tied, dobe…that means we're on an equal footing…I'm going to change that soon!"

Grinning Naruto nodded slighty, before suddenly taking off down the tree. Sasuke cursed softly and followed him down, but the blonde reached first. "See I did win teme! Now I need to get my reward!"

Sasuke smirked once more. "Reward, huh? Well then…here goes dobe…" he walked over to the blonde and kissed him full on the lips. The blonde looked at him wide eyed. Sasuke didn't stop, licking the blonde's lips lightly…which earned him a gasp and the entrance into Naruto's mouth. His tongue explored the other's mouth softly…timidly Naruto's tongue touched his. Sasuke suppressed a moan…he couldn't get enough of Naruto's taste. He let his hands run along the shorter boy's sides, as he pushed up against him.

They were body to body; Sasuke was lightly rubbing against Naruto, eliciting many delicious noises from the other. He stopped wanting to go further, when he heard Naruto whisper in a breathless voice. He looked up. "What?"

"Sasuke…don't leave me…" the blonde's blue eyes looked fully into his. Sasuke sighed and gave him a slight smile. "I won't leave you dobe…"

"Sasuke-sama!" the door burst open. Sasuke woke up looking around a little annoyed at being woken up like that. In the five years that he'd been with Orochimaru, he'd never been treated rudely or abruptly. Yes…five years because Jiraiya had foiled Orochimaru's plan to transfer into him and therefore Sasuke had been obliged to wait another three years for the transfer to take place. He scowled at the messenger.

"What is it? It better be something urgent, or this is the last time you'll be seeing daylight." He growled.

The messenger fell to his knees. "Sasuke-sama, Orochimaru requests your presence immediately! He's in the conference hall."

Sasuke nodded and stood up. He found it odd that the place was called a conference hall…Orochimaru never conferred with anyone…he made their decisions for them. Sasuke was the only one exempt from the 'Dirt' treatment and that was only because Orochimaru wanted to please him in any way he could.

He walked casually to the conference hall. He always felt the need to show Orochimaru that he was not the Sannin's pawn. At last he reached and opened the door. "Orochimaru-sama, what do you need?" it wasn't a good idea to leave out the honorific in the snake Sannin's case…he always demanded respect.

Orochimaru turned around with a nasty smile. "You took your time. Maybe I shouldn't tell you the news I've received from Konoha…I did think it would interest you. After all it is about your precious Naruto-kun."

Sasuke tried to mask his interest. Recently Orochimaru had resorted to childish means like this to keep him in line. Never mind that the childish means were working. Sasuke was now very curious, he hadn't seen the blonde for five years…when he was abducted, he caught a few glimpses but the blonde had avoided him for most part.

The Sannin smirked. "I can see that you're curious Sasuke-kun, but you're going to have to beg for it now. You've become too arrogant…you need to see who the master around here is."

Sasuke gritted his teeth. Trust Orochimaru to try and humiliate him this way. He quickly glanced around…no one else was about. Then he sighed. "Please tell me about the news you've heard Orochimaru-sama…I beg of you."

Orochimaru smiled and sauntered up to him, lightly licking his neck. "Very well, Sasuke-kun, since you asked so nicely…" he pressed a kiss on Sasuke's neck before continuing.

"My messenger has just informed me that Konoha is to form a permanent alliance with Suna. They have come up

with a somewhat strange strategy…the Kazekage and the Hokage have decided that a marriage would be the best form of alliance." Orochimaru's smile turned sadistic.

Sasuke almost growled in annoyance, but kept a check on his temper. "So what does this have to do with Naruto?"

"Well, you do know I presume that Naruto has the Kyuubi sealed in him. This makes it possible for him to perform that jutsu to make himself pregnant…you need a lot of charka for that and he's the only one who can do it. This condition of his makes it possible for him to bear children." Orochimaru gave him "figure it out" look.

Sasuke frowned he didn't like where this was going. His chest tightened unbearably…he kept silent letting Orochimaru continue without interruptions. Orochimaru sighed dramatically and continued. "So you see, Tsunade thinks it will be nice if Naruto, the next in line for Hokage, could marry Gaara, the Kazekage. This way Suna and Konoha are allied permanently at least during the terms or Naruto and Gaara."

"N…Naruto and Gaara getting married…but how they'll have to live separately…Suna and Konoha are far away…"

"Of course they might not be able to live together all year round once Tsunade dies, but until then they'll have a normal marriage…Tsunade isn't exactly in her dotage you know. Once she dies … they will most likely spend a few months in each others villages. The councils of both villages agree that it could be arranged…I find it weird that they haven't thought about the offspring of two jinchuuriki and how powerful it might be."

Sasuke didn't hear the rest of what the Sannin was saying. It fell like his heart had dropped out. Naruto…getting married…they were only seventeen! He thought he'd have all the time in the world to woo Naruto and win him back. He'd been dreaming of the blonde ever since he'd met him the second time when he'd been abducted.

A loud snap jerked him out of his thoughts. Orochimaru was standing in front of him, a cruel sneer on his face. "Come now Sasuke-kun, why the long face? You did choose avenging your family over the brat…Itachi is nearly in your grasp and the brat is already on his way to Suna now. Did you love him?"

Sasuke looked away, willing his expressionless mask to come back on. "I don't care about what he does! I need to kill my brother, that's all that matters!"

Orochimaru smirked disbelievingly. "Of course Sasuke-kun." He kissed the dark haired boy, ignoring his protests. "I'm feeling a little merciful…we still have an year to go, before I can transfer to you…would you like to felicitate the blonde? I could give you a while to go attend the wedding, I'm sure Naruto-kun would want his traitorous best friend there."

Sasuke looked up suddenly. "Why would you so that? I am your precious 'container' after all aren't I?"

"I can always get you back Sasuke-kun…I have my ways…now don't you want to leave? The gates are open if you do…" Orochimaru gave him one last kiss and walked out the door.

Sasuke walked back to his room and fell on his bed. Naruto was going to be married…to Gaara of all people! Sasuke closed his eyes as he wondered how he could stop the whole mess and fell into an uneasy sleep.

Naruto whistled a tune as he walked down the forest path. He was going to see Gaara again! He tried to ignore the sudden discomfort he felt…he was going to marry Gaara whether he liked it or not. It wasn't that he didn't love Gaara, he did, but it was in a completely different way. This would have been perfect is his heart hadn't been stolen by someone long ago. He remembered the talk he'd had with Tsunade Baa-chan. It was time he moved on really, Gaara could be sweet and gentle when he wanted to. Naruto had met him enough times to know that.

He sighed, he should be happy. This was a sign that he was to become Hokage…his dream would be fulfilled. And though he would be the one to have kids, he'd always loved kids…so it wouldn't be too much of a hassle. It's only I wish I could have HIS kids…he suppressed that thought instantly. Having Gaara's kids would be fun and maybe he could try and develop the kind of relationship he had with Sasuke with Gaara instead. It was about time he fell in love again.

"Naruto, we should stop now. It's almost nightfall. Neji says we'll be there in a day's time." Sakura told him. Naruto flashed his foxy grin and nodded.

"That's fine with me Sakura-chan!" he yelled and walked to where the rest of the group was before sitting down. Sakura watched him in concern…something was really not right…even Kiba noticed it.

She walked to Naruto and sat down beside him. "Hey Naruto you really want to do this right? Marry Gaara?"

Naruto looked at her, his mask slipping a bit. She caught sight of pain filled eyes for a moment before they disappeared and the cheerful smile appeared. "Of course I do Sakura-chan. Why would I agree otherwise? It'll fun living in Suna…there's also a nice ramen place there. As long as I have ramen I'll be able to survive. And Gaara's a fun guy…he told me he loved me the last time he visited. That's all I need right?"

Sakura got the feeling that Naruto was trying to convince himself as well. She nodded and smiled also donning a mask. She needed to support Naruto now. "Of course! I'm happy for you Naruto-kun! Marriage is fun!" at least for Sakura, marriage was fun. Lee was very attentive and as they'd gotten married recently, Sakura was living like a princess.

Neji and Kiba watched the two talk. Almost everyone was there. They all had wanted to see Naruto married and say goodbye. The wedding would be in a month or so. It was strange how Tsunade had agreed to spare them all, but nobody would have taken no for an answer.

Once the tent was put up, Naruto crawled in. he buried his face in the covers and sighed. It wouldn't do for him to be like this…Gaara loved him. This wouldn't be fair to him, if Naruto didn't even make an attempt to reciprocate the feeling. I can do it. I can love Gaara back…he hasn't been loved for so long! I can help him! But there's still… baka Sasuke!

Sasuke raced through the gates having made up his mind at last. He had to see Naruto before they were married. He loved Naruto. He was going stop the wedding at all costs.

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