Hello all! you might seen me post some fanfics on Desendents of Darkness or Beyblade... But I have an idea! why not do Fruits Basket, it is one my favorite mangas! Sp here I am, writing a fanfic from Fruba! R&R plz!

-EmoMoo has logged on-

EmoMoo : I hate my screen name...

-OrangeKat has logged on-

OrangeKat : Why?

EmoMoo: because I do, you have a problem with my problem screen name?

OrangeKat : what's with you?

EmoMoo : I don't know -stares off into space-

OrangeKat : okay? .

-Riceballswethart has logged on-

Riceballswethart : hello all!

OrangeKat : hey tohru...

Riceballswethart : how'd you know it was me?

OrangeKat : your screen name? is everyone in this chatroom an idiot?

EmoMoo : Maybe...

OrangeKat : I was right...

Riceballswethart : I wish everyone was on!

OrangeKat : I don't!

Riceballswethart : why?


Riceballswethart : O.O

EmoMoo : -whispers under breath- how rude

OrangeKat : shut it...

EmoMoo : what?

-CuriusDoggi has logged on-

CuriusDoggi : Hi!

OrangeKat : Great...

EmoMoo : hello sensei

Riceballswethart : hello Shigure-san!

CuriusDoggi : I'm so loved by Kyo

OrangeKat : shut up --

CuriusDoggi : my, my. stubborn today...

EmoMoo : exactly what I was typing about!

OrangeKat : You too!

CuriusDoggi : where'd our flower go?

Riceballswethart : I'm here

OrangeKat : then why weren't you talking?

CuriusDoggi : hush Kyo! don't be so cruel!

OrangeKat I'm not being cruel!

Riceballswethart : no it's okay, really. I was looking at something.

OrangeKat : now was that so hard?

CuriusDoggi : stop ruining our beloved flower!

Riceballswethart : 'Flower?'

EmoMoo : yes, flower...

OrangeKat : this is making me tired...

CuriusDoggi : seriously Kyo, you need to learn how to control yourself

OrangeKat : I didn't do anything!

CuriusDoggi : you see what I mean? -nudges Haru-

EmoMoo : indeed, I do see...

Riceballswethart ?

OrangeKat : you guys are cornering me! -feels small-

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ! next chapter Momiji joins the fun! please R&R!