Hi! I haven't been online sice my internet is all screwed up. I feel like updating the Chatroom! Enjoy! R&R!

-everyone is still logged on-

Curius-Doggi : Gah?

Orange-Kat : yes, gah.

Emo-Moo : so anime last year

Orange-Kat : Anime? We're in an anime?!

Happy-Bun-Bun : Yup!

Cheesey-One : Didn't you know stupid cat? Didn't you notice all the american actors trying to fill in their voices instead of our japanese ones?

Orange-Kat : No... .

Emo-Moo : I feel so used.

Curius-Doggi : Me too. Someone hold me...

Emo-Moo : ...

Cheesey-One : ...

Happy-Bun-Bun : ...

Orange-Kat : Hell NO!

Curius-Doggi : awwwe... if only Aaya was here...

Cheesey-One : NO!

Orange-Kat : Hell NO!

Emo-Moo : is that all you can say? Hell no.

Happy-Bun-Bun : oooo Kyo said a bad word!!

Cheesy-One : Where's Shigure?

Curius-Doggi : calling someone .

Cheesey-One : Hang UP THE PHONE!

Orange-Kat : Damn, if only the dojo wasn't so far away...

Happy-Bun-Bun : So you could be close to Haru?

Orange-Kat : NO! I said stop making fun of me!

Emo-Moo : You know you want this sweetness... -

Cheesey-One : O.O

Curius-Doggi : O.O

Orange-Kat : -0.0-

Happy-Bun-Bun : XDDDDD

Emo-Moo : Just making a point .

Curius-Doggi : an admirable point! Go Haru!

Cheesey-One : o.o

Happy-Bun-Bun : hahahaha!!

Orange-Kat : Shut up!!

Curius-Doggi : Cranky as always... Kyo, you need more sleep.

Cheesey-One : Yeah, so you won't challange me to a fight every chance you get.

Orange-Kat : Are you scared, stupid rat?

Cheesey-One : No, it's just getting annoying.

Emo-Moo : Kyo got told...

Happy-Bun-Bun : word.

Curius-Doggi : XDDDD that so cute coming out of Momiji!

Emo-Moo : word.

Orange-Kat : It's just creepy coming out of you...

Cheesey-One : yeah.

Curious-Doggi : awwe leave him alone. It isn't his fault for being gender confused.

Cheesey-One : you mean race confused.

Happy-Bun-Bun : XDD

Orange-Kat : -sigh-

Curius-Doggi : whatever... same thing.

Emo-Moo : No it's not.

Orange-Kat : No it the hell isn't.

-Fabulous-Silver-Serpent has logged on-

Cheesey-One : NO!!

Curius-Doggi : what?

Fabulous-Silver-Serpent : Well hello everyone! How's it going? Yuki! Is Yuki in this room of chatting?

Orange-Kat : Yup.

Happy-Bun-Bun : Yeah! He's Cheesey-One!

Emo-Moo : Hey Ayame.

Fabulous-Silver-Serpent : well Yuki don't be shy! Your freinds are surrounding you!

Cheesey-One : I don't care.

Curius-Doggi : awe, come on. It's only you're brother.

Orange-Kat : it got boring in here...

Fabulous-Silver-Serpent : Don't worry Kyon-Kyon! We shall spice of this room of chatting.

Happy-Bun-Bun : You mean chatroom?

Emo-Moo : yeah.

Fabulous-Silver-Serpent : Whatever... same thing. Why are these children cornering me Gure-chan.

Curius-Doggi : I don't know. Bad child! Tis ok my Aaya.

Fabulous-Silver-Serpent : Is it really? Is it really ok?

Curius-Doggi : yes, I promise.

F-S-S & C-D : OK!

Emo-Moo : -.-;;

Cheesey-One : -.-;;;;;;;

Orange-Kat : 0.o

Happy-Bun-Bun : -sniffle- I promise too!!

Fabulous-Silver-Serpent : Ok!

Happy-Bun-Bun : YAY!


Ok! How did you like the update??? please tell me! R&R!